The 2006 Dallas Cowboys choose. . .?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kchunda, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Looking at a mock draft ( I've beet trying to get an idea who we might pick. . .

    I'm thinking our needs are at:

    T - we've seen what happens when we don't have good depth. Best case scenario, Pettiti ends up improving enough to be the RT starter - but who else we got? Jacob Rogers is an idiot.

    RG - Best case, Marco gets better or Andre magically wins this spot. Worse case, Marco retires. Either way, this is a big freaking hole and we have to address it ASAP. Win a position Andre, or you're an idiot.

    FS - Keith Davis is a great special teams player and backup option, but I'm not sold on him as a ballhawk. Wille Pile, Lynn Scott, Justin Beriault and Rich Coady are special teamers if they make the team next year. A hole here affects Roy, who can't help in run support if they have to constantly play use him in cover 2. No real idiots here, except when Keith Davis got shot at a strip club.

    CB - Aaron Glenn is best when he's playing as a #3, Anthony takes too long to recover from injury, and J. Reeves is nothing more than just a guy who was taken with the 233rd pick in the draft. Bruce Thorton, Nathan Jones, BJ Tucker, Derek Ross and Pete Hunter are all idiots.

    WR - Key and Terry won't be around forever. Patrick Crayton is promising as a future #2. Haven't seen enough of Copper, but I don't think he's that dangerous. Antonio Bryant is a serious idiot.

    OLB - Al Singleton might not be back, Kalen Thorton is a situational/special teams player. Anyone know who Quinton Carver is? Neither do I. No idiots here.

    ILB - We might lose our man Dat. Next to Bradie James we have Scott Shanle and Ryan Fowler. 'Nuff said. No idiots, but BJ came REAL close - his play this year has me very hopeful.

    in that order. Doesn't mean we'll draft that way of course. . .

    The site I mentioned above shows the following players being available somewhere around where we might pick:













    I'm thinking Michael Huff would be my #1 dream choice, but I'm a biased Longhorns fan and he might be gone depending on what he does in the Rose Bowl. . .

    So who might be at the top of your list?
  2. zagnut

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    Eric Winston would be my choice, or even trade down a little and pick Daryn Colledge.

    As big a hole as we have at FS, it has not been that bad most of the year. We do need someone more talented in that position, but I don't think we gain as much from a FS as we do from OT. OL is what kept the team back. A vetran FS would be more useful.

    And I'm a big Mike Huff fan. I agree with all of your position points, except I have no idea who Andre is.
  3. Kchunda

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    ^^^ Andre Gurode

    Winston does look good. Don't really know much about him except for his injury but I will know more after the Miami LSU game. . .

    Winston Justice apparently pulled a fake gun on someone a few years ago??? LOL

    Marcus McNeil is another option:

    And of course, the wonderful Jonathan Scott:

    But Scott might not be there after the Rose Bowl, and McNeil looks like a bust.

    Here are the OT rankings
  4. zagnut

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    Andre Gurode. What's the phrase...the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. lol

    He seemed like a good idea at the time.
  5. StarMan

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    We better take Jay Cutler if he's there. Bledsoe has 1, maybe 2 years left in his tank. And we have absolutely nothing behind him.
  6. Kchunda

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    I agree we're in a bad spot with our QB situation, but if Bledsoe can hang on for another year and/or we eventually see some Henson/Romo live snaps, we can pass on a QB this year.

    If our OL is rock solid, a good running game, and a feared D next year, a bus driving QB can perform in Dallas. That means a diminished Bledsoe, Romo or Henson should be able to hold the fort.

    All wishful thinking, I know. But IMHO we have more pressing issues that need to be taken care of this year, and limited time/resources to resolve them.

    Going into the 2007 draft, if we don't know what we have in "Hensonromo", we are. . . how do you say? Ah yes. . . screwed. QB will then be our #1 issue.

    But again, I think OT is our primary need right now.

    Would you agree that finishing the D would be our #2 priority - either LB or FS?
  7. Kchunda

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    Yeah, that's a very high draft pick for a backup, but he can play 2 positions. That's why I think he's still here. Hopefully he'll improve while he's living on borrowed time.

    Re: your earlier comment on what we'll do with FS, didn't we scour the FA for a veteran FS and found nothing? Any idea who might be out there in the offseason?
  8. Jay9508

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    i like LaRon Landry and Michael Huff. if jimmy williams drop down the draft boards to us, i wouldnt mind drafting him.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    I think we address OT in free agency, probably Jason Fabini.

    I think LaRon Landry in Round 1 would be a good choice. Bobby Carpenter could fall to Round 2 with his injury and some other concerns. Kevin Boothe in Round 3 can play guard or right tackle.
  10. BigWillie

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    If Eric Winston is available, you take about about 2 seconds to think about it and swipe this guy up.

    As I said before, he was a top 10 pick last year before he tore his ACL. He suffered early on this year coming back from it, but by the end of the year, he was looking like the top 10 pick yet again.

    I'd throw Winston and Adams on the field and not worry about an OT for 3-4 years when Adams begins to slow down.
  11. Kchunda

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    The big question I have with going ethier FS or OT with our 1st round is that Parcells doesn't like to play rookies if he doesn't have to b/c they make too many mistakes. . .

    So if we draft an OT, I bet we have a verteran "backup" plan in case of bust. Rivera, if we go OG, but I don't think we'll go OG in the 1st. Maybe the 2nd?

    Same thing for FS. Davis. And there are playmakers at FS who COULD fall to us. . .

    Who's the backup for RT?

    InmanRoshi I'm begining to think you might be right. Get a RT in FA to start/help Pettiti improve more, add depth with our later picks. OG in the draft, too.

    FS w/ our #1 pick.

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