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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Scotman, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Carpenter will do some things for us and do them well. He's going to free up Ware. Ware is going to hit double digit sacks this year. I'll predict 13. Futher, I think you'll see blitz packages that we just simply couldn't carry out last year. I think the Carpenter pick will free Roy up a great deal. I truly believe Carpenter and the impact he'll have on the effectiveness of our front seven will render the FS a mute point.

    The draft yesterday also signals an end to the predictable offense all of us have become so accustomed to.

    Mark my words, the offense this year is going to be wildly different from what we are used to seeing. The two TE set, with two pass-catching and serviceable blocking TE's, is hard to stop. On any given play, you have the ability to have four folks out for the pass, two extra TE's in to block, or 3 receivers, or a lead blocker to either side.... It goes on and on and all out of the same set. The two TE set has the ability to mask OLine deficits and take advantage of mismatches at the same time. By November, y'all will be able to see how the pick of Fasano was a very, very good one.

    Hatcher is going to be a huge help for us, sooner rather than later. Much like Spears, his name is not going to be called on every other play. He's not going to be a sack machine. But he'll have a huge impact on Ware and Carpenter. Did any of us really think Ellis would be here much longer? Who takes the other DE spot when Ellis leaves? What if the aging Ellis gets hurt? This pick is huge with the potential to be a very important cog in our defensive schemes.

    Granted folks, this is not a sexy draft. We didn't have 2 firsts to play with. We didn't have one just outside the top 10. But we picked up 3 players who are going to have an immediate impact along with extra second day picks to try and build some depth. It wasn't a lack of stars last year that killed us. It was a lack of depth.

    Here's hoping for a succesful second day!
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    Ah, so I'm guessing that's why everyone is saying he'll at least need a year or so in the NFLE before he does anything at the soonest, eh?
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    I think Hatcher takes Glover's spot in the nickel as well. He could be a great interior rusher.
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    Everyone meaning who? By everyone did you mean yourself and some other Chicken Littles?

    Get a new team to cheer for already.
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    "everyone" -- I saw one bio that said that. That is hardly anyone. I don't know anything about the guy. I'll take Gooselin's 88 any day of the week over CNNSI's or whoever said NFLE.
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    I don't know about everyone else. I've just stated my opinion. And just to clarify what I mean, I think he'll be on the field this year. I think he'll be starting by the end of camp next year.

    Ellis, the consumate Cowboys, is a short-timer, IMO. I think it's not out of the realm of possibility he's traded before the season starts. Maybe even today for a late round pick and some consideration in next year's draft.

    The draft boards I found had Hatcher rated at or near where we picked him. Sure there were question marks. He's not Mario Williams.
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    LMAO everyone? Or was it just one report you read?

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    10.5 SACKS HAS to say something...and he has ALOT OF upside they say

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