Thats it... I want Antonio Allen really really badly

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyHawg2012, Apr 5, 2012.

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    If you get a chance, watch these and tell me your thoughts.
    He's become my favorite player in the draft by far (bc nobody is talking enough about him)

    -very solid tackler
    -uses hands very well to get through blocks
    -extremely aggressive in bumping receivers at the line, he almost looks to take their head off when the play starts
    -sorts through traffic very well to get to the ball
    -always around the ball
    -really sound blitzer when asked to
    -very good coverage in the 5-10 yd range and has great awareness of route trees and where the Qb's reads are

    if we can get him in the 2nd or 3rd id be very happy. You are looking at an immediate special teams contributor and would see alot of time on the field on defense in specific situations and I would not be surprised to see him starting by the end of the season or at the beginning of next year at the very latest. We always talk about needing to draft better after the 1st. Well here is one guy that can help
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    They must have had the wrong guy highlighted in the video, was Antonio Allen number #26? Cause that guy, whoever he is, whiffed on almost as many tackles as he made and had exactly one play where he was more than 8 yards from the line of scrimmage. Maybe that's where the always around the ball comment comes from? I guess its a good thing #26 usually doesn't make it 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage because his only coverage skill is grabbing the WR jersey or giving them 3 yards of cushion to drop an uncontested ball. So no, I don't think I would even take a chance on #26 in this draft at all, but I might draft Antonio Allen when I see some of his highlights.
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    Which game are you watching?
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    I came away from that video wanting Clowney really really bad lol. What a monster that kid is.

    But back to Allen, I think he'd be worth a look in the 3rd. I didn't watch those videos you linked but I've seen enough SCAR games this season to know he's a player. More of a hybrid LB/S, but could be a really good player in the box if he develops properly.
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    Allen is an in the box type of guy. Not interested. We need coverage safeties with our aggressive scheme.
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    I watched all three.

    Video 1 ECU
    :47 Should have made the tackle
    1:14 Whiff
    3:00 Wonderful horsecollar coverage and then missed the TD saving tackle while hitting his own guy.
    4:15 He was kind of blocked but that's a tackle Newman would have made.
    4:59 Yeah

    Most of the plays in the video just showed him on the field while other people made tackles etc.

    Video 2 NEB
    :14 Just make the tackle dude
    2:22 So you whiffed, at least you landed on him after someone tackled him.
    4:10 Nice tac..nm.
    4:52 I guess overrunning the play and going to the ground without even touching the RB and not really diverting the play at all helped somehow.

    Video 3 Auburn
    :33 This is not coverage, that is 6 points in the NFL
    :43 Again, not coverage, that is 6 points in the NFL
    1:45 Whiff
    2:24 So close
    5:17 You have to get off these blocks.
    5:47 Hey, at least you could watch the tackle from your vantage point after you failed to trip up the RB.

    Obviously he made plays in there (an interception, forced fumble, fumble recovery for a TD, tackles for a loss etc.) but my problem is there doesn't appear to be a position he could play in the NFL. At SS, he can't even fight through WR blocks; He should be blowing them up but instead is usually watching the ball run right by him. He rarely gets more than 8 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Most of this video is him coming in to clean up tackles by landing on the pile, with a few positive plays and an equal amount of negative plays. At this point, I don't think he's any better than Church and Church still has some room to grow coming from Toledo.

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