The Biggest, Scariest thing about yesterday's Game...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Nov 23, 2012.

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    What does that have to do with yesterday's game? People are doing their usual meltdown because Romo throws an interception. It's not a knock on Griffin at all. In the history of the NFL, how many QBs have thrown the ball 62 times and not been intercepted? Romo is the only QB in the league who isn't allowed to throw an interception, despite having an overall low QB interception rate for his career. Every interception is not a disaster, especially if it means you are throwing the ball downfield instead of dunking it off every play. Kurt Warner won an MVP throwing 22 interceptions once.
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    Big part of RG3s success every week. That's how you complete bombs all the time off the play action and have only 15 pass attempt (vs Eagles) and win by 30
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    My thoughts from yesterday actually watching an entire game of RGIII is he will go the way of Michael Vick.

    He will be gangbusters for a while, but when 250+ pound men keep falling on him like trees on leafy ground, he will start to get nicked up.

    Vick's best year, somewhat like Ali, were taken away because of jail.

    No telling if he were the QB of the team McNabb puked away how far Vick would have taken them.

    But RGIII will be figured out. That cute little option play they pass off of will be figured out.

    Then it's a matter of dribbling his skulll off turf enough for him to take his 100 million to the house for good.

    No animosity because he is a Redskin.

    Just saying there is a reason why they hire QB's that are 6'5" and 230 pounds.

    It's called durability.
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    Yesterday is a only a small part of the season. If it was just one game, it would be different. 15 ints on the season is a problem. One game with 5 ints, one game with 4.
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    I don't like him, but that kid is going to be great.

    Sorry, citizens. He looks like the real deal.

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    The kid is only 23 in his second year. Your already declaring him terrible? I seem to remember a terrible 23 yr old Tony Romo years back. How did that turn out?
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    romo has never had a significant injury, so hes got another at least another 5 years left in him.

    resign him, and lets appreciate him based off what we had before him and after aikman. put a good oline and a decent running game around him and hes great.

    i refuse to give up on tony romo, because the QB is the most valuable position in the NFL, and we have a good one. using him as a scapegoat wont work. the house will fall.
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    i think what we're seeing is who cam newton is. his style isnt successful in the NFL.

    i question how long RG3 will be good for. its exciting, once defenses find ways to contain it. then that one hit will put him out for awhile, and then he'll be scared and turn the ball over ala mike vick.
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    RGIII is a far better passer than Cam Newton has ever been. That's going to make a huge difference going forward for RGIII.
  11. KJJ

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    He's also a lot more mature than Newton.
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    In fairness, it wasn't until after they were up 28-6 in the 3rd that he started racking up yards against soft zone coverage....just saying. People are making a bigger deal out of Romo's numbers than need be. If you pass every down you're going to put up gaudy numbers. Just a fact. That being said their pass defense IS poor. But you can bet they'll be spending time on that in the future since they don't need to address QB. And their young speedy WRs are getting better and better each week, while ours are getting stretched out on the sideline. Dez is the only receiver who can stay on the field, and even HE is shaky with health.
  13. jason54858

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    What you are witnessing from Cam has nothing to do with his "style". You are watching an immature kid who has no idea how to handle adversity in the NFL. He handled it fine in junior college, but the NFL is not junior college obviously.
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    Actually, in all fairness Romo started making plays when they went no-huddle and up tempo... The play to Dez on the 85 yard scrmable was anything but soft coverage. They were playing the Coowboys the same way the whole game, primarily two-deep safeties. It's how every team defense this offense by Garrett...
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    The Redskins also have a real coach in Mike Shanahan. We have Red "ice your own kicker" Garrett. The Skins D sucks, yes. They won't be this year's Super Bowl champ. I don't even think they win the division. However, I predict they will be within the next 5 years. Shanahan will see that their crappy D gets fixed. I watched him rebuild the Broncos after Wade Philips mucked up that proud franchise. Shanahan knows what he's doing.

    I think the Giants have started their decline. The Eagles and the Cowboys are both a mess. IMO the Giants have enough left in the tank to win the East this year and then MAYBE get one playoff victory (but that's a big maybe). After that, the Skins rise begins, much to our chagrin.

    I hope I'm wrong! Maybe we get Sean Payton and Jerry finally backs off and lets him run the show. I'd doubt it. I would love to see the Cowboys lead by Payton be the chief thorn in the side of the Redskins. That would be grand. On the other hand, I took hydrocodone early this morning to alleviate my severe back pain and maybe it's making me hallucinate.
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    And more intelligent.

    I think posters who knock RGIII are missing this point.

    Few questioned whether Newton had the intangibles to play the position - big, sturdy, strong arm, good scrambler.

    But many questioned whether he had a football IQ and whether he was mature enough mentally to endure the rigors of the NFL.

    So now that Cam has regressed a bit, those "questions" have resurfaced.

    However, who questioned RGIII's intelligence coming into this draft? Not one person that I know of.

    The only knock on RGIII is whether he can take the beating with his slight frame.

    Right now, RGIII is running because he hasn't absorbed the fullness of the Redskins offense, something that comes with experience.

    But if he has the IQ to play the quarterback position, that's not something that goes away. That's as much a skill as running fast and throwing long.

    And, mind you, RGIII isn't throwing to a Steve Smith (one of the better receivers in the NFL over the past decade). He doesn't have a tight end like Witten or Greg Olsen and he's handing off to a guy name Alfred Morris.

    He may very well hit a sophomore slump. But I don't think it lasts based on his intelligence level.

    I think he's the real deal. And that's unfortunate for the Cowboys. :(

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