The 2011 New York Giants are the worst team to ever win the Superbowl

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheRat, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. TheRat

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    This shouldn't have even been a contested game. The Giants should have won this going away.

    Rob Gronkowski had the best season by a TE in NFL history: 17 TD's and over 1300 yards. He is the reason why the Pats are in the Superbowl this year. And his injury effectively made him a non-factor. He wasn't even playing on the last drive of the game. Moreover, Tom Brady got injured in the second half and clearly wasn't himself despite it being his non-throwing shoulder.

    Not to mention that the Pats have the second worst pass defense in the league and still managed to hold the Giants offense to 21 points.

    This shouldn't have been a close game, but it was. The 2011 Giants is the worst team to ever win a Superbowl.
  2. Brian_C82

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    Oh yeah, the Giants are terrible. They only beat a 15-1 Green Bay team and a Patriots team that's appeared in 5 superbowls in the past 11 seasons. No big deal. :rolleyes:
  3. TheCount

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    Lol, some of y'all are out your damn minds right now.
  4. tupperware

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    0.15 posts per day and you make an appearance to drool over the Giants.

    I'd wager a guess that you're a Giants fan and if you're not, their bandwagon is available for boarding at
  5. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    2011 Giants >>>>> 2007 Giants
  6. TheRat

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    The Pats playing without Gronk is like if the Vikings went to the SB but Adrian Peterson was injured.
  7. CowboysFirst

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    So much bitterness. :laugh2:
  8. TheCoolFan

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    Double standarddddddd

    If the Cowboys had gone on this run, you probably would've been saying "The 2011 Cowboys was one of the most impressive teams to win the Super Bowl" or some mess like that
  9. tupperware

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    If the Cowboys had gone on this run I'd be in the hospital in complete shock.
  10. TheRat

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    I also find it easy to fabricate imaginary scenarios and put words in the mouth of the people I'm arguing with to win arguments.
  11. Pentagruel

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    Give me a break. This Giants team is one of the most impressive champion teams i've ever witnessed. They deserved to win every game they played in the playoffs and I certainly don't think their opponents were pushovers.

    They faced massive injury problems early in then season and before the season even started.

    They had a beastly schedule.

    They faced tough teams on the road in the playoffs.

    They overcame all of that and played magnificently. Even as a rival fan I can praise them in this amazing run. If the Cowboys were to show this kind of determination and confidence to win a Super Bowl you can bet your *** I would be praising them to high heaven.

    This is a fantastic win for the Giants and certainly not the worst team to ever win the super bowl.
  12. sacowboysfan513

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    Their defense is solid. Don't be fooled by their record.

    But I would say they are the LUCKIEST team to win the super bowl. Two fumbles going straight into their own players hands. The opposing teams best player being hurt in the game prior, making him a nonfactor. And somehow the Patriots receivers that you can always count on, decide to drop balls in critical situations.

    And not to mention all the luck that was needed just to get to the super bowl.
  13. logan

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    They might not be the worst, but they are by far the luckiest.
  14. perrykemp

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    I couldn't disagree more...

    Beating a 15-1 Packers team at Lambeau...

    Beating a very good 49ers team at Candlestick....

    Beating the future HoF combo of Brady / Belenick AGAIN...

    This was far from the worst team ever win the Superbowl.
  15. Avery

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    You're right, the team that just won the SB and beat GB, SF on the road and the Pats on the biggest stage are terrible.

    All I know is that the Giants will be having a parde and we're sitting on the sidelines wondering what the draft will bring.
  16. SuspectCorner

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    And yet the 2011 Giants STILL get to walk off with the Lombardi Trophy and their names forever etched in NFL history. That 'worst-team-to-ever-win-the-Super Bowl' Giants team looked pretty happy to me.

    Maybe next year we'll be lucky enough to see the 2012 Cowboys supplant the 2011 Giants as the worst team to ever win the Super Bowl. I'd be damn fine with that.
  17. Trajan

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    I really doubt it. We are not even a bad team who failed to make the play-offs
  18. Hoofbite

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    I'm butt-hurt, look at my thread!
  19. bkight13

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    Every team that has won a Super Bowl had to beat good teams by definition. Some are better than others and I agree with the OP that this Giants team was one of the worst "champs" ever. They backed into the playoffs, they beat a good Packers team that had a bad day. The Packers put 40+ on them a month earlier. They got many gifts against the Niners, the muffed punts, the dropped INTs and Eli's offense went 9 straight punts before the last fumble. The Pats just weren't as good as earlier versions and Gronk's injury was big. Plus they had 3 fumbles bounce their way, a few bad drops and a terrible INT by Brady. All in all they were very lucky and not very good.
  20. SuspectCorner

    SuspectCorner Bromo

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    The Giants WERE good. And more importantly, they were at their absolute best when it absolutely mattered.

    But keep the rationalizations coming.

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