The Be-All-End-All Mock Draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Free Agency: I'm assuming the Cowboys pick up 1 big-name FA, 1 B-list free agent, and up to 3 depth/rotational players.

    1: Mario Williams. | OLB | The Cowboys prove to be the top bidder for Williams' services, and allow Anthony Spencer to walk. He takes over the starting SOLB position. This guy is a beast and, before injury this year, was racking up sacks at OLB in Wade Phillips' 3-4. He's a physical specimen, and freaky athletic, and has put up the numbers in the NFL to prove worth what the Cowboys are going to give for him.

    2: Ben Grubbs. | OG | Not as talented or highly touted as Carl Nicks, but much better than what the Cowboys currently have. Will be a big upgrade along the line, and has NFL experience to go with it. Still young, the Cowboys take advantage of the Ravens being stuck to re-signing Ray Rice and leap on this experienced OG.

    3: Kelvin Hayden. | CB | A quality CB worthy of starting. Has played for above-average pass-defense units with the Colts and more recently the Falcons. He will be an upgrade to the Cowboys secondary. Has 11 INTs in 47 games started and 41 passes defensed. Another veteran with NFL experience yet plenty of tread on the tires.

    4: Shaun Hill. | QB | The Cowboys need a quality backup that can squeeze out wins if Tony Romo gets injured and has to miss a few games. Shaun Hill is a just that. And with the Cowboys showing that they prefer veteran relief at this position, Shaun Hill would make sense here.


    The Draft: This is not including any possible compensatory pick, as it's likely yet technically undetermined, and I'm also not including any possible trades.

    1 (14): David DeCastro. | OG | I don't really need to go into depth here. If you haven't seen any film on him, you should try to find some. He is dominating, and there is a reason he is a top half of the first round lock.

    2 (45): Lavonte David. | LB | This pick will shock a lot of fans, but it is the right pick here. A shopping frenzy of CBs will be taken, and this will be the BPA that fits a need. A lot of fans are forgetting the gaping hole at ILB. What if Bruce Carter doesn't work out? He hasn't looked very good in his snaps. Granted, he didn't have much time to learn. Worst case scenario, the Cowboys get a nickel LB here that can cover RBs out of the backfield on 3rd down. No more stupid screens converting a 3rd and long on our defense. But please, don't get it twisted. This guy can ball. With a strong rookie offseason and training camp, he could be starting across from Lee come Week 1.

    3 (82): Jayron Hosley | CB | Here's where the Cowboys go for a CB. They added Kelvin Hayden in free agency, and, with cutting Terence Newman, are looking at a lineup of Jenkins, Hayden, Scandrick, and Hosley. Hosley could potentially enter the league as the best 4th-man in the NFL. He also provides a return threat that the Cowboys have been severely lacking.

    4 (113): Michael Brewster | C | I am sorry. I am not willing to see any more inconsistency at the center position. The moon-shot snaps, the snaps where everyone goes except the center, the putrid blocking. I'm done with it! Tony Romo gets protection with this pick. Michael Brewster is a high character "lunch-pail" kind of guy. Has the ability to start at center in the NFL for a long time. As good a potential starter as the Cowboys will find in Round 4.

    5 (144): Michael Egnew | TE | I have a feeling the Cowboys will be selecting another TE in this draft. John Phillips underwhelmed, and Bennett will be retained due to his blocking ability. That leaves opportunity to draft one of those slow WR/fast TE type guys. This is him. He does not have breakaway speed, but he runs good routes and has solid hands. Will need work, but has potential.

    6 (175): Josh Chapman | DT | This could be a potential steal. A true NT. Short, stumpy, and strong as an ox. He's nowhere near the pass-rushing threat that Ratliff is from the NT position, but with the rumor of Ratliff moving to DE, that allows the Cowboys to get a wider-bodied NT capable of stuffing the run. Luckily, that's what this guy does best. He will provide an anchor in the middle of the defense that not even a double team can move. Strongest player at Alabama. Benches 580, squats 630, for you workout warrior lovers. Fell due to surgery.

    7 (206): Andrew Datko | OT | Another player that fell due to injury. Reminds of Marc Colombo minus the past 2 years. Played all year with one arm. Would receive a 2-3 round grade if not for the injury. He is large but plays with quick, light feet and very mobile. Could play either tackle position, giving us another swing tackle to go with Jeremy Parnell. Can never have too many tackles and this is a steal with BPA here.


    Let me know what you think.
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    Very nice. Not crazy about the David pick, not because of the position but because I don't think he fits in the 3-4 scheme. I think he's an OLB in the 4-3.

    If Hosely, Egnew, and Chapman all fall to where you have them and we dont snatch them up I'd be very upset. Really don't see it happening though. I think they will all go at least 1 round ahead of where you have them.
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    Where's the safety? And cowboys need better corners then that. Might as well keep Terence Newman. Just as good as kelvin hayden. Rest I liked
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    Agreed. I think we can do better than Hayden...

    And I really don't think there's any way that we get Mario Williams...I just don't see it happening. Avril would be more practical...but I just can't fathom Williams. Unless the Cowboys' personnel decides that they want to improve the Cowboys secondary by improving the pass rush, there's no way. And even then this is a stretch.
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    Your mock is incorrect.
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    dislike for reasons similiar to those stated already
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    Jerry's attempt to acquire Asomugha last season, floored me. He proved that he would pull the trigger as well. But I don't see him and Cowboy tradition pulling the trigger on a top of the league contract player, insured of at least Franchise level of pay. Not after avoiding Armageddon this season by cutting no longer mobile linemen last year.

    I would rush out and acquire Mario Williams and change dynamics on the Dallas defensive line from the onset...but that is me, Joe Fan.

    If I had to pay close to market high levels, but at the level of available talent to reach free agency this would be at cornerback, and safety. Period.

    Jerry is use to paying for veteran players in his offensive line, so Carl Nicks might be realistic, but a strong brush stroke in a team that has refused to commit in similar manner for the entire time that Jerry has been at the helm as GM, just doesn't seem realistic to this fan as well. Just trying to balance my own views here.

    I think this team will first measure the strength of developers in Costa, Nagy, Arkin, and Kowalski through the eyes of newly arrived Callahan. Then adjust accordingly. Since investment occurred strongly last season, I don't expect many waters rippled here, although. Again, being realistic in my own view.

    I'm looking for one strong piece, either to the offensive line's interior or to the secondary being added via free agency. I would look for a journeymen level addition, similar to Kyle Kosier or Sensabaugh in addition for the free agency splash.

    I would then look for three up top strong picks via the draft.

    That's the degree of change that I am expecting for the upcoming off season.

    Throw in a veteran quarterback, and that is about the amount of fireworks that I am expecting....

    but for your own pop effect, it was fun.
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    I think our free agency will consist of picking up a decent vet CB (Finnegan possibly) and save the OG for our returning crew plus a draft pick or two (I am hearing that Blake is pretty hardnosed and could be a steal, plus he is a G/C). I am hoping FA includes a resigning of Laurent at a reasonable contract (but I am also afraid St. Louis may show an interest again since they are familiar). I'll bet we grab some DL middle of the road lineman in FA as well.
    In the draft, I am feeling like we may hold off on DeCastro at 14 and fill that spot with 2nd or 3rd round value pick. And I am thinking defense will be the choice at that spot depending on best available of CB/LB/DL. We very well could see us trade down a bit I think unless someone they had thought would be gone by 14 has slipped to 14.
    Our first several rounds could well be CB/OG/OLB/S.
    Can't wait until the combine starts up.
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    I like this a lot. Really appreciate that you picked people that other people don't.

    It's gets boring in the offseason when every mock draft picks the same people but in different order. Lately, people think that the order has to be G then CB or CB then G. I like that you took a different approach.
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    Brewster is a short armed JAG.

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