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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by jackrussell, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I left the parade and passed the HOF on my home. I had no intentions whatsoever in attending this year's ceremony, just not into paying these days for things I used to get to do for free.

    But as I drove past the hall, and seen all the tents, all the people in blue and white, the sunshining on a glorious day, something hit me and kept my mind occupied for the rest of my drive home.

    Downloading what pics I did take, and posting them here, I felt a calling of sort, to get my rear end down to the hall and at least mingle with all those Cowboy fans. The wife was more than happy to accompany me on this righteous endeavor, and off we went.

    The banners hung from the stadium acted as a magnet, and the desire to go inside was irresistable.



    We found a guy to sell us 2 tix for $20, and thru the gates and up the hill we climbed. Standing at the top, a majestic view was the first thing that told me my plight would be rewarded.

    We found our sunbathed seats, bought some $3 bottled water, and waited for the show to begin. After sitting thru the Carson induction, the wife and I agree that once Troy was done, we would drive home and watch Rayfield's speech. Just a little too much heat and sun for us old folks I tell ya.

    Little did we know, Rayfield was next. While I considered this a bonus, my wife, who didn't experience the Cowboys as I had in the 70s, was a little let down, figuring Troy would now be saved for the end.

    When Rayfield was finally introduced, I felt the years roll back, with images of Staubach and Lilly, Hill and Hayes, Landry and Stautner filling my head, and the first welling of tears made their way to the surface.


    By now you know the speech. You know the emotion. As I squinted away some tears, I felt somewhat of a silliness in my own emotion, almost an aloneness in it. That went away quickly, as I glanced over at my wife, and seen her wipe away a tear for someone she knew not of.

    This speech was why I was somehow lured to attend. This was my reward, my blessing. This was the message from a man that had 22 years to put into words what this was all about, and once the last words were spoken, there seemed to be a sense of relief.

    OK, drama off! I also loved his words to Deacon Jones "and yes Deacon, my mother does know where I am." You could almost see that initial confrontation when Deacon must have looked at the young tackle and said "Son, does your mama know where you're at?":D

    I also liked him saying that we wouldn't recognize Tom Landry today, as he had a smile on his face.

    A long day coming to an end, it was heartening to see at least 75% of the crowd stay till Troy had his turn.


    I think Troy sensed on how long the day had been, and kind of slid through his time. But it was great to hear the cheers for all the triplets again, and the legendary Moose call. And I commend him for all of his acknowledgements, and I commend all the Cowboy fans in attendance, a truly special and memorable day.

    I'd advise none of you to miss the next Cowboy induction.
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    Post of the day.

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    Great Post Jack......Alot of us stepped back in time today.
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    Thanks for the pics and memories, I was wondering if someone took some snapshots and insight. I remember you and a few fellas talking about going to the event.

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