The Dallas Cowboys and Apathy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Wow ...... a great guy and fan.
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    It's not just the losing.

    It's that the players honestly don't seem to give a rip. There was a time when you could see the pain in the players' eyes at the end of the game.

    Now, I honestly don't think it bothers them past the 30-minute drive home. Just like my kids after a soccer game.
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    Yep, sure am.. SHE is my wife not you and she was perfectly fine with it so pull your panties out of their bunch, and far as fan... Since 1973 buddy and right now I'm about as good a fan as the Cowboys owner is a GM. Just because I don't support his money making doesn't mean I don't support the team.
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    I wonder what would happen if the cowboys took the field sunday night and everyone boo'd them

    i wonder what would happen if people stood in the stands in cowboys gear holding up a sign that said "hurry up and choke, its decemeber" and "hurry up and choke i have better things to do"
  5. Apollo Creed

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    Same here dude.

    I used to get sick, let it ruin my week, couldn't watch Sportscenter. Was extremely emotionally vested in this group. It was because I really believed they had what it takes to win.

    After watching the Giants walk right through us on their way to 2 Super Bowls I realized that this team didn't have what it takes.

    But the more I look back on it this team always had glaring holes somewhere that prevented it from moving forward. Either in the secondary, or along the offensive line, or at ILB. Every year there was a unit that got completely exposed all year long, and you can't put that on coaching - they just weren't talented enough.

    This year is no different, our offensive line is arguably the worst in the league, they can't run the ball to save their life, the defense can't force turnovers, entirely too much pressure is put on Romo. It's just not an environment conducive for winning consecutive games against good teams.

    I don't care enough to look up the records but I'm curious to know this team's records against winning and losing teams over the past 3 years. Because if I'm not mistaken the only ones I can remember are against the 49ers in OT last year and against the Giants in the opener this year.

    So it was always really silly to presume that this group would magically be able to beat good teams back to back, which is exactly what it takes to make runs in December and January.

    It's all about tempering expectations and I think we're finally starting to get realistic about what we have here. Which is a .500 football team.

    And the sad part is, over the past 5 years the league has become designed for every team to have a chance every year. Parity is what Goodell wanted, and it's what he's gotten. It's not like the 90s when you had to built dynasties, if you have a good QB you can go to the playoffs in today's NFL - and Dallas has one, they just haven't been able to do anything remotely Romo friendly since Jerry made that statement years back. Which would be building him a line to give him time to throw and to give him a running game to lean on when he's not on his A game, because the guy is plenty good enough to win. He just can't do it alone.
  6. stasheroo

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    Until those things stop happening, not much will happen.
  7. DBOY3141

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    So true. Folks need to send a real message and stop going to the games and buying stuff.

    Think about it. Sunday night primetime and no one is in the stands. That would be a message.

    But it's never going to happen, so why should Jerry listen to the fans.
  8. jday

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    During this season, I have gone from one extreme to another and back. Part of me says, "It ain't that's just a game. How the Cowboys perform is not a reflection of me." But on the other hand, this season also has me questioning why I bother to watch in the first place. It simply is not entertaining anymore. It feels a bit like punishment watching this team embarrass themselves.
  9. Hostile

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    Right in the middle of their team prayer no less.
  10. CosmicCowboy

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    Bingo! my feelings exactly...:bow:
  11. Zimmy Lives

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    Yup! That was priceless! :laugh2:
  12. birdwells1

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    Good post, its funny you mentioned parity because the salary cap is what did JJ in. The salary cap means that the smartest organizations will rise above the others, you can't just spend your way out of your mistakes.
  13. zrinkill

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    That is what I said.
  14. Aven8

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    Been a fan since the 70's. love the Cowboys more, I've missed weddings, birthdays, etc. watching these guys all these years ( pre DVR).

    I was yelling and screaming early on this year just like every other year, but now things have changed. I hate to lose so bad, and usually need time to get over, but now I'm almost hoping we lose because we can free ourselves of this horrible coach. It's the truth, and I've never been that way. That's how bad I want a change.
  15. zrinkill

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    If you watch the game you are supporting his money making.

    Ratings equals dollars in Jerry Jones pocket.

    If the realist really want to hurt Jerry ......they will stop watching Cowboy games and stop all internet activities related to the Cowboys.

    True Story .......
  16. ksadler1

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    Prior to this year, I could not stand losing to the Redskins. I hate them and the Steelers more than anything. Losing to them would wear on me until we beat them again. During last weeks game I found I just didn't care. Even when we made a late run I knew they wouldn't be able to complete it. This team just can't start or finish anything.

    Couple that with the fact that you see guys laughing on the bench while we're getting our butts kicked and I wonder why I should care since they obviously don't.

    Do you EVER remember seeing guys laughing or joking around on the sideline when Laundry/Staubach or Jimmy/Troy/Michael/Emmitt were playing? It would not be tolerated as it is now. The losing culture has set in to Dallas and it's going to be around for a while. But we do have the best paycheck collectors of all teams.....
  17. garrett316

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    This is probably me as well, except my earliest memory of them was Super Bowl 10 in January 1976. My Dad was rooting for them in a house filled with Steeler fans. I liked the star on the helmet and hell, my Dad was rooting for them.

    I tried not to care in week 2 at Seattle around the 4th quarter. I tried again with about 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter of the Bears game. I keep coming back here during the week, after the games, whenever. I keep going back to the tv set Sunday after Sunday. It's a lost cause to try and be disinterested for me.

    Somehow, with 2 young daughters and a bunch of nieces and nephews, I'm still able to squeeze in 3 hours to watch this team every week, or at least DVR it and watch it late on Sunday. At 42 years old, I doubt being a supporter of this team will change much. Its in the blood now and there is no turning back.
  18. Fritsch_the_cat

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    So in other words, you don't care whether they win or lose. You just enjoy watching the shiny uniforms run around on the TV.

    Well, excuse some of us for giving a damn.
  19. CaptainAmerica

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    I go back to the Ice Bowl. I used to live and die with every play and every game. Now I watch the games when they play but it just doesn't mean much to me.

    The Dallas Cowboys used to mean something in the NFL. Even though they didn't win the Super Bowl every year, they were always relevant .

    The bottom line is we are not relevant anymore. We are the Titans, the Bills, the Jaguars, The Browns.
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