The Cowboys Gameplan Theory for the Raiders

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bigcrob, Sep 27, 2005.

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    I think Big Bill will use the game plan he used against the Buffalo Bills to win his superbowl with the Giants. If you guys remember, they pounded the ball right down their throats. Buffalo how an explosive offense, so the best defense against a good offense is keeping them off the field. The only way I see us beating the Raiders is by winning the time of possession and playing good aggresive defense. The defense has to attack and blitz Kerry Collins the whole game. This isn't the game to play passive zone defense, which by the way is the reason why we are getting burnt all the time. Run Julius and Tyson and Blitz Kerry Collins until the game is over.
  2. ravidubey

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    Dallas needs to scheme against the deep pass with $.05 coverage and blitzes. Let the Raiders try to beat us with Lamont Jordan who has shown _0_ explosiveness thus far. If we can make Collins throw short we might grab a cheap pick or two.

    On offense Dallas just needs to play its game; then Oakland will have to play from behind and will lose.
  3. fortdick

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    This game is going to be shoot-out! Bledsoe can open up. We have five excellent receivers and the Raiders secondary is suspect. Hit them quick with the passing game, get 14 points in front, then go to the ground game. We scored 5 TD's against the Whiners. The Raider D isn't any better.

    Just don't relax in the last five minutes!

    Dallas 38, Oakland 24
  4. Portland Fanatic

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    The NFL is about matchups...Moss is a nightmare for us right now, but as for the rest of them we match up pretty well. I almost would rather take my chances with Newman w/safety help (hehehehehe) on Moss and Henry on Porter...if we can shut down Porter and somehow minimize Moss we can contain...We will stuff the's Moss???
  5. Galian Beast

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    I definitely think we have to have Newman, Glenn, and Williams/Davis on Moss at all times.

    That is the key to winning.
  6. fortdick

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    Safety help? Isn't that an oxymoron in Texas?
  7. Portland Fanatic

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    We need to remember that Moss does NOT like to go over the middle, in fact all season they show game after game where is just goes 50% on those plays. It's all about the deep ball for Moss....that is what needs to be contained. He does not scare me in the middle of the fiield....
  8. Portland Fanatic

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    Indeed it is :hammer:
  9. AmericasTeam31

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    I agree with Fortdick. Bledsoe and the offense has shown the ability to throw the ball down field. Attack them at their weakest point which is the secondary. Honestly, there aren't many teams who can cover our offense in a 4 or 5 wide set. We finally have too much speed with Glenn, Crayton, and Price. And too much size with Witten and Johnson. Not to mention Julius' elusiveness out of the backfield. Let Bledsoe continue to gel with the recievers until he makes a FEW mistakes. If we establish the pass Julius will be able to carry the load through the second half.
  10. Galian Beast

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    Todd Bowles has a week to fix the problems in the secondary.

    I don't know if we should judge him TOO quickly based on the San Fransisco game. He really only had a few days to prepare for the game. And the players were apparently not rested enough (henry in particular). Winning on a short week isn't the easiest thing to do.

    That thanksgiving week really screws us over. It is a bad idea. (can't complain when i get to see the cowboys play though).

    We play philly on a monday night, and then we have to play detroit the following sunday, meaning we have a short week, and then we have another short week because we have to play the broncos 4 days later...

    We could very well go 0-3 because of the situation we're in. We whould have been awarded a bye week after Detroit.
  11. Paniolo22

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    If this is the case, then the SF game was the perfect game for us to play before them. We showed what would happen if you crowd the line of scrimmage, 365yds of passing. I'm sure that is a now new concern of Norv Turner who will be a little more reluctant to shove all of his player up close to the line.
  12. Smith22

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    I'm with the original poster, we need to try and control the clock and limit the amount of possessions the Raiders offense gets. Getting ahead early is key in this game. If we fall behind 2 early, the game could quickly turn in to a shootout, which only plays to the Raiders advantage IMO. Yes, we have proven we can put up some points, but we don't want defenses keying on sacking Bledsoe play after play. We absolutely need the running game this week IMO.
  13. Sarge

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    If we can run the ball, and run it effectively - it won't be a shootout and I am assuming that will be our game plan.

    We HAVE to keep their offense off the field to have a chance. I agree w/the original post here.

    Time of possession will be a key stat for this game.
  14. JohnsKey19

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    Our best chance to win is to pressure Collins relentlessly and stop the run. If we can't get to Collins and make him skittish in the pocket, we'll have a very difficult time winning this game.

    Sure, we can score points on the Raiders. But the Raiders clearly have the advantage offensively if Collins is able to comfortably sit back in the pocket and fire the ball downfield to his host of explosive WRs including Mr Randy Moss.

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