The Dallas Cowboys ‘DID’ Strike Gold With Alex Tanney!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Denim Chicken, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Vanilla2

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    Practice squad.

    And if he gets claimed.

    Good luck to him.
  2. Idgit

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    That's worth reiterating. At best right now, we're talking about whether or not the guy's earned a ticket to the regular season roster. There's a long, long way to go from there to backup QB, and longer from backup to starter. That said, I like what we've seen from Tanney so far better than anything I've seen from a number three guy since Garrett's been here. Significantly more than we ever saw from Stephen McGee. If the guy keeps up the current pace of play, he's well-worth a roster spot in my book. A good developmental QB is worth two developmental guys at another position.
    When you think he's done this so far without the benefit of OTAs, it's pretty impressive. I also like his attitude and demeanor in this interview clips. He just seems like he's got that QB personality.
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    I would just hate to see him as the #2 QB (or even #3 as one of the 53) based on one pre-season and a trick-shot reel....I am more concerned that if he really had the pocket presence, then why did two other teams drop him? I would be willing to let him go to the PS and if someone grabs him up, then so be wouldn't hurt the 2013 or 2014 team if he called another city home or if he was still in Big D
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    If Romo were to get hurt early in the year and miss the rest of the season and Orton replaced him, I expect a whole heck of a lot of us would end up yelling for Tanney if he was on our roster or rueing that he wasn't if we lost him to another team. I just don't think Orton can do anything for our team.
  5. Common Sense

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    Neither can Tanney at this point.
  6. TonyRomo09

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    Dont risk future QB studs.. we coulda lost romo years ago with this thinking..
    We lost Moore who could atleast have been our backup all these years..

    Don't gamble with the most important position in football.. if you think you see a glimmer. hold on to it.
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  7. Dhragon

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    You're right. But with Tanney, he's got room to grow and you never know what he might become. With Orton, you know what he is and he is on the decline from there. Neither would help this year but with Tanney maybe you could find out something which could help you in the future.
  8. Dhragon

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    My thoughts exactly.
  9. Denim Chicken

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    I'm just saying, if he looks really good in the next two games we got to hold on to him. If Romo were to go down for a game and Tanney looked good, that's a high pick to be had right there. See Flynn
  10. jesusdlg

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    Well.. here's my point of view on this. Before posting anything here I must say that I'm not comparing Tanney here on this post, specially with less than 4 preseason games but, anyway, here's how things had happen in the NFL.

    Two cases came to my mind...

    one, Tom Brady. Henson was better than him in College, Pats had Bledsoe and got injured and then we all know what happen with Brady.

    two, Kurt Warner. Rams had all expectations on Trent Green, he went down on a preseason game and then we all know the story.

    Again, I'm not saying or comparing Tanney with this 2 guys (Brady and Warner) but at this point of his career on the NFL he's doing exactly the same thing as Brady or Warner when they were behind big name stars (like Bledsoe and Green). Things happen for a reason and if the guy can play better than Kyle Orton we should go with him.

    We need to have the best possible players at every position and not be afraid about getting young people with no expertise on board. Orton had good teams with him previously and nothing happen with the guy so why not giving a chance to a young guy if he plays better and shows that he can do it during the preseason?

    I'm sure there are many other stories like the 2 examples I post here and again I'm hoping no one can misunderstood my comment as I'm not comparing the players, I'm just comparing the situations, when those 2 players had their opportunity and make the most if it. You never know what will happen but sometimes you need to take the risks.

    Have a great day everyone!
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  11. CooterBrown

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    I believe KC cut him because of an injury. And, being cut by other teams is not always a sure sign. LeRoy Glover was cut by both Oakland and New Orleans before his stellar career took off.
  12. speedkilz88

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    KC put him on IR with a hand injury but they didn't cut him until a few months ago. Andy Reid I assume came in and wanted his guys. Glover was already a very good player with the Saints before he came to Dallas. 17 sacks in 2000 alone.
  13. CooterBrown

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    Yes, but that was on his second go-around with New Orleans. My point was that some players don't really "get it" until they are almost out of chances and the last chance may be the one they dedicate themselves to and ultimately succeed because of that inspired dedication. I am not saying that Tanney will be that guy, only that being cut twice does not in and of itself mean he can't play well in this league.
  14. speedkilz88

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    He did get cut his 2nd year with the Raiders but he basically starred for NO as soon as he got there. Raiders just blew it.

    2008St. Louis Rams1693020100.5--1----0.0----0
    2007St. Louis Rams1616393366.0--0----0.0----0
    2006St. Louis Rams1616383445.5--0----0.0----0
    2005Dallas Cowboys1613282353.0--0----0.0----1
    2004Dallas Cowboys1616413297.0--1----0.0----1
    2003Dallas Cowboys16164832165.011----0.0----1
    2002Dallas Cowboys16164937126.5--0177.0702
    2001New Orleans Saints16164736118.0--0----0.0----3
    2000New Orleans Saints1616------17.0--0----0.0----0
    1999New Orleans Saints1616------8.5--0----0.0----0
    1998New Orleans Saints1615------10.0--0100.0000
    1997New Orleans Saints152------6.5--0----0.0----0
    1996Oakland Raiders20------0.0--0----0.0----0
  15. CooterBrown

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    Okay. My mistake. But, he was cut twice. That does mean that he had to have another chance on a different team.
  16. speedkilz88

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    I think he was a free agent when the Cowboys signed him. The Cowboys might have cut him when he went to the rams. Not sure on that one but he was getting fairly old by then and Parcells switched to the 3-4.
  17. TwoDeep3

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    This you never know what you've got is a poor excuse for keeping the guy.

    You need to know what you've got.

    This is also not, as someone tried to claim, keeping the guy off a trick shot video. That performance he tossed out going 10-10 was against like talent for a first year player. he threw a pick, but you know what, so did the guy who played before him and the guy who starts does at times as well.

    But his accuracy is not something you teach.

    Just remember Quincy and that dying duck he threw. Or have we forgotten?

    I have no clue what Tanney can be. But from just a small sampling he showed he can complete passes and move the offense.

    Now get him some seasoning and then let's see. The odds surely make it sketchy.

    But the fact that he has a skill set that is pretty well developed in hitting the receiver with the ball, and this team has run out on the field a guy that couldn't do that on a regular basis, and Tanney's skills appear to be a beginning for him.

    Where is his ceiling.

    Let's find out. Because Orton will not win consistently, else why is he a back-up at still a young age?
  18. Idgit

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    I don't worry about another team IRing the guy. Coming out of DIII, he was always going to need a ton of reps to get to a point where you could even figure out if he had anything worth developing. He's far from a finished product.

    That said, Romo would have been cut had Quincy not imploded. Tony worked his butt off each and every year and got better and better and better. He improved enough to earn his shot, and then improved a ton after that over his years as a starter.

    All you really want to see at this point from a guy is 1. does he have the tools to be successful and 2. do you see him improving enough with the reps he does get that you think he's got a shot at becoming a starting-caliber player with the limited amount of time you have to develop him. If he's not showing that sort of rapid progress, you don't keep him no matter what you think he might become. If he is, you keep him no matter what 7th LB or 6th WR or 9th OL you'd have to bump from the roster.
  19. KJJ

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    LeRoy Glover wasn't a QB and teams are very careful cutting young QB's especially teams that are in need of a QB. The last thing a team wants to do is cut a young QB and have them develop into a great QB somewhere else. You would have to go back a ways to find a young QB who was cut and ended up becoming something special. Someone brought up Unitas being cut by the Steelers but that was decades ago NFL teams really look at these young QB's hard before releasing them.

    If they cut one and the kid goes off and becomes another Aaron Rodgers what a tremendous blow that would be a franchise that let them go. This isn't to say Tanney won't amount to anything because you just never know. Kurt was just another QB until he got an opportunity but that was an extremely rare exception. NFL teams seem to be getting better at evaluating these young QB's we've seen more of them the past few seasons hit the ground running as rookies.
  20. Lonestar94

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    I sure would like to see the next Kurt Warner. Makes the NFL more exciting. Who knows, he might just be on the Jaguars or Vikings roster and take them to the SB.


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