The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

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    The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

    By Angel Cohn

    With plenty of our favorite shows in danger of falling through the network programming cracks, it's time to bring more attention to the series that deserve another season, but may not get one. We know, we know, wishin' and hopin' didn't do "Pushing Daisies" any good, but we're sending out a prayer to the TV powers-that-be anyway: when upfront time rolls around in a month or so, please let at least some of these shows reappear on your schedules.

    1. "Chuck"
    In short, this show is clever, all-around fun, with a great cast, stellar writing and lots and lots of heart. And Chuck and Sarah may be the TV couple we most enjoy seeing almost hook up, but not quite. Save that for season five or six.

    2. "Life"
    Charlie Crews, the fruit-loving L.A. detective with a Zen attitude, has become one of our favorite TV cops ever in just under two years, thanks to Damian Lewis' deceptively placid, quirky charisma. This season, the weekly cases got more creative, the supporting cast got stronger (partly due to the addition of Donal Logue and Gabrielle Union) and the underlying conspiracy plot got twistier.

    3. "Fringe"
    We tuned in because of Joshua Jackson, stuck around despite a slightly sluggish start, and were finally rewarded with some fun science fiction. We're just getting to the interesting mythology, and we're finally warming up to Anna Torv, mostly because she kicks butt. It's a little bit of Alias and a little bit of "X-Files", with some really gross/awesome monsters of the week, and just turning out to be a pretty enjoyable action series.

    4. "Better Off Ted"
    We need a good workplace comedy to make us laugh again, since "The Office" has been disappointing us lately. This one is more akin to "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" and is filled with that quirk and innate silliness that turns off the general public who prefer the more straight-forward sitcoms like "Rules of Engagement".

    5. "Dollhouse"
    We're still iffy on this show, but it took a while for "Angel" to really hit its stride, too. Even "Buffy" had some less-than-stellar first season episodes. Perhaps that's just part of Joss Whedon's style. It seems like Joss and Co. are making an active effort to work out the kinks to really get this series to meet the high standards his fans hold him to. It's getting there, but without a second season, we may never get to see that vision realized.

    6. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
    We've already lost one show with robots this season with the end of "BSG". Don't take our other one away from us. We need some robots kicking butt to really round out our weekly TV viewing. Seriously though, we love the idea of this show and every time it starts to wear our patience thin with family drama, they hook us again with more cool Terminator technology.

    7. "Kings"
    This ambitious series is bringing a whole world to life, and the twisted tale just started to get really juicy, with backstabbing and dirty deals. It may be based in history, but this tale of a rich, powerful, corrupt monarchy has an epic feel about it that shouldn't be confined to just a few episodes. Plus, we're so grateful to have Ian McShane back in a starring role again; to take the show away now would just reopen our old "Deadwood" wounds.

    8. "Rock of Love"
    Sure, Bret said that this "Bus" installment was his last chance at finding love, but we're not sure we love, or even like, any of the girls that are left. He can do better than that, for sure. And even if he can't, it would be great for us to see him try, because there's something disgustingly engrossing about his sweet nature and the skanky girls who compete for him.

    9. "Celebrity Apprentice"
    "The Apprentice" was getting to be a tired format. The addition of celebrities makes it infinitely more interesting, and these last two seasons have succeeded in making us actually enjoy this franchise again. But apparently we're in the minority, since the ratings are shrinking. Perhaps the problem is that they need a higher profile of celebrities to draw more viewers in the future, although the C-listers and sports stars (aside from Dennis Rodman) seem to be a scrappier bunch, willing to do what it takes to get 15 more minutes of fame.

    10. "Southland"/"The Unusuals"
    Neither of these shows have even premiered yet, but while they both have promising pilots that have us hooked, it is unlikely that they'll actually last. "Unusuals" has police cases with a healthy dose of comedy, which might be a little too oddball for the general public. And "Southland" is twisted and gritty, but with NBC's new schedule next fall, there's not really a lot of space for this show that needs to be in the 10 PM hour. We like them, but we're worried that they're doomed before they started.
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    I watch and like Chuck, Life, Fringe, and Terminator. I've heard Kings is a good show although i haven't watched a single episode. I've seen the Dollhouse once or twice and it's nothing special (although Eliza is kinda hot), it won't hurt my feelings if it gets canceled, and it probably will. The rest can go away for all i care.
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    I watch Chuck, Fringe and Terminator.

    Tried watching Dollhouse but just could not stomach it as it was so bad. And that is saying something as I drool over Eliza.:D

    Oh and considering can't talk about Fringe without some of the comic outbursts that walter does.....Oh No...I've got an erection. :laugh2:
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    Never seen one episode of any of them. The Nielsen ratings would hate me.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    If you like a good comedy with 80's references in would probably like chuck.
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    Only one I've seen is Fringe...but its hard to keep up with since the schedule jumps around so much. Its on for three weeks, off for four, on for two, off for one....kind of irritating.
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    BP, have i ever told you that you have really good taste in TV shows?

    A few more lines from Walter

    "I just pissed myself. Just a squirt"

    "The only thing better than a cow, is a human. Unless you want milk. Then you need a cow."
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    chuck is fantastic. Best show on tv imo.

    I dont believe it is going to get cancelled, it is one of the highest dvr'd shows, and it has a 2.1 rating in the important 18-49 demo.

    I think it will get at least a 13 episode renewal. It has better ratings than heroes and that has been picked up.

    the two obstacles it has are

    1. Jay lenos 5 hours a week cutting into a show each night. So something is out each night.

    2. NBC does not own the rights to chuck, it is a warner brothers show distributed by nbc. DVD sales go to wb not nbc. So unless they really feel strongly that it can do better than 4th on monday nights next year it will be between medium, heroes and chuck. Heroes already has a 13 season episode order and nbc owns medium.

    one more thing, Chuck is expensive too make apparently, around 1.5 million per episode.

    I love monday nights at 7, I am going to be royally ticked off if chuck gets the hook.
  9. Bizwah

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    My wife and I love Life. I'm a big fan of Band of Brothers, so I enjoy watching Damien Lewis. I've enjoyed the mystery of his own case. Hate to hear that it may be cut.
  10. Yeagermeister

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    I watch the top 3 :(
  11. poke

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    wow have never seen any of those shows.
    guess i dont care if they come back or not.
  12. Joe Rod

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    I see Reaper didn't make the list. I hope that means they aren't planning on cancelling it because I love that show.
  13. kmp77

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    Fringe is the only one I watch on a regular basis off that list. I watched the unusuals and was actually pretty good. I'll at least tune in for the second episode.
  14. Lodeus

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    If Fringe and Chuck get canceled :bang2:
  15. Kangaroo

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    Dam I am out of mainstream TV I do not watch any those shows in fact the only series I am currently following are on USA Burn Notice and Psych which we watch as a family.

    I was following lost but got so far behind I am just going to watch it all on DVD on netflix later lol
  16. The Ominous

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    Fringe has really turned into a fantastic show and it isn't going anywhere. It averages over 10 million viewers per week. Walter is the man and he won't allow this to happen.

    And what's up with Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice on the list?

    People actually think those are shows deserving of continuing? Really?
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    I kept thinking I seen the guy who played walter but could not place what I saw him in.

    Then one night the last lord of the rings movie was on and I heard walters voice and finally noticed that he was the guy that tried to burn his son alive but wound up burning himself instead.
  18. ethiostar

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    I don't remember that scene at all. i will have to pay close attention next time i watch the movie. I remember him on '24' a couple of years ago though.
  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    He was the Stewart (sp?) of Gondor. The guy that was sitting there eating while that one hobbit sang a song.


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    The last episode. Walter, "I am sure Olivia has seen a ***** before"

    Terminator is starting to get good. Getting deep now. John Henry and the turning point/evolution of machine.

    Hulu baby. I have yet to watch any of these shows on regular tv.

    It really is an awesome show. Like you said, getting better and better. 10 million viewers should be enough to bring it back, no?

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