The Dallas Cowboys Are Not Done Yet

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Nov 7, 2012.

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    The Dallas Cowboys aren't done. Not yet. It's real simple what has to happen for this season to be saved. The Cowboys know what they have to do. Go out there, play to their potential, and win football games. It's really that simple. The schedule is certainly one that is favorable. 7 of 8 against sub .500 teams do they do have an opportunity to still win the division and make the postseason. It's up to the players do they really believe they can get this thing turned around? If they do we'll make the playoffs. If not then it'll be just another dissapointing season for the Dallas Cowboys. As a fan all you can do is support the team and just hope they will get it together, establish an identity, and just find themselves. The Cowboys aren't finished just yet. The offense is the main issue right now.

    Tony Romo is struggling. He's having the worst season of his career no doubt about it. Halfway through the season he has a league leading 13 interceptions and 15 total turnovers and just 10 touchdown passes. 9 of those interceptions and 10 of those turnovers came in two home games against the Giants and Bears. 3 of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns. Those are obviously the worst kinds of turnovers. Another issue he's had is over throwing recievers that are open. 3rd and goal last game he probably could've ran it in for a touchdown, but instead he overthrew Cole Beasley. He's made some poor decisions with the football no question about it. He is not devoid of blame. No player on this football team is.

    However there has also been some scenarios where his receivers have let him down. Dez Bryant was a no show again. Just one catch for 15 yards on his 24th birthday. In 2010 we drafted Dez because we needed a legit #1 receiver to replace what T.O. did for us and at times Dez has looked like he could be that guy, but not on a consistent basis. It's frustrating because you see the talent this guy has. As talented as they come, but he has yet to develop any consistency with his game. The route running is still an issue for Dez. The stats look good for Dez. 42 catches for 503 receiving yards and two touchdowns. The problem is being a reliable receiver the entire 60 minutes. I still haven't completely given up on him, but he's gotta establish consistency or he'll just be another great talent that couldn't live up to expectations.

    Miles Austin has been somewhat consistent, but he's also made some critical mistakes. Against Atlanta he dropped a huge pass that would've resulted in a first down. That just can't happen. That was a relatively good throw by Tony and that's a catch that you just have to make and Austin couldn't do it. Like Dez does Miles also has very solid numbers. 41 catches for 637 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. One thing I also like is while he had a drop last game that was only his second of the season. Miles has played very well overall definitely his best season since his breakout year in 2009. He's just gotta limit those untimely errors.

    Cris Collinsworth who is one of my favorite commentators hit the nail on the head. He said there has been so many plays that are no brainer plays that should be made easily and the Cowboys just haven't been able to make. Ogeltree played very well against Atlanta and against the Giants on opening night, but he's been nowhere to be seen the rest of the season. In those two games I mentioned Ogeltree has 11 catches for 210 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Problem is the other six games he only has 13 catches for 134 receiving yards and no touchdowns. He also had a couple of 0 catch games. That just can't happen. Nowadays you need to have a reliable 3rd receiver and Kevin hasn't been that.

    Jason Witten is the only consistently great receiver we have. He's a great, great football player and I really feel bad for him because you know no one hates losing more than he does. People wrote him off after an uncharastically slow start even saying he was on the decline and that clearly isn't the case. Witten had just 8 catches for 76 receiving yards in the first three weeks. Since then he has 50 catches for 462 receiving yards and a touchdown. That right there is just ridiculous projection. He's still the best tight end in football. I love that guy and what he's done for the Cowboys. He truly deserves a Super Bowl and I hope it happens for him in Dallas. Only problem for Jason has been getting in the end zone. Just one touchdown for him, but again that's a team problem. As an offense we just can't seem to score touchdowns consistently.

    Defensively the Cowboys have been much better than last season and very good overall. They held a very explosive Falcons offense to just 19 points. People look at the statistics and may say this defense isn't that great, but the offense has been responsible for alot of the points given up. Another thing Cris said on Sunday that I agree with is if you take away all the points the offense has given up then the Cowboys would have one of the best defenses in all of football. They did collapse a little bit in the fourth quarter giving up 13 points after only giving up 6 in the first three, but that's what happens when you get several defensive stops and the offense is unable to do anything.

    DeMarcus Ware is still as great as ever. Halfway through the season he has 9 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. To be putting up that type of production while being consistently held, double and triple teamed is just incredible and just a testament to the man'a greatness. Alot feared the defense would fall off without Lee, but they have played just as well without him. Bruce Carter is playing great football. He's got great speed for a linebacker and just a phenomenal athlete. He can cover really well. My only issue with him is a couple of times he's had a chance to get an interception and dropped the football. However that's been a problem for the entire defense. Forcing turnovers. Really my only problem with the defense. Gotta force some more turnovers. That's really where we miss Lee. Before he went out he had forced three of them. The secondary has been solid. Morris Claibourne has lived up to the hype and is having a terrific rookie season. Carr got off to a great start and slowed down a little bit, but he's been great overall and Jenkins is showing why he should be brought back. I would hate to seem him go. Another just really good cover corner.

    Overall I think the biggest key to turning this train around is getting DeMarco Murray back on the football field. I know he's obviously banged up right now, but he's gotta try to play on Sunday. We need him back. This offense is just too one dimensional right now. People talk about the run blocking being poor and that's true, but at the same time Murray is just one of those rare backs who's able to succeed even with mediocre run blocking. This season in just four and a half games he rushed for 330 yards and over 4 yards per carry. Last year he rushed for just under 900 yards in only 8 starts. The guy is the epitome of an every down back. He gives this team a dimension they just don't have right now. He's also an effective weapon in the pass game. So far this season Murray has 17 catches for 118 receiving yards. If we can get Murray I think we have still have a great chance to get back in the thick of things in the NFC East.
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    I hope your right bud.
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    You know what happens when one posts positive threads.
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    Ah we will def lose next week
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    Well you have a 50/50 chance of being right....;)
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    Right about what? I didn't say the Cowboys would make the playoffs or win the division. I said it could happen. As tough as the schedule was in the first half of the season it's that soft in the second half. As I mentioned we've been very good against the below average teams recently and we play alot of those same teams in the latter part of the season. Doesn't mean that the Cowboys will win all those games, but they have a great chance to do so.
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    I think Mo is a very good player, but he didn't have a very good game against Atlanta. Roddy White ate his lunch and took tomorrow's lunch money. He will learn from it, and get better, but his lack of elite top end speed showed against White.
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    C&L is right. He didn't make any predictions.. just summed up his entire post of generalized, vague statements.. with a "it might happen or it might not" conclusion.

    Probably because his last prediction that Romo would finish this season with better numbers than Matt Ryan isn't going so well..
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    If we're being real though.. these long, drawn out posts from CL aside..

    ..the Cowboys are done this season. Put a fork in 'em.
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    yes we are, philly just declared this is a "must win" game so they'll pretty much come out firing on all cylinders while we fall to 3-6

    this team does not respond to pressure situations
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    Lets see, of the remaining 8 games, half are against division rivals. We know how those can go. NO and PITT are going to be tough, I expect Pitt has taken the division lead by then and NO might be playing to stay alive in the playoff hunt. At Cinn is another one that can go either way. Then there is the mighty Browns, a for sure win right? Don't be so naive, that is an easy game for the Cowboys to overlook because it is sandwiched in between two division games and the Skins will be coming a few days later on turkey day.

    The remaining schedule appears soft, but our Cowboys are not exactly world beaters either.

    In reality, I expect to split with both Wash and Philly, lose to Pitt and probably Cinn. In order to beat NO, they need to score a lot. We should end around 7-9 to 8-8. We will see us play some great games here and there, but also look confused and unprepared for some.

    I am hoping for the best too but I have seen this act before and until proven otherwise, I will not rely on them to win 6 of the last 8 games. Heck, 9-7 looks like that might not get them in either at this point. We need to win 7 in this half but this team is not ready for that, not even close :(
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    We all know that mathematically the Boys are not eliminated yet.

    We know what they NEED to do.

    Writing long winded books about it wont make it happen tho.

    The guys that can make it happen havent shown that they can or will make it a reality.

    And the GM will be looking in the mirror, telling himself how close we are, IF . . . . . . . . . .
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    Nice post Hope you are right. Up to the players to take over the games. But Garret and Ryan must put them in a good place and avoid dumb calls setting the D and the O.
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    One thing is for sure, one team will come out of this game with a fork stuck in them. I hope it is not us, but I have a feeling the eagles will be circling the wagons, and after a huge emotional loss we maybe flat. Get back to me after the first drive.
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    Defense is great.:bow:
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    There are a lot of issues with this team from preparation to concentration. They are consistently out coached and they consistently make mental mistakes. Every now and then we can depend on the Giants falling into a slump that will allow us a chance to catch up in the division but this year we've missed two key opportunities to get us back in the running. There are too many obstacles for us to overcome in order to get back in the hunt. I hope that you are right and I love your optimism but this team has to start putting some wins together.
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    I think this is the best post I have read since the Seahawks loss. It nails the issues.

    The one thing left out is how horrible Bernadeau has been. It is time to replace him.

    I believe this team goes 7-1 or at worst 6-2 down the stretch. THe playoffs are still in sight and we saw last year anything can happen.
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    I wish I had that kind of optimism!

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    Demarco is an upgrade but the fact remains that the run blocking is horrendous, being squashed with a measly 5, 6, or 7 in the box and allowing defenses to flood the secondary with defenders. Murray was having a poor year before he got hurt and having him back will only improve things slightly.

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