News: The Dallas Cowboys offseason is going exactly according to plan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Mar 20, 2017.

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    The Dallas Cowboys offseason is going exactly according to plan

    There has been a lot of fanfare, and a lot of false alarms have been sounded, but the Dallas Cowboys are in perfect control of their offseason.
    Nope. The sky is not falling. The sun will still rise. All is well in Frisco, Texas. While many fans are taking to social media to express their displeasure with the Dallas Cowboys offseason, the management must be calm as ever.

    Yes, they have lost both their starting cornerbacks from 2016. And yeah, they did lose their run stuffing defensive tackle. A safety that was a team-leader both on the field and off? Check that box too.

    It’s not secret that America’s Team lost several key pieces of their 2016 roster. But hope is not lost on these 2017 Cowboys. In fact, the young core of the team is still very much intact...
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    If you’re a believer of the old football cliche, “defense wins championships”, it’s understandable to feel anxious about the Dallas Cowboys‘ defense. After one week of free agency, it’s beginning to look like a shell of its former self.

    Dallas’ defense lost a few of its key players from 2016, including cornerback Brandon Carr, cornerback Morris Claiborne, safety Barry Church, safety J.J. Wilcox and defensive tackle Terrell McClain.

    It would be a mistake to write-off these departures as low-impact losses. While they weren’t consistent playmakers, they performed capably in their roles. Carr, Claiborne, Church, and Wilcox were part of the best secondary in 2016, per Pro Football Focus. Many people don’t know Church was a team captain for three consecutive years. McClain was considered a big part of Dallas’ top ranked run defense.

    They aren’t irreplaceable, but the Cowboys haven’t done enough to address their losses in free agency. The recent signing of defensive tackle Stephen Paea provides much needed help along the defensive line, but the secondary is still dangerously thin in depth...
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    ...Moore is only 24 years old, yet has been in the NFL for four seasons. He left Texas A&M after his junior year and was drafted by the NY Giants in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL Draft when he was only 20 years old. A projected 1st round talent, his draft stock fell because of a poor workout at the NFL Combine...

    Moore played 3 seasons for the Giants (2013-2015) but was released late in the 2015 season for violating team rules after a reported scuffle with a teammate. Since then, he’s had short stints with the Dolphins, Raiders and Seahawks. Moore worked out for the Cowboys during 2016 Training Camp but wasn’t signed. He spent part of last season with the Seahawks. Now that he’s got a contract with the favorite team from his childhood, he’s determined to make the most of his opportunity and fulfill the potential that once had scouts drooling...
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    That should calm all the naysayers fears down.
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    Sometimes, even a pessimistic fan can square with the truth and not fall off a cliff...yea, just like an Irishman who drinks his draft and then leaves the could happen.
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    ... Now, none of these departures come as a total surprise to the Cowboys. They knew it was going to be impossible to retain all 17 of their 20 unrestricted free agents who at least somewhat contributed to their success this past season. There has to be a budget.

    But until the March 9 start of free agency, the Cowboys couldn’t accurately predict just what fair market value was going to be for their own players. Teams with beaucoup salary cap dollars could afford to spend lavishly, as agent Leigh Steinberg once said, by paying “B” players as if they are “A” players. Or this, by possibly overpaying players who were on successful teams. (See departing Cowboys, mid-1990s).

    This is what happens when so many players become unrestricted free agents at the same time, and the nine the Cowboys already seemingly have lost is the most since 11 players departed during free agency in 1995, the likes of Alvin Harper, James Washington, Mark Stepnoski, Jim Jeffcoat, Kenny Gant and Rodney Peete. Bet they all would have loved to hang around to win another Super Bowl that year...
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    So it that necessarily a good thing?

    Just coz you have a plan, doesn't make it a good one!
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    How do we know it's all going as planned?
    The Cowboys would say this no matter how the off season went.
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    what happened with romo wasnt exactly planned lol.
    but the rest is, they planned on letting the guys go, and I dont think free was planned, but that happens.

    They never intended to resign the secondary guys, unless they signed cheap deals, which the knew they probably wouldnt.
    the players like secondary were blamed for the gb loss , not the coaches.
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    It may have raised their blood pressure. And now are regrouping with counter attack threads and posts.
    Get ready....3...2...1...
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    I don't know about that. I'm not worried or freaking out about any of the departures, but that poorly written and poorly supported article has nothing to do with it. I don't think that piece helps at all.
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    What is the plan? Have a first round exit in the playoffs? We still haven't traded Romo for any assets. We let our starting secondary walk and their replacements are still up in the air and we're seeking to replace them with budget guys off of other rosters and rookies. Our pass rush is still in shambles, and unfortunately we can't spend much resources there in the draft, because we have to rebuild the secondary. Where is this plan supposed to take us exactly?
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    This would not have been a problem for me, except for the fact i would like a new DC. Ok, Garrett isnt going anywhere, but come on i like Rod but hes old, how many years left? Id rather the next guy come in, hes getting a healthy draft and lets give him 2 years to get things installed. Better plan of doing it with Rod, than wasting years bringing in the new guy and whatever mess might happen from now til than.

    Bad move on the Cowboys, but lately, its something they desire.
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    Operation sit back and do nothing is going as planned!! ::maniacal laugh::
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    If you want the Cowboys to be big spenders in free agency, you are going to be disappointed for a very long time. It isn't their philosophy. And in the aggregate, you are better off not spending boatloads of money in free agency.
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    Landry Hat is largely full of homer pieces. We could have traded our #1 pick for Nick Foles, and that blog might have a piece on why it was a smart move.
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    Again, there is a happy medium between spending like a drunken sailor in free agency and basically shopping the bargain bins for guys like Nolan Carroll.
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    Not mentioning Zeke.......
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    lol, yea, I would say if your plan was to not do much except playing ping pong trying to trade an unmarketable product, then yea, I would agree.

    I'm a big Romo fan but it's time to stop with the pipedream that Jerry can work a trade......It looks like to me if Tony wanted for Jerry to really trade him, why couldn't he agree to a paycut that a team might actually be interested in at that point........He seems to be wanting his cake and eat it too.
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