The 3rd Romo pick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hoov, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. rocyaice

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    Romo had 10 int's last year. So did he "get it" last season and just "forget it" this year?
  2. Super_Kazuya

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    Me too, though the JPP was a much more impressive athletic feat. I thought they were both nice little plays that no one on our defense could dream of pulling off (except for maybe Lee). Tony got fooled, but it happens, especially with the rush in your face. I was way more upset with Romo with the crappy first half performance that could have turned that final drive from a desperation drive to a run out the clock drive.
  3. ifixoldhouses

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    Not to mention he had a fractured rib since 2nd quarter, He didn't want to get hit again. He would be allright behind a solid LIne.
  4. rocyaice

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    That's one thing I notice no one mentioning. Romo was out there with Witten, Hanna, Ogletree, Harris and Beasley and still managed to score and get us down 3. Even scored a 2 point conversion. It just wasn't much that could be done when Miles and Dez were both out. That doesn't mean throw a pick though.
  5. Boyzmamacita

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    It would also help if someone would block for him. Too many jailbreaks last night. The O-line is way too inconsistent. They gave him 8.12 seconds on the first TD throw, then I saw Free (and others) literally just laying on the ground on some other plays. There's plenty of blame to go around. Romo should've thrown a better pass on the last int., but if he had his normal receivers (and if somebody threw a block), he may not have been throwing to Murray in the first place.
  6. BigDaddyJP7983

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    One thing I thought about at the time of the 3rd int. If Romo lofts that pass a little bit further downfield and lets Murray run under it (instead of throwing it directly at him), they gain 60+ yards, as the replays showed that there was no other defender on that side of the field, as the WR had run a post (I think) and dragged the safety with him. The LB had a great angle on a direct pass, but his momentum would have left him far behind Murray if the ball had gone a little further upfield. I know Romo didn't have time to consider how to throw it, but it would have worked for a big gain. Just my way of saying that this game was lost on a matter of inches. (Ogletree forgetting to raise both arms to catch a pass also comes to mind as a cause, not to mention that high school coaches could have adapted better to the blitz).
  7. sideon

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    All this excuse making is ridiculous, Romo screwed up big time in a big game situation and that's all there is to it. Whenever any other player screws up we blame them, but when #9 goofs we always want to spread the blame to everyone. This is who he is and we just all better accept it.
  8. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I am not so sure they are excuses, but people are trying to get into Romo's head and figure out what he saw on the play & why he thought Murray would have been alone in that split decision with a LB blitzing right up the gut in his face.. It turned out to be a very silly and stupid decision..
  9. TwoDeep3

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    They're excuses.

    These people have been making them for years after losses when Romo turns it over.
  10. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I don't agree with you... I think even Romo's biggest supporters realize it was a ridiculous throw and he was to blame for the loss.. Some people do study the game you know??? They try to figure out what the QB was thinking on certain plays & why he made certain throws. NOT excuses, just trying to highlight the play and share their thoughts on where the QB thought he could go in that split second with a LB coming free in his face. Everyone knows Romo was to blame for the loss dude, but some don't feel the need to pile on, instead they try to bring a little insight to the board instead of just posting the thousandth ROMO is awful post, he can't win the big game... We all know that is what Romo is labeled as right now, just some posters would rather talk about what happened on the play
  11. Hoofbite

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    That pick was much like one against the Giants from a season or two ago.

    LB showed one thing and then ducked out under the play.
  12. TheIceman

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    Sorry but that pass was thrown too far in front of Ogletree. Olgetree couldn't even get his ONE hand on it. He certainly couldn't have gotten two.
  13. cowboyz

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    yeah its really unfortunate that wasn't thrown better.

    but if you look at his ints. Its a physical deficiency. Pressure in his face needs to be prevented so he can step up. Stronger qbs like roethlisberger and Eli can strong arm it. Romo can't.

    it happened to brees, where having a solid pocket despite bad Ts let him move around. When Brady had pressure up the middle he failed too.

    that's why the Steelers double a gap blitz is so effective.

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