The 2009 NBA Finals Thread...Lakers win series (4-1)

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, May 30, 2009.

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    Well since my Cavs faced the wrong team at the wrong time, the NBA Finals will be the Lakers VS Orlando Magic. As you can see I've changed my sig for laughs in a way to make the pain of losing minimal. I'm going to add my two cents in to explain why I think the Magic will be NBA champions.

    1) Matchups-The unstoppable Cavs were exposed due to matchup problems. I don't like the Lakers matchups at all. Gasol and Bynum will not be able to play together at the same time. Bynum vs Rashard as disaster written all over it. Odom is possibly the worst perimeter defender in the league and Lewis or Turk will beat him off the dribble to create breakdowns in the defenses.

    2)Dwight Howard-Gasol vs Howard? My god..hide the children. It will not be a pretty sight. Gasol is the worst starting bigman defender in the league. He made Louis Scola look like Kevin Mchale. Bynum also is a stuggling defender. Howard is just too athletic for them.

    3)Make it rain-Doubling Howard will create open three's for Lewis/Turk/Peitrus and Co. Lakers are an undisciplined defensive team and Magic will just rain three's all day long. The Cavs were the best statistical defensive team and they just tore them to shreds by penetration and shooting.

    4)Been there done that-Magic are 2-0 against the Lakers in the regular season.They know how to beat them in LA.

    5)Finals setup-Instead of 2-2-1-1-1 it will be 2-3-2. That HEAVILY favors the Magic. If they can steal game 1 or 2 they will have 3 straight home games to close out the series. They can easily go up 3-1 after the first 4 games and take game 6 at LA.

  2. Avaj

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    Ready!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!
  3. Joe Rod

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    I'm sure it will be the same as Magic vs. Cleveland. All of the experts will pick the Lakers to win the series. Magic played LA quite well this year, but it will be harder to beat them without Jameer running point. Kobe will probably score a ton, but if the Magic can execute the same defensive philosphy that they just finished against the Cavs they are just as capable as LA of winning this series.

    Going to be a great Finals this year, go Magic!
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    go MAGIC!
  5. NextGenBoys

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    Let me first say that you are taking this loss very well, and I retract all previous trash talking about your Cavs. I still hate Lebron though. That being said I said Orlando would win the series from day one, due to the matchups.

    Now, looking at the matchups against the Lakers, I dont see how you think the Magic will win. I see everything pointing to a Lakers victory.

    To over-simplify things, lets look at the starting lineups.


    Now look at immediate contributors off the bench, and we have Peitrius, Johnson, and Gortat for Orlando, and Odom, Walton and Vujacic for LA.

    The majority of these matchups favor LA and I will try to explain why in looking at the key matchups.

    First, the main matchup that beat Cleveland was the flexibility of the 3 and 4 positions of Orlando in Hedo and Lewis. Both can play high and low, inside and out. Add to that Dwight Howard matched up with either the big, yet ultra slow Big Z or the undersized yet quick Wallace/Varajo, and Orlando won for a reason. Yes their 3pt shooting was a big reason as well, but the matchups are the main reason IMO

    LA can put either Odom/Ariza on either Hedo/Rashard and it will not be the mismatch like it was in Cleveland. Odom has a unique skillset for his size, and Ariza is long and lanky and a very good efender.

    Gasol/Bynum will be able to move their feet and contain Howards first step unlike Z, and are big enough to somewhat hold their ground unlike Wallace/Varajo. Dwight will still get his though.

    Kobe is going to get his, as Lee/Peitrius will be matched up against them, and while both are fairly good defenders, Kobe is the best in the game for a reason. Yes, Lebron is more talented, but Kobe is the better player.

    A quick look at the other matchups:

    PG - Push, Both Alston and Fisher are similar players, who can stretch the floor, yet are not looked on to score very often. Fisher has the experience here, so maybe a slight nod to LA

    SG - Def. advantage to the Lakers. Lee/Peitrius will not be able to control Kobe in the Finals, as they are going to have to change how they are playing defense. Kobe is completely different than Lebron as far as his offense goes, as Kobe is alot smarter and relies less on physical ability.

    SF - Push, Hedo and Lamar Odom are similar style players, as they are a point guard trapped in a big's body. Ariza may be matched up against Lewis at the 4, as he is quicker and a better defender, so the 3 and 4 positions can be swapped depending on who is on the floor.

    PF - Lakers. They will try to create a mismatch by getting Gasol into space on Lewis, but I expect Ariza or Odom to be guarding him often. Either way, the Lakers have an advantage here down low on both offense and defense, and with the Lakers having flexibility with Lamar Odom outside.

    C - Def advantage Magic. However, Gasol/Bynum are MUCH better matchups than what the Magic just faced on both the offensive and defensive side. Yeah Varajo is a energy player, but Gasol/Bynum are more talented, and can move alot better than Big Z. That being said, Howard is the best big man in the game.

    A big thing for me is Kobe has been here before, but more importantly the Lakers are by far the most talented team in the league. Everyone can get theirs, but more importantly everyone is athletic enough to stay with the flexible offensive threats of the Magic either outside or inside. Their bigs can shoot AND move their feet down low, and Kobe is the best closer in the game.

    My prediction is Lakers in 6.

    *Edit* Oh I just want to add, I'm definitely rooting for the Magic, but I think LA will win it.
  6. MC KAos

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    im pulling for the magic hard on this one seeing as i hate everything that has to do with the lakers. but in all honestly, i think the lakers are gonna sweep them. i hope im massively wrong though
  7. Hostile

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    Please let it be a sweep. Get it over with.
  8. NextGenBoys

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    Oh come on now Hos, is the only sport you like football?
  9. Hostile

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    No. I love almost all sports except soccer and the NBA. I'll even watch volleyball. Just not an NBA fan any more. I used to love it.
  10. Gemini Dolly

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    This is going 7. I suspect Ill have a couple cardiac arrests, but LETS GO EL LAY. KOBE BEAN BRYANT!!!! 4SHIP. No way in heck Kobe is going to be a back 2 back loser.
  11. Bonecrusher#31

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    You have been wrong about the Lakers in every series so far so why should it change...

    Go Lakeshow :starspin

    Champs in 6 games
  12. The Ominous

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    Let's go Superman.

    This is going to be a tough series and I expect Kobe to come out firing.

    The inside matchups are crucial. Howard can draw in the double-team and fire out to solid shooters.

    I think how Orlando plays D against the Lake Show is what will be key to the series. Kobe of course is the X factor, but Odom can be the key to that entire offense.

    Phil Jackson is going to try and get Howard into foul trouble. The bench will be crucial again with Pietrius and Gortat.

    I will probably eat crow, but I always go with my team. Magic in 6.
  13. SLATEmosphere

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    Gasol is going to get dominated. He is SOOOOO soft. Howard is going to out muscle him. He's going to be able to do anything he wants. When he gets doubled he's going to kick it out to his 4 teammates on the perimeter. If Bynum and Gasol are in the game then one of them has to guard Lewis and that is just mismatch city. If the magic steal game one or two the Magic are NBA champions.
  14. adamc91115

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    I am very happy to see you're so confident... You've been 100% wrong this whole playoffs.

    Lakers in 7.
  15. Nav22

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    Cleveland lost because LeBron got no help. Kobe should get plenty.

    Mo Williams is the #2 option for the Cavs... if he was a Laker, he'd be their #4 option at best.

    Lakers in 6.
  16. CATCH17

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    Is there any way the Magic can win?

    This makes me sick.
  17. SLATEmosphere

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    Good point. Not to mention he doesn't have a scoring bigman. They need to go out and get a Paul Millsap this offseason.
  18. WoodysGirl

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    Doesn't matter to me, so I'm taking the Lakers in 6.

    I'm personally rooting for Rafer. I liked him as a Rocket.
  19. Bonecrusher#31

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    Hasn't he though ....:laugh2: :laugh1: :laugh2:
  20. Doomsday

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    I like Orlando in this one. Unless they go cold from the outside the Lakers will not have an answer for the balance they have offensively.

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