That Playoff Light at the end of the Tunnel ...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Phoenix-Talon, Nov 21, 2005.

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    ...just keeps getting smaller, and smaller ...

    Eagles quagmire, signifies your inability to meet obligations and that you are stuck in a daily non-exciting routine.

    Listen, you guys know me by know, no excuses! And for those who don't know me, yes, I'm a proud Eagles fan coming here (as you would see it on your MB; even though I've probably got more posting time on the Zone than many of you junior posters), to try to place some of our more than half gone regular season into perspective.

    Before I get started, I already know that many of you will not care, but if you look back in Zone archives (then Cowboys Zone), over the last few years when the Eagles were dominant in the NFCE, you'll find that for the most part, that long-time Zone/Eagle fans like AJM 1613, even "pardon the interruption" fan Armageddon-Eagle, and Tobias-Eagle 77, and a few undercover Eagle supporters, have all been here with you through much of your struggling times. Keeping pace with the lastest dialogue, following Cowboy/Zone guidelines (perhaps pushing the envelope from time to time to keep it interesting), but we were here.

    I say all that to say this ...while I don't speak for all of the Eagle Nation represented here on the Zone, I'm proud of my Eagle fan brothers (with the exception of passing trolls that all MB will get from time-to-time). This board is a great challenge for me, because I've learned at least 35% of my football savvy here; and trust me, that was baptism by fire! But the point to all this is that we offer a different perspective. For those of you who would say, "but this is a Cowboys MB ..." I'd say that many of us know that obvious detail, but we enjoy to mix it up and dialogue about our two perspectives. If opponent fans (including Redskin fans that I've seen here) weren't here as some of you suggested, wouldn't it be difficult to measure what other fandoms are saying and thinking; outside of the media. Hypothetically, who would care what color uniform Bledsoe was wearing when he plays in the game that decides whether the Cowboys go into the playoffs. Here, the point is that it could become monotonous if everyone started patting themselves on the back without some good old-fashioned hard criticism from Eagle fans:rolleyes:
    Here it is ...we're part of this MB until the mods state otherwise!

    As such, here I stand, alone(?); perhaps, but full of fight! Sue, I could give you multiple reasons for this already half-gone disappointing regular season, and I could give you several scenarios to justify why Eagle fans that I know Believe we still have a chance at a wild card birth -- but I won't. You be the judge ...

    McNabb's injuries since training camp ...sprains, sports hernia, and groin pull.

    Akers' (for those who don't know, he's our starting kicker) hammy.

    T.O. (nuff said)

    Media attention (as it applies to players in the locker-room/grid iron focus).

    Pinkston (out for the season).

    Veteran FA losses.

    Yet, we still stand, ready to defend against Green Bay this coming weekend. We realize that our chances at having an outstanding season in 2006 far outweigh our chance of cleaning up the mess that we have in front of us, but I'll never give up on my team. Empty trophy cases, choking results, a 4-6 record, injury plagued, highly controversial franchise ...none of it will lower the prestege I have for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    So nothing but the best to the NFCE! I'll be rooting for our division to take it all! And if you don't ...better luck next year, cause you'll need it when you play the Eagles.
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    I think it's a lot more enjoyable when opposing team's fans come around here. It definitely adds for some excitement, especially when they can speak intelligently.

    While it makes me happy to see the Eagles' demise this season, I want you guys to be competitive as long as the Cowboys are better than you. I want the NFC East to be the toughest division in football once again and for it to stay that way.

    The pendulum swings both ways. Right now, it's swinging in our favor, but I'm sure it will start swinging the other way at some point.
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    yep, it is official. the cancer has spread to the point that chemo won't work anymore. death will come soon.
  4. WV Cowboy

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    You are a good fan, and you are ok by me, ... especially since you realize the things you stated above. :D
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    good post PT...... "Turn out the lights, the party's over....they say that all good things must end......."........... sing it with me!

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    I always enjoy an opposing viewpoint, as long as it's not simple thrash talking or name calling.

    But in light of what Talon stated, the injuries are an issue all teams face. Look at our injury situation over the past 10 years ... countless QB injuries, WR injuries, RB injuries, and let's not forget the OL carousel which pretty much ended Hutch's career.

    The Eagles success was part luck as well. It all starts and ends with Donovan McNabb. Had the Eagles drafted Ricky Williams instead of McNabb, you can erase those 4 NFCE titles and the Super Bowl would be nothing more than a distant memory of 1981.

    Had the Brown had the ballz to draft McNabb instead of that other chump, maybe they're be in a better spot then they are now.

    To think, the Eagles fans boo'd McNabb when he was drafted. I'm sure the organization wouldn't trade McNabb for 100 Ricky Williams at this point.
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    Not sure why your defending yourself, if thats what that was. We know who you are Talon. And for the most part we respect you. You have come here in the worst of times and you have come here during what could be termed 'hard times' for your club as as well.

    No worries, Till you do something the mods think is out of bounds, most dont have any problems with you being here. I kinda enjoy the friendly banter between yous and us and them redskins and us, not many Jints fans hang out, though many blow through rright before a game with them.

    The Mods here are good, fair and will give a bit more then say the mods over at CPND. But if you dont deserve a banning, more then likely you wont get one is my thinking n this.
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    The Eagles may be down but they're not out. They'll be back next year and beating them will not be easy. But they'll be just another tough guy in a tough neighborhood rather then the dominant force they've been the last few years. Their period of domination is over. Welcome to the trenches - this ain't the same ole NFC East.
  9. xpistofer

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    You are the only good thing about the eagles.

  10. RedLine

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    Phoenix-Talon, I enjoy your postings for the most part. Your perspective is from one of the few Eagles fans that have class and can form a complete sentence. I know that is harsh (for the rest of Eagle nation) but that is from my point of view :).

    The Eagles are down right now, but I think most people realize that is a temporary condition. The Eagles still have many good players as well as an excellent coach. As a matter of fact, Brian Dawkins is one of my favorite players outside the Cowboys organization. I think he has skills as well as mental toughness. I am sure Eagle fans like him as well, but do they see him as a great player? What does the average Eagles fan think of him from your perspective?
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    Clean, fair assessment NB; I agree!
  13. Phoenix-Talon

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    No doubt about it, he's a keeper. Tough playmaker who doesn't make excuses, nor does He have anything bad to say about opponents, and especially His teammates.[​IMG]
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    I liked the post until this last sentence. But really, all Eagle fans have to look forward to is next year. Finally the Eagles will be at home watching while the Cowboys take a shot at #6. Good luck the rest of the way.
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    i was rooting for the Eagles to beat the Giants, if that makes you feel any better. i just feel the Eagles are done for this year and the Giants represent our toughest division opponent at this time. Have they already played twice, or do the Giants face the Eagles again? i should look that up...
    i realize the Eagles will be back next year. i have a lot of respect for mcnabb and would take him as my QB in a heartbeat, in manning or brady weren't available... a good organization, but its the fans that i hate more than the team itself...
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  17. Phoenix-Talon

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  18. Everlastingxxx

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    Yes, much better, thank you. ;)
  19. Phoenix-Talon

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    If you insist, ...rotten Luck it is then!;)
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    I may not post a lot, but read this Message Board a fair bit and have my favorite posters. BZ, Hos, Rack, BP, WG, BS....too many to mention. (I even read Nors for some light relief. ;) ) I don't always agree with what they post, but what they post is WORTH reading. Talon, you add a great deal to this Message Board. What you post is also WORTH reading. Keep 'em coming...

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