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    The 1960 Season

    Record: 0-11-1
    7th Place in Western Conference

    In their inaugural season, the Dallas Cowboys were placed in the Western Conference of the NFL. But things were stacked against the Cowboys being an immediate success. Because of the rival AFL, the annual college draft was held well before the Cowboys even existed. That left the Cowboys to select three unprotected players from each of the other 12 NFL teams. Because of a rush to get the Cowboys on the field for the 1960 season, Tom Landry and his coaches only had ONE DAY to look over the names of the unprotected players for the expansion draft. Only 23 of these 36 players actually made to the Cowboys first season roster.

    The Cowboys began with training camp at Pacific University in Forrest Grove, Oregon. Although the Cowboys were slow and not expected to do well, they managed to win one preseason game. This would be the only win of the season. The regular season began with a respectable showing against Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but things got ugly as Dallas began playing the league powers and Dallas lost their first 10 games. Things got better as they stunned the New York Giants on the road and dueled the Giants to a 31-31 tie.

    The Cowboys finished with a 0-11-1 record and they didn't have to look far to figure out why. The Cowboys were last in the league in points scored and last in points allowed.
    Dallas received NFL franchise on January 26, 1960
    Clint Murchinson, Jr. & Bedford Wynne owners
    Tom Landry hired as first head coach
    Dallas placed in NFL Western Conference
    Training Camp at Forest Grove, Oregon
    Home Games played in Cotton Bowl in Dallas

    Week Date Opponent W/L Score
    - Aug 6 San Francisco @Seattle, WA L 10-16
    - Aug 13 St. Louis @San Antonio, TX L 13-20
    - Aug 19 Baltimore L 10-14
    - Aug 27 NY Giants @Louisville, KY W 14-03
    - Sept 4 Los Angeles @Pendleton, CA L 14-49
    - Sept 11 Green Bay @Minneapolis, MN L 23-28

    Regular Season
    Week Date Opponent W/L Score
    1 Sept 24 (Sat) Pittsburgh L 28-35
    2 Sept 30 (Fri) Philadelphia L 25-27
    3 Oct 9 at Washington L 14-26
    4 Oct 16 Cleveland L 07-48
    5 Oct 23 at St. Louis L 10-12
    6 Oct 30 Baltimore L 07-45
    7 Nov 6 Los Angeles L 13-38
    8 Nov 13 at Green Bay L 07-41
    9 Nov 20 San Francisco L 14-26
    10 Nov 27 at Chicago L 07-17
    11 Dec 4 at NY Giants T 31-31
    12 Dec 11 at Detroit L 14-23

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