The Case for Luck

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Ok, so if we didn't know already we should know whether or not hitching our hopes to Romo longterm is wasteful after this year. If Romo turns it around and leads up to the SB then disregard below. If he keeps us on the roller coaster ride.....

    1) Look at NE and Indy...they've been top contenders year after year for the past ten or so...and its directly due to their QB play. Neither team is above .500 without their starter. Sure sure NE went 11-5 when Cassell came in, however they had a good all around team then, they haven't had one the last few years yet they still manage to go well into the playoffs. With the overwhelming parity across the league, its more clear than ever that a HOF QB and marginal surrounding cast can get you there more quickly than the inverse. Look at New Orleans, garbage without Brees. Look at NYJ, great surrounding cast, average QB, can't get there. You can't overpay for a great QB.

    2) Luck is being hailed as the best QB prospect to come out in years. Let's face it, he's not going to be another Ryan Leaf. Kid is smart, got a great arm, mobile, mature, and a winner. Seriously doubt he will bust. If you got a shot at drafting the next Payton Manning, would there be such a thing as overpaying?

    3) We don't have that many holes to fill next offseason so trading away the entire draft shouldn't kill us if Luck pans out. Sure we need a CB pretty badly and we could use a G, but we'll have FA money to spend. Anyway, the timing is never great to trade away an entire draft, however, think it would be less painful next offseason than most, esp if our young OL gels and we only need a replacement for Kosier, and Carter becomes a player like Lee.

    4) Say Luck pans out and we still have Romo. Isn't that a problem you WANT to have? (See Steve Walsh/Troy Aikman) Trading one of them away may get you back a lot of those picks you gave up for Luck. Maybe Romo is ignited and plays so greatly that we can't bench or trade him...wouldn't that be a great thing?

    5) Good rookie QBs have had a lot of immediate NFL success lately....see Bradford, Cam Newton, Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton.....and Luck is a superior prospect to all of those guys at this point compared to them when they were in their final year of college.

    6) Looking like Indy will have the top pick and if Manning convinces them he can play several more years I imagine the top pick will be up for bidding. Of the other garbage teams with a chance...KC has a decent starter, Minnesota just drafted Ponder. The main teams I'd see that'd be most interested would be Miami, Cleveland (who just drafted Colt McCoy btw), then possibly Seattle, San Fran, Redskins, and/or Denver. Anyway, I imagine it is likely that the top pick will get traded.

    7) With the rookie salary cap set, it won't break the bank, esp since we'd only have to sign Luck and a few UDFA's in all liklihood. (we'd have likely traded away most or all of the rest of our picks).

    8) The alternative is, if Romo doesn't play better more consistently, that we can surround him with the strongest supporting cast and we will still falter in the playoffs, if we make it at all. See NYJ with Sanchez. If you have to pick one scenario, its clear that teams these days are better off with a great QB and marginal supporting cast rather than the inverse. NYG's in 2008 being the exception.

    Anyway, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Jerruh throwing a gamble out there on Luck, esp if Romo doesn't stop being so up and down. Last time he got a QB at 1, turned out to be a HOF'er. I throw the above out there for discussion more than anything....i.e. more than I believe it myself. Basically, I want to see if anyone can concoct an effective enough argument to dissuade me from going down the path where I start to truly believe that making a big play for Luck in the offseason would be in our best interest. I love Romo, I really do, but......Luck could end up being GREAT. Anyway, take your shots...
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    It seemed like a really good idea for a thread at the time....
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    Wont happen. Whoever gets the number one pick wont trade it this year, fan base would run the owner out of town.
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    And the way its shaping up, if you have more then 2 wins you are most likely out of the sweepstakes
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    For the reasons you used to pump up will be the reasons that the team with the #1 overall pick will not trade it away.
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    With the rookie wage scale teams don't have to worry about overpaying like they used too.
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    I'm not sure what the point of this thread was.

    Even if you decide that Romo isn't your guy at the end of this year we're going to have won too many games to be anywhere near the area to draft Luck and there is no way I'm giving up the house to draft any one player.

    Which is what you'd have to do in order to move up to the top 1-2 spots to pick him, from where we'll likely be drafting.

    To me it looks like a pretty safe bet that Indy is going to have the inside track on getting him. The question will be rather they want to draft him and sit him for a couple years behind Manning to groom him.

    That is of course only under the assumption that Peyton is even able to play again.
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    There are teams in the bottom that would do it. St Louis (0-4) is set with Bradford at QB. I can't see them taking Luck and having a controversy. Denver (1-4) has Tebow and I don't think their fans are smart enough to know Luck is better. Carolina (1-4) looks like they have their answer in Cam Newton.

    If any of those three have the #1 pick they could end up with a Herschel Walker type trade.
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    John Elway would draft Andrew Luck without hesitation.

    We are nowhere near bad enough to be in the Luck sweepstakes. The team would need to collapse and that won't happen under Garrett, at least not anytime soon. Plus, we would need Indy and Miami to start winning some games.

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