The 2006 draft-- the Free Safeties. Who is on our radar screen?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. MichaelWinicki

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    I've been reviewing the list of available free safeties for the upcoming draft...

    Most of this is taken from the "Ourlads" 2006 Guide--

    1. Michael Huff (Texas)- 6', 204, 4.37 forty. A great prospect. The total package vs the run & pass. He'll be gone in the first 10 picks.
    2. Jason Allen (Tennessee)- 6', 209, 4.43. Another top prospect IF it weren't for the hip thing. He scares me to death because of that. Who knows where he'll go?
    3. Ko Simpson (SC)- 6'1, 209, 4.46. Junior eligible. Seems to be very good in coverage with good deep range. Has a burst. Ourlads has him going at #45 to Philly. The trouble is that he doesn't rank high enough to justify our #18 but probably won't be there at #49.
    4. Pat Watkins (Florida State)- 6'4", 211, 4.48. Had a very good combine. Very good vs. the pass. Adequate vs. the run. Better in zone than man to man. Ourlads has him going to us at #49. I would be happy with this pick.
    5. Roman Harper (Alabama), 5'11, 198, 4.63. Good vs. the run. Just Ok vs. the pass. Next. Ourlads has him going in the 3-4 round.
    6. Nate Salley (Ohio State), 6'1, 216, 4.64. Was a corner but projects to safety due to a lack of burst. Lacks speed to excel vs. the pass. A projected 5-6 rounder.
    7. Anthony Smith (Syracuse), 6', 194, 4.72. Ran 4.53 on a fast track in the spring. Poor 40 time at the combine will hurt draft status. Has some tools and is instinctive. 3-6 rounder.
    8. Calvin Lowry (Penn State), 5'11, 200, 4.58. Good vs. run and pass but not top notch. 5 or 6 rounder.
    9. Antoine Howard (Howard), 5'11, 203, 4.39. 3 year starter. Good vs. run and pass with excellent speed. Productive with a nose for the ball. 5 or 6 rounder.

    After Watkins it's clear the talent available drops off quickly... especially when it comes to finding a FS good vs the pass.

    My gut feeling is that if we don't come away with one of the first 4 OR taking a top corner and moving Henry to FS then we aren't going to be improving the FS position an awful lot.
  2. Dayton Cowboy

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    Nate Salley didn't play corner at OSU.. Whitner played CB a little and Everett also played corner, but he's the one that projects more of a safety in the NFL
  3. AmishCowboy

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    I read a better report on A Smith in PFW, he's a guy I would like in the 3rd round. They have him as a second round talent.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    I dunno. I don't think he has enough speed.
  5. Woods

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    I'd point out that there are also about 3 CBs who should transition very well to FS.


    C Griffin, A Zemaitis, and D. Manning.

    There's a shot all three of these guys will be available in the 3rd.
  6. JackMagist

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    I read (I forget where) that Whitner was projected as a possible safety as well.

    With teams seeing the value of Ed Reed at FS the position is getting more respect lately. Those guys will be getting bigger paydays so it will not be so hard to get a CB prospect to switch to the FS position. So drafting a top CB and moving Henry (who already has his big payday) to FS is not so far fetched. We might should be looking at the CB prospects as well as the FS prospects; especially given the comments made by Jerry about moving one of our CBs.
  7. Woods

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    Some ways I would actually prefer a CB who can play FS. It just gives the team so much more versatility in case of injuries. Of course, we're talking about CBs who have the necessary size, tackling ability, and physical play.
  8. Bluefin

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    I haven't seen anything to indicate Anthony Smith is some kind of plodder back there.

    I have read that he possesses great instincts, which should more than make up for not having top end speed, IMO.

    I actually value having a smart, instinctive free safety over a speed demon.

    I'd like Longhorn Cedric Griffin in the third, that would be a good value to me.
  9. AdamJT13

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    Salley was a cornerback as a freshman, although he didn't play much on defense.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    Hey, I wouldn't kick if we drafted Smith... He'd be an improvement over what we currently have at FS. I just would rather have one of the faster guys if I had my druthers.

    I like Griffin also. He's a tad bigger and faster than Smith. If he was there in the 3rd I'd take him.
  11. Bluefin

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    As long as we get an honest to gawd free safety I expect I'll be happy.

    I've long been tired of carrying 4 strong safeties on the roster due to Zim's run paranoi.

    And I'd also like a fast player in center field if at all possible, speed never hurts.

    But more than anything, I want a prospect who comes out of college with the reputation of being a playmaker.

    If a player knows his keys and gets to the right spot, he'll be in position for big play opportunities whether he has plus speed or not, IMO.
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    I agree with you 100%.

    With Woodson and Marion back there we had guys that were very, very good against the pass. Granted Woodson was "freak". A SS with FS skills. And Marion was a converterd corner.
  13. ddh33

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    You know, the irony in all of this is that I actually believe that a true FS (someone who is better in pass coverage, maybe not a huge hitter, great tackler, or exceptional in the box) would actually make the run defense better.

    I think Roy's skills are drastcially underrated by many. Our run defense suffers when Roy is forced to play deep all of the time. Let him roam more, with less coverage responsibility, and not only do you have a better SS who can still cover most TEs and backs, but you've practically got another run-stopping LB.
  14. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

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    You're right.

    Hell I'd rather have Roy and 3 corners honestly.
  15. AbeBeta

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    FS for us is going to be all about value. If we can get a guy a round lower than he was projected then great. But I don't see us spending our 1 or 2 on this need. Even an average guy will get it done here for us -- plus, Marcus Coleman will be done with his alcohol rehab right around the draft if we don't find our FS
  16. bobbie brewskie

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    exactly, i dont see us spending a 1st or 2nd, i like everything im hearing about cromartie and i really like manning and watkins, but these guys will be gone before jason allen just because of his hip injury, and IF JA can recover from his hip, he is definately the second best safety in this class, and on top of that he knows how to play corner. he is also a steal in round 3, even though its a risk. its a good risk, as round 3 can produce any kind of talent ranging from complete bust to a superstar, so why not take a risk on JA who is a 2nd round prospect? thats my two cents, if not allen in the third, we will hafta go with davis/FA cuz another day 2 pick would be a lil scary.
  17. silverbear

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    From reports I've read, the Boys have shown some interest in the following safety prospects on the first day of the draft:

    Antonio Cromartie, CB-FS, Florida State... a high first rounder who might slip to 18...

    Michael Huff, FS-CB, Texas... a high first rounder who probably won't slip, would require a trade up...

    Donte Whitner, FS, Ohio State... a second round prospect...

    Daniel Bullocks, SS-FS, Nebraska... another second rounder...

    Danieal Manning, FS-CB, Abilene Christian... a second or third rounder... climbing the charts rapidly...

    Pat Watkins, FS, Florida State... a third prospect...

    Cedric Griffin, FS-CB, Texas... a third rounder...

    Greg Blue, SS-FS, Georgia... a third or fourth round prospect...

    And the group they're looking at on the second day (I don't claim this is the entire list, just the ones I've read about):

    Marcus Hudson, FS, North Carolina State... a fourth or fifth round prospect...

    Dawan Landry, SS-FS, Georgia Tech... another fourth or fifth rounder...

    Charlie Peprah, FS, Alabama... a fifth or sixth rounder...

    Dwayne Slay, SS-OLB, Texas Tech... another fifth or sixth round prospect...

    Jahmile Addae, FS, West Virginia... a third fifth or sixth rounder...

    Nate Salley, SS-FS, Ohio State... and yet another fifth or sixth rounder...

    The group of second day prospects listed here is, frankly, unimpressive... they are noticeably slower than the first day prospects (which may be a big part of why they're second day types, LOL), the only one as fast as 4.5 seconds in the 40 is Salley... Addae and Slay are in the 4.65-4.7 second range, Hudson and Landry in the 4.6 range... of the first day prospects, only Watkins did nor run a 4.5 second 40 or faster...

    Which is my way of saying if the Boys want a quality free safety, they'd probably better get him on the first day... what you said about the dropoff in talent after Watkins and Griffin is exactly right...
  18. silverbear

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    Now, if you're looking for some late round/ undrafted rookie free agent types who the Cowboys might be worth pursuing (these are my choices, not the Cowboys), here are three sleepers I find intriguing:

    Reed Doughty, Northern Colorado... 6-1, 210, 4.55 second 40... led the nation in tackles at one point, had 14 career ints... Academic all-American, might be smart enough to call the defensive signals for a team... I really like this guy, have for some time...

    Trevis Coley, Southern Missisissippi... 6-1, 225, 4.45 second 40... could play both free and strong safety...

    Antwan Marsh, Pikeville... 6-3, 225, 4.45 second 40... his level of competition is a serious concern, but those computer numbers look real good...
  19. AbeBeta

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    me, I'm coming around on Cromartie. if he can play FS, be our 3rd corner in the nickel (after Glenn is gone which would be next year if this kid was good), and return kicks then I could get excited about him.

    My concern is that kids who remind you of Deion usually turn out like Phillip Buchanon.
  20. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Where are you getting your 40 times, I have a completely different set of numbers on most of your prospects?

    What they need is an official site of all times and that's that.

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