The biggest kept secret in Dallas is Tyson Thompson

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 1Ware1, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. 1Ware1

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    He is bigger, stronger ,and faster than Jones or Barber,if he could keep from fumbleing the ball,he would have been the starter going into this year.He is also fearless on kick returns and should get a shot to be the 2 back this year.He is smoother than Barber and stronger and faster than Jones.I honestly beleive he wasn't the number 2 back is because,they didn't want to make there Barber pick look like a waste.I watch every game preseason and all,and even though he had ball control issues ,he should have got playing time over Barber.
    So,the return game will not be an issue this year seeing that Thompson will be returning kicks and Cromartie(Florida State) will be the punt return guy when we draft him in the second round.
    I think if he shows ball security this year,he will by the end of the year be the starter and Jones will be on the outside looking in
  2. trickblue

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    I like Thompson, and obviously he made an impression on Parcells, but he is a different-type back...

    Right now he is a straight-ahead runner and a corner buster. He has little or no juke ability, but he does have great speed. Hopefully that will come with time...
  3. Hoov

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    Thompson has little experience and it showed. Barber is solid and will be a good back for many years. That is why Thompson was not the # 2 back. would like to see him do a little more this year, but dont go thinking Barber isnt going to get a decent amount of playing time. Thompson will not be the starter by the end of the year
  4. joseephuss

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    Keep dreaming. I hope it comes true, but I don't see it coming true. He doesn't move too well laterally and just doesn't seem to have running back instincts. Where is the hole? Where are the blockers? He reminds me a little of Herschel Walker in running style except that Herschel had those instincts and was more powerful.

    The fumbling was a problem, but it wasn't the only problem. Thompson is very raw and could not do much in the passing game. He was not reliable in blitz pick up or as a receiver. He may grow and it will be great if he does. Julius and Marion can play the game now and they both need to grow as well. Dallas needs one of these guys to step up and be the primary back for this team. The ideal is for all three to develop and allow Dallas some options and variety.
  5. riggo

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    cant remember when, but i saw him play once. i was wondering why he didnt get the ball more- the man was fast.
  6. speedkilz88

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    He was a liability in protecting Bledsoe. Until he gets that figured out he's #3. He lost the #2 job because Barber came on strong in the middle of the season and he wasn't reliable in the protection scheme.
  7. 1Ware1

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    I wander if somebody can dig up his 40 time,I know he looks super fast on kickoff returns.If he was to ever get in the open feild ,look out.I was suprised he didn't return any for touchdowns last year.I know we did enjoy some good feild position with his returns,I can remember him giving us a shot to win the skins game,in there first meeting
  8. SkinsandTerps

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    Good luck with that playing out the way you invision it.

    Not sold on Tyson at all, his blocking is adequate at best, his speed is good, he has butterfingers, doesnt seem to have a nose for the endzone, not to mention his complete lack of evasiveness (seemingly).

    But hey, thats just me.
  9. 4lifecowboy

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    Why do people insist on deluting the impact Barber had this season, if anything he was the one short changed this year he was clearly the most complete back on our team this year, calling him a waste seems a little ignorant to me. He could be the starter for us and I wouldn't have any qualms about it( though I am a Jones supporter) Thompson on the other hand seems nothing more than a straightline runner with great speed, and no vision. He'll be pressed to make the roster this coming up season IMO.
  10. Zaxor

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    I don't know if he is bigger or faster...but I will take your word on it...

    Now from what I have seen he has no moves.. he needs to be able to make the first guy miss and he doesn't seem to be able to...if that can be aquired, I do not know if it can be...but if it can be, than yeah...I think the guy could be a player
  11. CrazyCowboy

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    IMO Cromartie will be gone by the time our 2nd rd pick is up.......also, Thompson is good but he cannot juke anybody....must improve in that area!
  12. benny112980

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    To all the Julius Jones haters on this board: Both his injuries could happen to even the strongest players. If you look at each injury even BP himself said that those types on injuries could have happened to anyone. I say give Jones another year to prove himself.
  13. speedkilz88

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    It was reported that Tyson had speed in the 4.2 range, but there was nothing official from the scouts that I can recall.
  14. JohnsKey19

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    Jones and Barber are clearly the #1 and #2 RBs here. Make no mistake about it. Let's not get carried away here with Thompson's speed. Yes he is fast and has some size, but there's aa lot more to being a RB than that. Let's just hope Thompson can handle being the #3 RB and KR this year.
  15. Ashwynn

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    Complete backs dont fumble and can block. He fumbled and he can not block well. Give him time, hes young and hes good. Hes got promise and an a chance. What more can you ask for. I suppose that he makes the most of his chances and does become the complete back. But in any event, he will never surplant a juking JJ.
  16. Hoov

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    I agree. im not down on Jones at all and really thought he would be out for the season when i saw that injury take place so im not questioning his toughness or durability at all. But i really like Barber, just watching him play, it seems to come so natural to him, he has a great feel for the game. Barber is my favorite, nothing against jones, i was just really impressed with barber last year.
  17. Yeagermeister

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    IMO Thompson is the new ReShard Lee
  18. dbair1967

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    the rest of the league would probably love for the Cowboys to replace Julius Jones with Tyson Thompson

    Thompson is a guy who runs fast, at this point thats it

  19. sago1

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    He's gotta show more before he gets chance at RB. So long as Parcells sees some improvement in Thompson's skills, he'll make the team this year primarily as a return man. I was also surprised he didn't break longer runs, but did get us in pretty good field positions quite a few times.
  20. Hoov

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    True, he was a longshot to even make the team at the start of training camp. Think he was a walk on, didnt he leave school early, think he only played 1 or 2 years of college ball. At any rate, he has a lot to learn before being a starter in the NFL.

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