The Dallas Cowboys and Apathy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Apollo Creed

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    Don't get me wrong, before the cliches start rolling in - I'll always be a fan, I'll always watch my team, I'll always bleed silver and blue. No need for that silly 'you aren't a fan' talk.

    But walk with me here. As you watch games now, do you find yourself now just waiting for something bad to happen? Find yourself starting to expect that the team will find a way to lose? No longer feeling surprised when they blow it?

    I think a lot of it comes down to tempering expectations and hype that come with just being the Dallas Cowboys, as we see year in and year out the same results.

    After the Thanksgiving loss it really hit me, I found myself not caring nearly as much as I used to. Not feelin that sick feeling in my stomach, I found myself numb to it. It's been getting that way for a while now.

    After 06 this team started to earn some well deserved hype once the Romo era began, a 13-3 season, a playoff win, some NFCE titles, the Garrett culture change, etc etc - fans really were starting to expect this this to contend.

    But as we watch another year waste away, in a league built around parity - where as long as you have a competent QB you can make the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys look to be on the outside looking in for yet another year.

    And as a 25 year old fan, I barely remember the glory days, all I really can associate with the Cowboys of my era is mediocrity.

    Never really thought it would get to this point, always loved everything about this organization, I used to analyze schedules back when we were 5-8 during the Campo years to figure out how we could make the playoffs. I've stood by this team through some of it's darkest years and the little flicker of hope I saw between 2006-20012 is starting to burn out.

    It's not that I don't care, I'm just becoming numb to it. Anyone else starting to feel this way?
  2. Zimmy Lives

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    No. I have been following this team since 1967 and I get excited about every gave today the way I did back then. The only difference now is that I have a job, a family and life that keep getting in the way of me enjoying Cowboys football. :p: I have learned to put things in perspective so my world no longer revolves around the Cowboys. :( :)
  3. sunbum

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    I feel this way but I'm probably year 3 into it. It used to really irk me when we lost to the point where I needed a few hours (sometimes days! lol) to get over it.

    Maybe it's lifestyle change, acts of self preservation or simply always expecting the unexpected but I find myself handling this regular heartbreak in stride.
  4. Numbers921

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    The state of the franchise angers much more than the losses. I don't care if they lose at this point. It annoys me that there's seemingly no regard for giving the fans a high quality on the field product..
  5. stasheroo

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    I'm right there with ya.

    I just sit back and watch them lose.

    I don't ride the roller coaster anymore.

    No longer scream at the TV.

    No longer expect them to win.

    I haven't paid a dime for Cowboys merchandise in over a year and a half - this from a guy with about 20 jerseys in his closet.

    Did go to a game last year, but only because everything - ticket, board, and plane fare was paid for.

    I do not support the current product and am voicing that displeasure any way that I can.

    But you're certainly not alone.
  6. iowast8rs

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    I'm with ya, in fact, I expect a flag to be thrown for every touchdown we score. I don't celebrate until I know there are no flags.
  7. FiveRings

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    I feel that way when I watch all of my teams, always have and probably always will. It's just part of being a fan, I think
  8. Apollo Creed

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    So you can vividly remember legends like Staubach and Aikman leading game winning drives deep in the playoffs? Tony D and Emmitt slicing through defenses? Irvin and Pearson making big catches? Legends like Landry and Jimmy building dynasties?

    Nice, cause all I can remember is the Dave Campo years. Guys like Quincy Carter, Troy Hambrick, Roy E Williams, etc. Parcells was burnt out but built a competitve team so that was fun to watch. Ware and Witten are hall of famers and it's been a pleasure to watch them.

    But for going on a decade and a half now everything I've associated with Cowboys' football has been mediocirty.

    I was 8 the last time they won a ring, could barely remember everyone going crazy in my house after the second Larry Brown pick.

    It's a generational thing I think, and Jerry is losing a lot of the younger base that will choose a team like Houston as they come up.

    I was born into it, I had no choice, my dad was die hard and I was born into blue and silver.

    But if you're a neutral fan in Texas or around the country right now, why would you want to cheer for a team like Dallas? Could possibly explain why Jerry's ratings and numbers are starting to drop.
  9. Zimmy Lives

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    Yes, I am very spoiled. The first game I ever watched was a championship game they lost to Green Bay. I have seen all the great games and plays including the one where Lilly sacked Griese for what seemed like a 50 yard loss.

    Of course I have also lived through the bad times like Theismann running out of the endzone with time on the clock to give Washington the title. I remember "the catch." :mad: I clearly remember all the bad drafts that brought in scrubs like Danny Noonan, Kevin Brooks and Rod Hill. :(

    Through it all, though, I have always remained loyal to this team and will forever look to the future rather than hold on to a disappointing present. Good times will come again, I just hope I am around to enjoy it. There are guys I remember, some posted here going back to the beginning, that were just as passionate about the Cowboys as I am and I am saddened that they are no longer able to discuss Cowboys football the way we are now. That to me is what is most important! :cool:
  10. SaltwaterServr

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    Yeah. I've been robbed of the long play excitement. I let myself get sucked in and yelled and whooped when Dez caught that pass against NY. Then I saw the replay.
  11. ScipioCowboy

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    I became a fan back in the glory days of the 1990s. I have much respect for younger fans who are loyal despite never knowing the Cowboys as anything greater than the third best team in the Metroplex.
  12. Hostile

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    Me and ZL, but 1970 for me.
  13. blackbull

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  14. zrinkill

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    Another member of Awakened's fading club.
  15. Kangaroo

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    I also remember John Riggins destroying the Cowboys and watching them go to the SB with three different QB's and Danny White coming up short year after year.

    We had the same thing in between SB runs of the 70's & 90's.

    All part of the process :D

    In the 80's you had fans wearing bags on their head at games like Aint's fans.

    It was splatter across the nightly news.

    We had an entire generation grow up thinking we would never win and eventually it happened.

    How does NE get fans it only took them 32 years to win a SB.

    Come on the Yankees went threw a terrible stretch of no World Series and they still have tons of BaseBall fans.

    The Boston Celtics went threw a terrible stretch of not winning a darn thing they still had fans and gt ratings.

    When was the last time the Knicks had a good NBA team they have a ton of fans still.
  16. jayhouston12

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    My expectations are low now, during the offseason i stated this team could go 14-2 and yes they could have but the problem is discipline, we don't have it

    watching the cowboys is the most frustrating thing in the world

    - catch hard passes, watch easy ones drop to the ground
    - make tough throws in tight windows, then overthrow wide open people
    - stop an offense for 3 1/2 quarters, then when it matters let them drive up the field
    - move the ball in between the 5 yard line and 10 penalties occur and you settle for field goals

    this is a cowboys game at its finest.

    have i become numb to it? Aslong as this current regime exist nothing will change

    there is no way a professional athlete should false start all the time in scoring position
    there is no way a professional athlete should miss the same tackle over and over
    there is no way a professional athlete should always suck under pressure
    there is no way a professional athlete should not be able the block the man in front of you atleast 75 percent of the time
  17. DBOY3141

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    I've followed the team since 1977, remember the whoop down on the Bronco's. Stayed with them through "The Catch", Landry's last days, 1-15, the dynasty, Campo, Parcells and Wade.

    I stopped buying any sort of Cowboys merchandise 3 years ago, got rid of NFL ticket and cancelled my subscription to my Cowboys magazine.

    I will not support Jerry Jones from a financial aspect anymore. For folks that remember the 60's, 70's and 80's with Landry and the glory days of the early 90's with Jimmy, those days were good and hopeful.

    Jerry has destroyed this franchise. The Cowboys are a laughing stock of the NFL. As they continue down this road, more and more fans will follow other teams. Americans follow winners. The Cowboys are not that. Once the "old timers" pass on and kids pick their own teams, it won't be the Cowboys. Every team is on TV nowadays, so it's easy to see "your team" and the younger generation will continue to do that.

    I honestly don't see the Cowboys improving one bit while Jerry is pulling the strings and if folks don't think he is, think again.

    I hope I'm wrong, but the last 17 years tell me different.
  18. slomoxn

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    I don't feel a thing when they lose now, my birthday is coming up and my wife bought me a Bruce Carter jersey, I took it back. I refuse to buy or let anyone buy me Dallas merchandise while Jerry is running the team. I feel just how I felt when I divorced my first wife when she asked if I hater her. My response, "no I don't hate you, cause hate is to close to love and I don't love you either, I feel nothing".
  19. jayhouston12

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    I can remember a time when i felt so angry about a cowboys loss, them losing would hurt my week, and them winning would make my week. there is just no emotion left in my tank anymore, for goodness sake we loss to the Redskins and I took it well, i was smiling and having a good time with my family. i remember losing to the redskins as a child and cried, i screamed, i took offense i threw stuff but now i'm just void of all emotion weather it be win or loss

    but now i feel like fireman ed, i just get up calmly during halftime and just proceed to walk out.
  20. Zimmy Lives

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    Thanks Hos!

    By the way, I also remember Harvey walking down the tunnel at Texas Stadium
    after the 12/16/79 game to deliver the funeral wreath! I still get a kick out of it today. Martin thought the Redskins sent the wreath but it turned out to be a Cowboys fan who sent it to inspire them!

    I still remember Diron Talbert calling Harvey a punk when he found out he threw the wreath into their lockeroom. :lmao2:

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