The Campo Years

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    The offense we had through the first three weeks of the 1999 season was on a pace to shatter records. Ismail along with Irvin was extremely potent. To state Irvin was on his last legs is ridiculous.
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    2002 Cowboys

    G/T Flozell Adams
    LB Keith Adams
    G Larry Allen
    WR Antonio Bryant
    QB Quincy Carter
    LB Dexter Coakley
    T Javiar Collins
    K Billy Cundiff
    RB Woody Dantzler
    S Keith Davis
    S Tony Dixon
    T Char-ron Dorsey
    CB Mario Edwards
    DE Ebenezer Ekuban
    DE Greg Ellis
    DE Demetric Evans
    P Filip Filipovic
    WR Joey Galloway
    G Kelvin Garmon
    T Aaron Gibson
    DT La'Roi Glover
    CB Dwayne Goodrich
    TE Jeff Grau
    C/G Andre Gurode
    RB Troy Hambrick
    LB Kevin Hardy
    DB Duane Hawthorne
    CB Pete Hunter
    QB Chad Hutchinson
    CB Jermaine Jones
    P Micah Knorr
    G/C Matt Lehr
    TE Mike Lucky
    LB Louis Mackey
    T Marques McFadden
    TE Tony McGee
    FB Jason McKie
    G/T Jeremy McKinney
    DT/DE Michael Myers
    LB Dat Nguyen
    DT John Nix
    DT Brandon Noble
    T/G Solomon Page
    WR Ken-Yon Rambo
    CB Derek Ross
    WR Darnay Scott
    S Lynn Scott
    RB Emmitt Smith
    LB Markus Steele
    WR Reggie Swinton
    FB Robert Thomas
    G/T Ross Tucker
    T Kurt Vollers
    T Tyson Walter
    DE Colston Weatherington
    CB Bryant Westbrook
    TE James Whalen
    RB Michael Wiley
    WR Randal Williams
    S Roy Williams
    S Darren Woodson
    DE Peppi Zellner

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    Crap.......... now I'm blind.
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    That was indeed a low blow.

    The roster is a reflection of the evaluations of the coaching staff and who they felt comfortable going into battle with. I have to say that team was perhaps the most poorly assembled one we had in recent memory. From the offensive line down to the absolutely deplorable secondary (remember, DBs were Campo's speciality), we had some terrible players on our team. And that isn't all because of poor drafting.
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    Wow, are the only ones left from that list Roy, Ellis, and Flo?

    Good Lord that's a lot of pinkslips.
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    kartr, we will agree to disagree on this one. To kind of parrot Alexander, either you have a bad memory or I'm imagining the 1998 season differently.

    Not only was everyone and their brother singing Gailey's praises for making folks run laps in camp and practices for pre-snap penalites, as well as other disciplinary measures that were a far cry from Switzer's last couple of seasons, but all the way through Thanksgiving they were marveling at how diverse the offense was. Remember that Gailey was running everything from options with Ernie Mills and Emmitt Smith that were succeeding to 5 WR sets that had a lot of teams off balance. Heck, we hung with Minnesota pretty good that Turkey Day, and Troy threw for 455, the very same guy who was so "uncomfortable" in the system.

    In my opinion, Gailey's tenure is a tale between a 20 1/4 game stretch and a 13 3/4 game stretch. In '98 they were pretty well improved on offense, even with Billy Davis at WR, Aikman out for almost 6 games, and even Kiselak stepping in at center when Donaldson was hurt. The first 3 games of '99 they were spectacular on offense with the addition of Ismail.

    You asked earlier if Irvin's injury could have made that much of a difference. It wasn't just Irvin. It was McKnight going down in a July scrimmage that year and therefore being unavailable when Michael went down; it was also Mills and McGarity going down, and even LaFleur starting to experience the beginning of his back problems. They all affected the playcalling and offensive philosophy, and Jason Tucker had a penchant for making a solid play one minute and making Aikman and Gailey look bad the next.

    Chan was certainly not infallible, and he did fall into a playcalling rut from time to time, but I feel he was easily the best of the three between himself, Campo, and Switzer.

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