The Dallas Cowboys and Apathy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. DEA_dad

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    I think this is spot on, i feel the exact same way.
  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    I'll completely agree with the OP. I think I can pin point it too.

    The 06 fiasco was the gut shot, the 07 NYG game was the nut shot, and the 44-6 game was soul destroying with that stupid double pass being the icing on the cake. Ive been watching between my fingers with my hands over my face ever since.

    I flat out told my family to not buy me a single piece of Cowboy gear this Christmas, and they know thats usually the fall back option when they cant think of anything else.
  3. birdwells1

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    Lets clarify "relevant", they are still the biggest draw for tv and the media continues to talk about them, so they are relevant as far as popularity goes.

    The "relevant" we want is football relevant and that they are not.

    The Cowboys at 5-6 get more press than the Texans who stand at 10-1, but I'd trade places with the them in a heartbeat. They can have all the media attention just give me a quiet under the radar 10-1 Cowboys team and I'll be fine.
  4. lonestar6

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    I've been a fan since 1990, but I can't say I've been emotionally invested in this team since 2009. I'm still cheering them on, but I haven't let their poor play and losses get to me (more resigned than anything else).

    I'll say this though. I've also been a Mavericks fan since 2000, and in 2011 I thought the window for Dirk had passed, and was pretty much in the same boat with them in terms of emotional investment (the 2006-2007 debacles pretty much sucked out all the hope in me). Then they made that unbelievable playoff run, while I was in disbelief the entire way, and kept expecting them to lose eventually.

    I was ecstatic that they won it all, but by not being "all in" as a fan, I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have, nor did I think I deserved to enjoy it to that degree. I just hope I don't miss out on same experience if the Cowboys ever go on a magic run, because I would like to see Romo get a ring as much as I wanted Dirk to get one.
  5. nablives

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    At this point, I find a feed online to watch the games, I don't expect much out of them, and I'm not against tuning out.

    It's not worth getting invested into something like this. We all know it's flawed, yet some of the key flaws will never be addressed. So until they do, I won't buy merch, I won't go to games, I won't watch with my cable box. I haven't even been to this season at all. I'll always be a Cowboys fan, but I'm not going to support the Jones family if I can help it.
  6. WPBCowboysFan

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    Diron Talbert was an idiot - typical Redskin.
  7. PullMyFinger

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    I quit watching this season after the Seattle game, same ole same ole. Saved me a lot of grief this season.
  8. mmillman

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    I feel the same way. Jerry is like an alcoholic who has to hit bottom before we can recover.
  9. zrinkill

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  10. 30yrheel

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    i'm apathetic.
    i've watched nearly every game and been die-hard since the mid 60's and now i almost don't care.
    that's what jerry jones has done to me. he has been putting out a piece of crap product for years now so i care less and less.
  11. Eddie

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    I agree. I'm tired of the lies, the BS, and being treated like a fool by Jerry Jones. He's turned this proud franchise into a bad joke.

    I refuse to give up 3 hours of my life away from my family for this clown's circus. I have better things to do ... like take a 3 hour dump.
  12. weaver21

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    I'm 23 years old so I was too young to witness the greatness of the 90s as I was only 7 years old when they last won a Super Bowl and I don't really remember much of that. I became more of a "real" fan in the Campo days and it was pretty depressing seeing 5-11 seasons constantly, but I didn't give up and I felt great when Parcells managed to change this franchise around. I was very emotionally invested during these days and every loss really ruined my week and I used to get a lot crap from people at school (went to middle and high school with a bunch of Eagles, Steelers and Giants fans). The Seattle playoff loss really put me down for several weeks and when we lost to the Giants the next year ... I actually cried. Yes, I cried that's how bad that loss hurt.

    In my experience, the 44-6 loss to the Eagles actually helped me not to put much mental emotion into these games and I started to handle every loss pretty well instead of letting it ruin my week. The Vikings playoff loss hurt a little because I thought we were going to make a run that year, but I was over that loss a few days later. I became a father 7 months ago and that made me realize that there are a lot more important things than the Dallas Cowboys. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Cowboys because I just love the sport of football and I would never root for my team to lose or anything, but losses just don't affect me much anymore.

    I'll admit that it's hard getting excited to watch the Cowboys games anymore because you kind of expect them to play poorly almost every week and that actually hurts more than actually losing the games. I used to be excited every week to watch the Cowboys, but I just don't feel that anymore. I am a young guy so I hope to eventually see a Super Bowl down the road, but I definitely don't think it'll be soon.

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