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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hiero, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Ya ever had back surgery? I see an all-pro prior to surgery and an average player after. Just what a doctor might expect.

    or, it could be lack of effort as you suggest. though I see nothing in Rivera's history to suggest that he in any way is a sandbagger. In fact, up to signing with us he'd been singled out as an excellent leader and a mentor for young linemen.

    Us scientists always say the simplest solution is usually correct.

    So which is a simpler solution? Back injury = poor play. Or complete and total change in character = poor play?
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    And Tucker must be hands down the best LT on the roster. Actually, I think he's better than Pettitti, and while he was schooled yesterday, two of those sacks were because Bledsoe walked right into Daniels while Tucker was blocking him in order to get away from the rush stampeding up the middle.
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    Pretty bright eh? I think I have to go with Parcells on this, I think his ability to evaluate players might be a tad better than our faithful here.

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    hope rivera retires

    cut larry allen
    have you considered the cap cost of those two things happening at once?
    this ain't madden football. you better be praying rivera can return to form cause your stuck with him after giving him a 9 mil bonus. who cares about tucker, rob is decent depth maybe someday he will be ready.fixing the oline is gonna be very tough if rivera can't get right because we've invested so much in him.
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    i didnt say cut larry. I do hope that Rivera either:
    1) comes back next year back close to 100% and actual playing shape OR
    2) needs to retire, and we are forced to get a replacement because we really need one.

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