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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Drlabon, Sep 2, 2006.

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    What better time to talk about 07 drafting, than on cutdown day! I'll start off by saying I don't know who individually, the cowboys should draft but I will take a shot at positions I think the club is looking at and what round they may look to take those positions.

    For 07 the Cowboys needs would seemingly follow a predictable "get younger on offense mentality" but I am not so sure that will actually be the case, at least for the 1st round pick:

    In terms of age the Cowboys would need to get younger at several positions, IF you were drafting based on appearent need and age your draft priority might follow this logic:

    1) QB (Bledsoe)
    2) RG (Rivera)
    3) WR (Glenn and TO)
    4) T (Flozell)
    5) NT (Fergueson)
    6) OLB (Ellis, and Singleton is in the final year of his contract)

    However, I think the Cowboys will take a different perspective based upon the performances of the current younger players, rector, hurd, etc, and also upon how much money they want to invest at certain positions. Let me begin but walking through 1-6 priority up above then I will give my take on draft priority.

    Let's start with QB:

    With 2 QB's on the Roster, this position would seem the logical choice for a 1st round pick, however with Romo's contract being extended, I don't believe the Cowboys would invest more money on a 1st day pick, than Romo's contract and Bledsoe. I think Romo will get a shot to compete for the starting QB job next year and even if he wins, Bledsoe would still be his backup. This gives you a young QB with a veteran backup. The cowboys still need a QB and signing a FA 3rd string doesn't make sense, therefore, I believe this will be a late 1st day pick or early 2nd day pick. (Projected 3rd round)


    I think Rivera may be out after this year, but I don't think the Cowboys will draft G early unless someone slips, Parcells comment about 90% of offensive lineman aren't ready just sticks in my mind, but if a G were to fall early he would probably reconsider: Projected Free Agency and late round pick (5th, 6th round)


    Glenn and TO are older but still highly productive and there are several young wideouts with "potential". Unless Glenn or TO don't return next year, the cowboys will not be able to afford a 1st round pick on WR. You just can't invest that much money in one position, but I like this to be an early pick given the age factor: Projection (2nd round)

    T: This one is easy, based upon the emergence of Pat McQ, the Cowboys will be out of the high draft pick for tackle business. Projection: 7th round

    NT: Ferguson can't go on forever, but he might be here next year. If Stanley shows enough this might not be a big priority. Projection: 5th round or FA

    OLB: If Ellis has a good year, this might not be a high priority and they still have Bobby Carpenter. Count on a least 1 OLB chosen. Projection FA or 4th round.

    Now here's how I think things will shake out:

    1st Round: RB or OLB (Wouldn't suprise me, would it you??)
    2nd Round: WR
    3rd Round: QB
    4th Round: OLB or CB (Replacement for Glenn??)
    5th Round: NT or RG
    6th Round: NT or RG
    7th Round: Tackle
    7th Round: CB
    FA Possibilities: NT, RG, CB

    It would seem that this is the year for Julius Jones, he has to stay healthy and demonstrate enough ability for the Cowboys not be tempted to replace him. If Julius has a good year, the Cowboys might still look later in the draft at RB possibilities, but I think if RB is not the 1st day pick, then OLB will be (assuming one is available). NT could be another alternative for the 1st pick. If RB isn't selected and Parcells is in charge count on the Defense with that 1st round selection.
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    Agreed on the OLB statement.......that is why it surprised me that Carp was moved inside....I would have thought he'd slide right in after/if Ellis moved on...I wouldn't mind seeing us grab a monster DT early....
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    I think NT might move up...3rd or 4th round.
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    Good post.

    Right at the very moment I see these positions as our greatest need:

    A developmental QB
    A WR with potential to be a #1

    I'm not sure that we'll need a RB or not. Same thing for the center position. I do know we need a decent NT who can take over for Ferguson in a year or two. We will also need another CB here soon.
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    I don't really know yet what we'll be picking where just yet, but I do like the fact that it seems that we are getting closer and closer to a true BPA in the first round.
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    if parcells is around it's LB's and DT's for all usually anyway.
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    I think you have a lot of valid points and as the situation currently stands I'd agree with most of what you said. But I'm going to hold off on discussing our '07 needs until the season is over because things have a way of changing during the season. Weaknesses that we didn't know we had are exposed as well as strengths that we didn't realize we had.
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    If we draft another OLB, would it be safe to say that Burnett is a bust?
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    Exactly! Will BP be around....? Our focus can dramatically switch if he decides to call it quits.

    W/ that said, regardless of who the coach is and his philosophy, I think we need to concentrate more on the offensive side after concentrating so much on the defensive side the last few years.

    I think we need to concentrate on the offensive positions that traditionally require time to develop, ie WR and QB.

    Then, OL. We can use upgrades across the board here.

    Not concerned about the LB core 'cause I think Carp and Burnett can transition from position to position.

    Some added depth in the secondary would be a luxury, but this will be determined by how Reeves and Watkins perform this year.

    We're good at RB. If one falters this year, someone will step up. We have decent depth. Besides, I think RB is a position that can be filled w/ a late rd pick.

    So, I would like to go heavy on offense on the first day:

    1. WR
    2. OL
    3. QB
    4 - 7. BPA
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    We don't need to spend first round pick on an OLB. We've got Ware starting with Burnett behind him and Ellis on the other side with Singleton (last year of 4 year contract) behind him. Doubt Singleton is brought back next year, so Carpenter probably moves back outside to backup/challenge Ellis. On the other hand, Burnett may show enough to challenge Ellis & Carpenter for that position. Our ILB are Ayodele & James (working on extension for him); Carpenter currently backing up Ayodele with Fowler (if he makes the team) behind James. Boiman can play all LB positions & Hoyte (if he makes the team) is an ILB. Barring injury, we don't need a LB in 07.

    We need legit successor to Ferguson at NT so if we don't see enouh from Johnson or Stanley, this is our weakest link on defense. Either we use a first day pick or sign legit YOUNG NT.

    We need to add another CB in 07 unless Reeves or Jones show they good enough to be legit NFL starter and can replace Aaron Glenn (34).

    No players needed at DE, S or LB. Only defensive needs are NT & CB.

    I'd spend most of the 07 draft on the offensive side of the play. I'm tired of worrying about our OL. Understand Parcells believes 90% OL aren't ready to contribute initially, but why do so many other teams seem able to draft/sign/develop OL players. We need legit OGs (Riveria will be in 3rd year of 3 year contract (same as Ferguson) & Kosier won't win any awards. Parcells may like Proctor but his evaluation of OL players hasn't been as good as on the defensive side. We don't know what we have at C in Gurode or Johnson (we thought we had problem solved) but big question raised as result of Gurode's play against Minny.

    Julius Jones doesn't appears to be the player we thought in his first year & unless he stays healthy and produces good numbers, an early first day pick should be spent on a RB. Love Barber but don't believe he has the speed we need as a starting RB in NFL; don't know if TT can get the job done either but we should know more by end of season.

    We do have 2 great WRs in TO & Glenn but both will be 33 this year; frankly I doubt TO will be around next year but would be unhappy with 2 starting WRs who are 34 if we don't have a legit #1 WR in training behind them. Don't think Crayton is that guy but Rector (according to Parcells) does have Glenn-like speed, so hopefully Parcells plays him at WR so he can develop.

    So based on hopes of what we currently have on team but with touch of reality, believe our picks should be spent on: 1. NT/RB, 2. OG/WR, 3. ?? (1 of 2 positions we didn't fill in first 2 rounds), 4. ?? (other position we didn't fill on first day/CB, 5. WR/OL, 6. BPA, 7. with 3 picks available I'd take BPA. BTW: I might add C position depending on how Gurode/Johnson play, but I'd rather spend some money on a good young C. In FA next year, we don't need lots of players, we just need add 1-2 really good players.
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    I don't belive so, Burnett plays behind Demarcus Ware not Greg Ellis. He would not be considered a bust because he plays in the nickle packages and special teams. By "plays" I would say he would be utilized on about 35 - 40 % of the defense this year. Burnett is not big enough to play LOLB or Greg Ellis's position. In fact, Al Singleton is barely big enough to play the position himself, which is why I think Parcells might target this position high in the draft next year. Parcells himself admitted he considered drafting Manny Lawson with the first pick. If greg plays well this year and is open to staying, Parcells might consider a FA or later pick, but I suspect that if RB is secure, count on OLB as a strong possibility.
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    Center and Guard (Need I say more)

    Nose Tackle (Fergy is a little old, depth is questionable)

    Corner (Glenn is getting up there)

    Wide Receiver (A little more youth would be nice behind TO and Glenn)
  13. Teague31

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    without a doubt the number one need is a stud on the o-line. the best value would be to draft a tackle in round 1 that could start at RT right away (columbo, please) and then slide over to take over for Flo in a couple of years.
  14. AbeBeta

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    LB, TE, Punt Returner.
  15. theogt

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    Way to go out on a limb.
  16. Deep_Freeze

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    I certainly hope that we don't have to go LB again, but I guess we could expecially if we let Ellis or Singleton go.

    Really, we are real close to BPA right now, but we will have to see this season what our true weaknesses are.

    I'm really not too happy at NT, Jason is starting to look like a backup to me. Now, BP has said that the beauty of the 3-4 is that you don't have to spend high picks on a DT, and in turn I just don't see us taking one really high.

    It also depends on what is available. I have heard that alot of talented WRs will be available. I would hope we go after one of them, so that they have quality WRs to learn from in TO and Glenn. We won't have to depend on them, so they can just learn from the best.

    RB kinda depends on how JJ and Barber do this year, cause they are young enough to make us not look at a RB unless they don't perform well. I really hope we don't have to take a RB, which would mean JJ and Barber performed well.

    I believe we have to go some sort of OL, even though BP says they take a while to develop, that is exactly why we have to take one.

    Can't go all the rounds, too unpredictable, but here is what I see for the first day picks:

    1. WR - need to start working on a number 1 for the future.

    2. OL - somewhere, doesn't matter which, just pick a good one and hopefully we won't have the same bad luck with 2nd rounders again.

    3. NT - We need a man shaped like a mountain here

    4. OLB - this is BP, why not, lol.

    Don't be suprised to see a TE in the later rounds, since BP has a man crush on the position.
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    I haven't heard him say this, but I wish he did. I thought Carp would be ready out the gate, which he isn't. If we had to develop him, I would rather have developed someone with more upside like Manny. Carp was a good pick at the time cause we thought we needed immediate help at OLB. But with Ellis doing well there, it made the Carp pick alot more suspect.
  18. theogt

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    He said it, but he said he drafted Carp because he wanted someone that would be ready immediately rather than taking a couple years to develop.
  19. Deep_Freeze

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    But now we don't need an immediate player at OLB and we have to develop Carp.........:bang2:
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    I would agree with some of the sentiment regarding OL and WR, however, if McQ turns out to be pretty good, and certainly there is reason for hope after he played "ok" versus Erasmus James, then Tackle is not a priority in the draft. Most OL need time to develop, even if you draft one with the 1st pick, odds are that they won't be ready to play that year. To me, RG seems like a priority that will be adressed via FA and late round drafting.

    As for WR, you can't spend a 1st round pick (unless it is very late) due to the financial considerations involved. Spending signficant 1st round money on wide receiver when you are paying for TO and Glenn doesn't make sense? However, moving up or down into the middle of the 2nd round does make sense in terms of value (quality and development).

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