The Cowboys have a Personality Problem

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jul 16, 2014.

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    One of the main differences between the Seahawks and the Cowboys was on full display for everyone to see on FirstTake yesterday.

    This is the second time Demarco Murray has been on FirstTake. The first time he was on a year ago, they ridiculed him for being too P.C. and giving too many cookie cutter answers to their questions. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because it might have been the first time he was in that environment. Now he comes on for a second time yesterday and the interview was embarrassing. Dude let SAS clown his QB with no rebuttal from Demarco, all of his answers about the team's 8-8 struggles were straight out of Garrett's C-3PO handbook, and he seemed rattled by the grilling he was taking. At one point he tries to change the subject to the corporate sponsor that sent him there to promote their product/event. Overall, he came off corporate, rehearsed, unconfident, and detached from what they were asking him. I couldn't help but think I was watching a microcosm of the country club the Dallas Cowboys have become.

    Immediately after Demarco was interviewed, Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner came on (remember this was the linebacker that Jerry Jones claimed the Cowboys were planning on taking in the 2nd round if they had not traded that pick away to draft Claiborne). His demeanor was night and day from Demarco's. Bobby was direct with his answers, extremely confident, and borderlining on cocky. He showed off that Seahawks' brashness a couple of times when he made the claim that Broncos receivers were scared to go over the middle against them in the Super Bowl and that Jimmy Graham was lucky to get his new contract before playing the Seahawks D because they would make him look pedestrian.

    The Cowboys used to have players who talked, walked, acted like this in the 90s. I don't see them anymore. Where have they gone? Dez would flourish in that Seahawks environment but instead he gets muzzled here, why? X' and O's are important but so is player/team confidence so are things like team chemistry as Wagner mentioned in the interview. Cowboys lack it, they lack the personality of a winner, unfortunately I don't know where it's going to come from within this organization. Ideally it would come from the head coach and trickle down to the players but Todd Archer said in Q&A last week that the coaching staff lets their player's weakness scare them from using them. Is anybody surprised by this opinion from one of the top Cowboys beat writers? How many times have we begged for the offense to enforce their will on teams and how many times has prevent defense killed us at the end of halfs and games? This team, from the top down, needs a personality transplant more than anything. Improve the defense and oline all you want, until this happens we'll never win the big games.

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    I would love nothing more than for SAS to get a 1 on 1 interview with Jerry Jones. JJ will eat that guy up and spit his *** out.
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  3. Alexander

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    If that means he would ramble incoherently and give him a few winks and grins, I agree.
  4. CCBoy

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    That was a good and valid observation. And your presentation of the event was a good one.

    Now, I'm not trying to take away from what you saw or jumping tracks, as your OP was good...
    but this is my point of comparison:

    I was an instructor at the US Army's Armor center, when it was at Fort Knox, Ky and was the greatest Armor School in the world. That was when it was a one stop entrance center for newly entrance soldiers. I was an instructor for entry level all the way up to Officers receiving their Branch level training in their beginning levels of their professional Service careers. We graded and saw to the level of standards before passing along them into mainstream Service life.

    Think when we saw the entry level soldier, whether officer or enlisted, we felt sorry for them? We observed freshly lopped hair lying on the barber's floor and a lot of awkward, misdirected, physical actions and even worse methods of processing information without an observing and strong analytical process of categorizing immediately and responding in a unified and directional manner.

    Think that we were afraid to project those very groups into roles, within a 6 month period, in roles with a new unit and experiencing all on the line in a place like Afghanistan? No, that was our take these boys to war, win, and bring them back alive.

    Well, that is a similar task of this group of coaches, in a very hostile and aggressive sport. To take their troops, players, into games, win, and bring them out of those on carpet times ready to resume on another battlefield/game.

    I am not the least bit anxious to watch our Cowboys gain their own personalities, because this fan knows they are competitive and have proven they have heart...they don't give up.

    The moto for the 3rd ACR, was forged in fire and came out steel. It's greeting was It Shall Be Done. But this unit has had to earn it's metal in a series of separated occasions with diference in engagements and enemies...but on each occasion, and with different sets of leaders, they earned their metal.

    This group of players are no different, but I'm not going to grow anxious watching them come together. They have good leadership, are an American athlete, and they will succeed...because that's what Dallas Cowboys do.
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  5. Carharris2

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    Yes. You are completely right. Our attitude and the attitude of our leaders is far too robotic and lacks confidence and pride. Football, more than other sports, requires positive emotion and confidence to be successful. IMO.
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  6. bark

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    Note to jerry...... Your team needs a strength and personality coach.

    Swagger comes with winning zordon . Until we do it's all idle talk. Besides we got rid of that no good non leader d ware. What more could you possibly want.
  7. PA Cowboy Fan

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    There's not much Demarco can say. We are what we are. It's easier to talk big when you're actually winning. I agree though that I miss the way this team used to act. Now we get pushed around by everyone.
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    Jason Garrett is possibly the worst decision Jerry Jones has ever made. He has fostered an environment of saving your own *** by being politically correct and conservative. The team plays slow and tight, and lacks confidence. We will never do anything with Ginger here.
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  9. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I'm Amazed that DeMarco sat through all this with a smile.
    Credit to him..... this is somewhat demoralizing.... he's not a fan, he's a player.

    It was funny when SA, said "I think Ya'll would go to the playoffs if they gave you the ball more! What you think about that!!!"
  10. zrinkill

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    Someone needs to tell Troy Aikman, Darrell Johnston,and the San Antonio Spurs (just to name a few) that you need to talk trash and not sound professional to be a winner
  11. RonSpringsdaman20

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    respect to that... but if you watched the two videos... the confidence factor between the two different players was like night and day...
    I know its only first take... but dam....
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  12. Super_Kazuya

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    Child, please... you are reaching again. That is just DeMarco's personality. Marshawn Lynch sitting up there would make DeMarco seem like Richard Sherman by comparison. Keep the swagger, and give me defensive players that weren't working at Home Depot during last year's training camp.
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  13. Vanilla2

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    If Demarco gave a Seattle Seahawk interview everyone would be like

    "Shut up and win, Cowboys haven't done anything to be talking like that."
  14. CowboysFaninDC

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    I think if demarco did that, its great. don't fall into the trap. don't give feul to talk about trash talking seahawks. how about the bland patriots whose answers are very similar to their demarco is from an 8-8 team. be humble go out there and prove it....seahawks just won the superbowl...they should be brash.....but they will soon realize just like any other winner, that teams will have a little extra incentive playing aren't going to be as easy for them this year...
  15. BoysFan4ever

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    Jerry can barely speak in complete sentences. Uh, hmm, well, uh.
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  16. burmafrd

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    They moved the Armor School to Benning as I recall (more BRAC BS). Now its just another bureaucracy where the inhabitants look for their next promotion or their payola from a defense contractor.
  17. kevm3

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    We definitely have a personality problem, but it isn't Demarco's personality. Our personality problem is that we accept mediocrity and excuse after excuse, which is what keeps us locked in mediocrity. I guarantee you Wagner won't have that cocky swagger if he was here on the Cowboys, And if he did, we'd call him out for being arrogant while losing.
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  18. Denim Chicken

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    Yeah, that's our issue: personality; not the way we play or the level of talent we have. Personality.

    Too bad we don't have great personalities like Richard Sherman. He's definitely not PC.
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  19. jazzcat22

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    So one player is on first take and isn't a loud mouth, and now the entire team has a personality problem, and it's Garrett's and Jerry's fault...well, alrighty then.....
    if he was like Richard Sherman you would complain he needs to shut up....
    1 freaking week until camp starts.....can't get here soon enough, but I'm sure it will be nit picked to the negative side by the usual suspects before we get any true evaluations....
  20. Doomsday101

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    I don't know about this, as soon as a Cowboy player starts acting so called cocky fans start hollering shut up and play. Right now if players talk or don't talk is not going to make a difference it is about getting out on the field and producing. Once you do that then when you talk people listen until then all players get slammed for saying anything. I'm sure Seahawk players are strutting around talking loud they have SB rings on and even before that were progressing into a SB caliber team.

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