The cornering of Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Oh SNAP...!

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    The "realist/haters" have enabled Jerry Jones more than the "homers" ever could.

    They have turned him into this cartoon villain like persona.

    He is the Vince McMahon or JR Ewing of the NFL.

    Article after article saying he should step down as GM are followed by commercial after commercial of him selling Pizza or Pepsi or Chicken Wings.

    Fans start entire websites devoted to getting rid of him and they are greeted by episodes of Dallas and Entourage staring Jerry Jones the villain they created.

    The only way they will get what they want is for them to stop watching Cowboy games and stop all internet activities related to the Cowboys.

    But we all know they will just continue to enable the Villain Jerry Jones ...... and he will continue to get richer and richer.

    :laugh2: Its like a script.
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    The thing about the Cowboys is what everyone knows. You either love them or hate them, their is no in-between.

    When the Cowboys are good, the love of the fans come out. When the Cowboys lose, the hate of them come out also.

    That is why the TV ratings have been high when the Cowboys are on...the lovers watch to see if the win, and the haters tune hoping to see them lose. It's a win win situation for the Cowboys, money wise.

    For example, I watch ever Cowboy game that is ever on, win or lose. I love it when they win, but will never leave them.

    I also like to watch other teams play like the Packers (just because I think Rodgers is a class act), but if they win, blah...if they lose, sweat off me.

    So, in that regard...Jerry might be feeling the heat, but the money is still coming in.

    Someone said that the booed Jerry and Garret and whoever else when they came on the big screen. However, guess what...they were at the game.

    And, if someone says that's because they already paid good money for seats, if it's all that bad, hey, then they should just look at it as a bad investment and stay home to let Jerry see all the empty seats...but you know what? They won't.

    And, all over America, the haters will tune in just hoping like hell the Cowboys lose.

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    Stephen has a weekly radio show too, I wouldnt be so sure he doesnt want the spot light.
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    He said it right out this year on special edition the week of the Atlanta game.

    He said I don't have a title like gm but I want one.
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    Sadly, Jerry let the domain name registration lapse and now Taco owns it.

    Ironically, that's a microcosm of his last 15 years. Arrogantly believing he has control and things moving in the right direction, only to fail to see the reality that he's driving the short bus in the slow lane and most of the rest of the league is passing him by.
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    Not only that, but then Stephen takes over. Stephen is already involved in the day to day operations, so for those that think he'll make matters better

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    It was just a matter of time before JJ would be declared Dallas' most hated oilman now that JR is gone. At least what JR did was good soap opera.
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    It's not ENOUGH to have Jerry turn over the reins to a real GM. It's time to rebuild. Unfortunately Tony Romo won't have the trade value he would have had at the end of last season. Our only player who is 'solid gold' is Demarcus Ware. I'd be willing to explore what a package of he and Dez Bryant would bring. Make a serious run at Payton while bolstering our draft for a couple years and we could be on a fast track to respectability again.

    I'm getting desperate.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:

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    At this point Jerry "firing" himself and hiring a GM would be window dressing, he would still retain the "final decision" as owner and president, so in essence, nothing would change.

    Nothing will change until Jerry dies. That is simply the harsh reality of the situation and the depths of the man's ego and insanity.

    I just have to outlive him (I'm 16 years younger than him) if I ever want to see my beloved team return to greatness.

    Go Cowboys! SB champs of 202x!!! :starspin
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    It's funny how some will walk through walls to protect this silly franchise. This worthless administration who's done nothing but steal money from this fan-base by over-charging to go see Strippers/Cheerleaders, and buying up all the jersey's from players he's going to cut/trade and then you're left with a Bobby Carpenter jersey you can't use.

    And this administration, who some will fight for and protect, is the reason we will continue losing.

    Luckily, and outside of, fans are fed up. Jones is getting boo'd, he can no longer con these fans. Fans will eventually wake up and smell the foul that Jones has been spewing in the air of cowboy nation.

    I'm so happy that there are only a hand full of lonely people who think this mess is going somewhere. Because prior to this year, the support for this franchise was huge. And as long as people are putting up with Jones' ineptness, he will continue to be inept.

    It's like cheating on your wife, and she keeps taking you back. This is why he keeps cheating, you allow him to.
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    Hammer time for Jerry

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    And you will continue to enable him by watching every game and talking about him on the internet.

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    Oh, snap...!

    (stupid cowboy fans)
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    Dallas stadium will end like Disney world. Fans of opposing teams will make it a family vacation to watch their team crush Dallas while enjoying shopping , drinks and pools all owned by the Jones fam. It's now just entertainment football has been secondary for 17 years.
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    Good question!
  18. djmajestik

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    And the case is closed.

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