The Campo Years

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by parchy, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I've always thought this too. The talent erosion that Campones (the Campo, Jones hybrid) had created was so deep that it has taken BP a full three years to get it anywhere close to a winning team. Most folks don't realize how devoid of talent those 00, 01, 02 teams were until they actually check out the rosters. By 2002, I had lost all hope, and I think it had gotten so bad that Jerry actually took a step back and kind of went, "What have I done here?" As we learned with the Parcells hiring, when Jerry goes big, he really goes big.

    That's why I'm so worried about Parcells' successor. Jerry doesn't have that biblical fear that his Cowboys will fall into disrepair if he makes a wrong decision after BP retires. When Jimmy left, his decisions were incresingly riskier, to the point where he was just flat out reaching. He might have picked up on his past mistakes (hell, he hired Parcells), but something tells me after Bill he'll be looking for some kind of long term answer, and that could spell 'project'... or in other words, 'Dave Campo pt. 2.' I hope I'm wrong. Dead wrong.
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    Exactly, I'd take Gailey as a head coach over Campo without question. Campo never gets enough props for being a good defensive coordinator.
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    This is me when they mention the ''campo years''.....[​IMG] Hahahaha
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    He did a good job at all his other duties as an assistant coach. As a HC however.....:mad:
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    My time living in Dallas exactly corresponded to the Campo years. Campo was a nice guy but had no respect from the team. I heard that one Emmitt Smith certainly had no respect for Campo and gave him no support in the locker room.

    It was a bad time... remember Carter vs Hutch...that began in the Campo years.

    I left Dallas...and Jerry hired Parcells
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    :hammer: It took Parcells 3 years to purge the 10 years of awful drafts, trades and free agent signings. This team has a direction and an identity. It is not made up of thugs that think they run the show and everyone is committed to winning as a team. Is BP perfect? No... but at least he is consistent and most of his moves have proven better than what we were getting during the dark ages (Switzer-Gailey-Campo).
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    What are these "Campo Years" That you speak of?

    *Jedi Mind trick wave* There are no Campo Years...

    You do not feel the need to think about those years further.
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    I had a real hard time watching Dallas those years. It sucked to watch a team just going through the motions.
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    Can we get the Mods to close and delete this thread.
    Everyone is just doing this....:bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    Don't blame Campo or Chan Gailey. Blame JJ for wasting the talents of Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin. Puppet head coaches will NEVER win in this league, unless their last name is Switzer and they inherit a SB champion.

    They lacked authority because JJ never gave it to them. I think we would've had a chance to be good and Gailey might still be here if JJ hadn't submarined him and let the players make some of the calls.
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    You're not planning on coming back real soon, are you?
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    ZIINNNG! :lmao2:
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    I think of Switzer, Gailey, and Campo as "the three castrados" because Jerry undermined the authority of each.

    I don't think Campo was a quality head coach ... he was a poor game day coach (poor strategy).

    But with the salary cap problems, poor talent level, and lack of authority, that coaching job was a bad situation ....

    To his credit, Campo's teams tended to play hard, even when nothing was on the line. They played with effort even if they weren't terribly effective.
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    Of the three head coaches between Jimmy and Parcells, Switzer still deserves more blame than I think he actually gets.

    He inherited a loaded team in it's prime, and fell asleep at the wheel.

    Gailey was just trying to restore some discipline to an aging team not quite good enough anymore, and poor Campo had mission impossible. He had no talent, no authority and an owner constantly trying to find the next Larry Allen or Leon Lett in the draft, with draft choices he should not have been gambling away.
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    I believe that Gailey could have done better IF Dallas had drafted better... they were hanging their hat and money on the Triplets (Troy, Emmitt, and Irvin), plus Deion was making mega bucks as the new CB.

    Gailey liked to employ 4 WR sets and basically did not have much to do with a good TE... which made the drafting of big TE David LaFleur in 97 a wasted pick... even moreso because he couldn't stay healthy.

    Anyway I do like Gailey because he resurrected the power running game and kind of revitalized Emmitt Smith when they brought RB Chris Warren over from Seattle. But... saying all that, Jerry had all his money in the flashy superstars and the offensive line had eroded from that dominant unit we were so used to in the early nineties... G Ron Stone was allowed to walk and Flozell was new to the squad in 98... Erik W. had gone... Nate wasn't the same and we couldn't find a decent center after Ray Donaldson left... remember Clay Shiver...

    It would have been better for Gailey AND Campo both had Jerry kept the trenches stocked with decent O-linemen... plus Dallas was trying desperately to find the next Charles Haley... funny after all the Shantes, Kavikas, and Weatheringtons from the 90s we would have to wait halfway through the next decade to find our man Ware.
  16. Alexander

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    I would understand defending Campo because of the talent, but he also dug his own grave with some pretty bad on-the-field decisions that cost us several games a year, every year. I firmly believe in each of his seasons we could have won one or two games per year that we lost because of poor clock management, passive playcalling and weak halftime adjustments.
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    I have often wondered if I was personally responsible for the Decline and Fall of the Dallas Cowboys. :eek:

    But I think I have to defer to Jerry Jones on that one!:p:
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    Bravo, my brother. Well done.

    It's good to know you're there to defend Gailey when I'm not around.
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    campo's years were like purgatory. jerry had basically mortgaged the future and we were in cap hell. the galloway trade and subsequent knee injury sealed campo's fate from day one. then troy went down and that was it. to this day i believe campo's regime was a bitter pill we had to swallow to start fresh after a great run in the 90's.
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