The best and most reasonable Mock Draft updated 3/16

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jksmith269, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. jksmith269

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  2. InmanRoshi

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    I'd take it.
  3. silver

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    defense and more defense

    that scenario would make me a happy man. i'd like to see a receiver somewhere (in FA, maybe)
  4. like a dog

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    Give me Derrick Johnson, Dan Cody, and Josh Bullocks. Now that would be sweet.
  5. Dyluke

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    My only beef with that mock is that if we get Howard and stay in a 4-3 base set...Merriman is not a better linebacker than DJ. If the cowboys end up not trading for Howard, and draft Merriman to be our DE, than i guess i could understand that. But i still think that he is just a workout warrior and DJ would be a much more solid pick at #11.
  6. MiStar

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    I don't think it gets much better than that.
  7. AsthmaField

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    Wow. Getting Merriman, Crowder and Bullocks would be a dream come true.

    Our defense would be versitile and would instantly become more pressure oriented.

    3-4 Look

    3-4 DL:
    RDE: Ellis
    NT: Ferguson
    LDE: Glover

    3-4 LB's:
    ROLB: Merriman(R)
    RILB: Nguyen
    LILB: Crowder(R)
    LOLB: Thornton/James

    LCB: Newman
    FS: Bullocks(R)
    SS: R. Williams
    RCB: Henry

    4-3 Look

    4-3 DL:
    RDE: Merriman(R)
    RDT: Glover
    LDT: Ferguson
    LDE: Ellis

    4-3 LB's:
    SLB: Crowder(R)
    MLB: Nguyen
    WLB: James/Singleton

    LCB: Newman
    FS: Bullocks(R)
    SS: R. Williams
    RCB: Henry

    Nickle-Dime Corners:

    We would have a lot of Flexibility with that group of players.

    Of course, if we get Howard... all bets are off.
  8. DLCassidy

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    draft countdown is year in and year out one of the best mocks out there.
  9. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

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    Crowder's injury history still concerns me.
  10. Verdict

    Verdict Well-Known Member

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    is that it sounds too much like Eb. Ekuban's. I am getting cold chills just pondering that possibility. I hope that if we draft him he doesnt end up being EK II. This pick smack of need and hence the term "reach" comes to mind. Forget need take the best player available.
  11. Dayton Cowboy

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    I thought that Crowder was an inside LB? Can he play outside?
  12. Dayton Cowboy

    Dayton Cowboy Active Member

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    [​IMG] Official Bio College: Florida Height: 6-01/4
    Position: Inside Linebacker Weight: 252
    Class: Junior 40-Yard: 4.6
    Strengths: Has been extremely productive since day one of his true freshman year...Great athlete...Very good size and speed...Tough and physical...Aggressive...Active and makes plays all over the field...Has excellent instincts...Solid tackler...Has not yet reached his full potential.
    Weaknesses: Durability might be a concern because he has had a couple of knee injuries and then suffered torn ligaments in his right foot as a sophomore...Has only played major college football for two seasons so lack of experience may be a concern...Needs to get stronger...May have some character concerns.
    Notes: Only a true sophomore eligibility-wise but was able to enter the 2005 NFL Draft because he has been out of high school for three years after delaying enrollment to rehab a knee injury...Crowder supposedly considered entering the '04 Draft after Maurice Clarett initially won his court case so the NFL was on his mind...Was real close to Ron Zook, who he considers a father figure, so his firing may have been a factor in pushing Crowder to go pro.
  13. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    He is an inside 'backer. Can he play outside? I'm not sure.

    He certainly has the measurables and he has the movement skills to play some there.

    If we played predominantly a 3-4 he'd be inside, but I could see him going outside in some situations if we throw in some 4-3. That's what I was getting at in my post above. Mainly 3-4 with a little 4-3 in there.

    That's pure speculation on my part and if we intend to stick with the 4-3 as a base then we'd probably move in a different direction than Crowder. That's why I said if we get Howard, all bets are off.

    If we intend to go predominantly 3-4, IMO Crowder would be a good pick.

    His injury history does scare me though. Otherwise, I think he's a terrific player and exactly the type of LB that parcells loves.
  14. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    no kidding, someone said 5 (YES FIVE) knee surgeries...
    i say no thanks....
    i did love to watch him as a gator though, great player, just not worth one of my firsts with those kind of injury concerns
  15. Concrete Roy

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    There is no way the Boys will pass up Derrick Johnson.
  16. Dale

    Dale Forum Architect

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    What were Bullocks' stats this past season? I know he had 10 INTs the year before..
  17. Dayton Cowboy

    Dayton Cowboy Active Member

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    [​IMG] J O S H ~ B U L L O C K S
    Stock is Up: Displayed great cover skills at NFL Combine Possible Rounds: 1-3
    Declared early for the 2005 NFL Draft; Invited to 2005 NFL Combine. - "Bullocks is a big hitter with a great nose for the football. He isn't huge, but he'll be a late first day steal for someone."
    Scouts will have to chose whether they believe the Josh Bullocks they saw in 2003 or 2004. A number of factors such as injuries and coaching changes are an obvious considerations. However, another possible consideration is that in 2003 Josh excelled in Bo Pelini's Cover 2 defensive scheme- a scheme that popular with many NFL defenses.
    Pro Day report from Gil Brandt of S Josh Bullocks worked out at the combine, running for times of 4.46 and 4.50. Here, he ran for 4.47 and 4.51. He added 13 reps and did all the position drills and looked very good.
    Following Nebraska's Pro Day, Bullocks worked out for the Green Bay Packers.

    Combine Results Heigt 6'0
    Weigt 209
    40yd Dash 4.54
    20yd 2.64
    10yd 1.56
    Bench Reps -
    Vertical Jump 37.5
    Broad Jump 9'10
    Shuttle 4.09
    Cone 7.09
    Wonderlic 19

    Rankings - 57 overall - 3 S - 10 S - 6 FS
    Stevenson's Scouting Service - 3 S - 141 ovr; 12 S - 41 ovr
    OTC - 2 S - 6 S - 6 S - ****, 3 S, 37 ovr - 66 ovr; 4 FS - 3 FS - 3 FS - 64 ovr Mock Drafts/Value Boards - Round 2-3 - Round 2 Forum - 3/66 St. Louis - Round 2-3 - 3/72 Detroit
    GMjr - 1/16 Cincinnati - 2nd-Early 4th round - 3/80 Minnesota - Round 2 - 2/38 Green Bay
    NFLDraftCountdown - 2/49 Minnesota - 3/71 Tampa Bay - Round 2-3
    The Sporting News - Round 4 - 2/45 Carolina
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