The Day After Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ArkCowboy, May 28, 2004.

  1. ArkCowboy

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    don't walk! RUN!!
    get to the theatre and see this movie!!
    you will be glad you did!!
  2. RatisBeast

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    Is it really good ? I wanna see it , but i'm scared that I might overhype it and not be satisfied.
  3. Irving Cowboy

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    Really... because everything that I've read says that everything about that movie absolutley sucks... the acting, the script, the plot, everything... hmmm... now my son wants to go see it for his birthday today too.
  4. ArkCowboy

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    i absolutely LOVED it!!
    i am definetly going again!!

    if you wanna be a head in the sand type who thinks this is too far fetched, and it just a big special effects gimic, then you likely won't like it. but if you are like me, and always wondered about that wolley mammoth that they found frozen intact with food still in its mouth, then you will like it. (if you don't know about any frozen wolley mammoth then skip to the end :))

    let me clarify. i always believed that the mammoth must have been quick frozen because that is the only explaination the evidence would permit, but it was just too extreme for me to wrap my head around! believing and comprehending are not the same things! well now i feel i can wrap my head around it a little better.

    this movie takes a real potentiality and pushes it to its logical extreme with some drama thrown in. much like armageddon. very entertaining and even a bit educational. i give it a very enthusiastic THUMBS UP!!
  5. ArkCowboy

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    overhype away
    i can not believe that anyone would walk away from this movie disappointed
    i expected it to be good and was not disappointed
  6. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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  7. ArkCowboy

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    yeah well i thought Armageddon kicked @$$ as well
    unbelievable huh?
    like it could never happen?
    got news for ya
    it already happened
    and it will again
    in both instances
    science tells us so
    now the humans overcoming and happy ending stuff
    that may well be the unbelievable part!
    besides, isn't the whole point of going to a movie to suspend disbelief?
    that would kinda be the point of fiction in general my friend
  8. Cajuncowboy

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    Hey Al Gore said it was right on the money. That right there tells me it's more of his global warming crap. Anyone who lives in PA where I do will tell you that the global warming thing is nuts. We had over 3 straight weeks of sub freezing weather back in Late Jan early Feb. THis film is just pushing an agenda for the global warming crowd. Plus from all the reviews it inhales. Not withstanding Ark's review.
  9. ArkCowboy

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    global warming is a deceptive term to describe the phenomenon. unusual weather of all types are indicators of an increased global AVERAGE temperature. don't doubt it, global warming is a reality. attribute it to man or not. the climate changes pure and simple. and mother earth's meteorolgical agenda is not set to man's time clock. it could happen without our exacerbating the situation with greenhouse gases (or whatever we are doing)

    i didn't go in looking for political agendas, and those that were mentioned didn't really phase me. they were beign presented as a means to explaing the phenomenon they wanted to dramaticize. as i said it is a real potentality taken to it's logical extreme. that potentiality exists whether you attribute it to man or not. in hollywoood however it is obviously more interesting to blame people than a whim of the univeral cosmic scales. if people want to make this a politically divisive film they are going to be disallowing themselves some excellent entertainment!
  10. Boom

    Boom Just Dez It

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    This movie was a dog. What a waste of money.
  11. BillsFan

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    It was ok.

    Two and a half hours is too long for this stuff though. I mean it had so many unnecessary scenes. Sick Kid and Wolves and whole bunch of other stuff that just dragged it on.
  12. BadMeetsEvil

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    I loved the movie myself.

    Although I do have to agree. The Wolves almost killed the movie.
  13. CowboysNumeroUno

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    I had no idea where they were going with the wolves....But overall I thought it was good.
  14. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    i think i'd rather see shrek 2 :D :D
  15. Reef Engineer

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    Well, I gave Shrek 2 a thumbs up although I didn't think it was as great as some made it out to be. I prefered the first one, myself.

    Troy is a 2 hr, 43 min movie that went too quickly for me - I gave it a thumbs up although Brad Pitt as Achilles was a stretch ... too much of a pretty boy for the role. He looked good in the part, though.

    Van Helsing is a movie that is a bit much but worth the price of admission, IMO. It was non-stop action from the word "go." Amazing how they got right into it and did the producer/director/etc thing at the END of the movie rather than the beginning - pretty cool.

    I saw the above (minus Troy) with my kid and he gave them both a thumbs up. Wifey liked all three.

    Guess what I did for the Memorial Day weekend? :D
  16. LaTunaNostra

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    Altho, I wouldn't go to a "disaster" movie on my own, I'll allow my hubby to drag me to one now and again. It's the old trade off for "chick flicks".

    Haven't seen any of the critiques of the "science" of the film, but I suspect no desalination of the North Atlantic could lead to so quick a deep freeze. Can air so close to the surface decrease in temp by ten degrees per second? But hey, it isn't the reality of the genre, or the acting, it 's the special effects that make these things work. (and the science couldn't have been as bizarre as "Armaggeddon's" was.)

    There were a minimum of gratuitous deaths-by-nature, which I appreciated. The brave LA reporter who got flattened by the tornado hurled billboard (was that Marilyn?) was the most slam dunked, but the most "chilling death" was the one of the helicopter pilot who stuck his nose out of the copter window and instantly froze. That was an impact scene, shocking, imo. Glad they got it right that it's at about minus 150 that all fuel lines known to man,ember the sick scientist in the Antartic research station who could not be evacuated in winter a few years back?

    But the audience was spared death after horrendous death. We kinda KNOW by now what drowning by tidal wave looks like. But death by falling from great distance of a sympathetic, courageous character is evdently a necessity. That was at least the THIRD heroic everyman in as many films I've seen cut his own umbilical cord to plunge to his sad death. Vertical something? A Stallone flick? Get a new gig.

    The introductory collapsing ice shelf scenes were riveting, and must have whetted the audience's appetite for even bigger and better special effects.

    The technology of the freezing of NY was based on the director's (he did the Mel Gibson film The Patriot, great film) filming the way cartons in the supermarket frost over in the freezer section. I was told he had his camera crew photograph Birds Eye boxes and then had the process digitally mimicked over a cardboard model of Manhattan.. Was also told that snow was three million bucks worth of Pampers inner linings, which any parent knows expands in order to absorb. :)

    The earliest of this genre featured big stars. I mean, the seventies flicks like Towering Inferno, and the Poseidan Adventure. Essentially they were cameos, as these things work on ensemble casting. But evidently Hollywood has discovered there is no need to have a Richard Chamberlain with a Paul Newman in these flims..a solid presence like a Dennis Quaid is sufficienct, even preferable, to one Hollywood ham after another making his/her curtain call.

    I also noticed the concentration on the young's the teens and young adults that spend the movie dollar and now it's not just the special effects that draw them in, but in addition, the "love story" has moved from middle age to teenland. So be it. I like the young actress who played Quaid's son's love interest, Emmy Rossum, who I saw in the charming indie "Passionada", filmed in New Bedford, Mass.

    Shaky science, but awesome specials, sufficient star power with Quaid (one of those actors who is getting more attractive with age), not too much gruesome death, or apocalyptic preaching, and of course, the "usual" villain - the arrogant politician who ignored the warnings. And NO BRUCE WILLIS!

    What more could you ask from a disaster film? Pure entertainment.

    I enjoyed it. And recommend it.
  17. ArkCowboy

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    thanks for the excellent review
    i am glad some others found it as compelling as i did
    i was mesmerized! but i am a sucker for a good action-f/x movie
  18. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    I will catch the movie when it comes out on DVD.

    But I was listening to one persons review and they said parts of it were really far fetched...something about how it got so cold so fast that it was damaging equipment and killing people....yet some people were going to go on a walk from one place to another and did not get killed due tothe extreme cold.

    Who knows until I see it....I just know they gave some crappy reviews to armaggedon and I loved the movie....sure it was far fetched and all of that...but then again it is a movie and entertainment.
  19. ArkCowboy

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    obviously those who said this were caught up in their disbelief cuz they explained that stuff. the ultra cold onset was happening in the eye of the storm. the eye was over 50 miles wide. the storm was so big (size of the continent basically) that it was pulling air from the very upper atmosphere and bringing it down so fast that instant freezing insued. no one was even aware of this phenomenon except for the "experts" in the movie, thusly people (non-experts) went out in it. the key group, from the library where the "experts" son was, went outside because others were going outside to leave the city despite the sons warnings. they were later shown dead. sorry for the spoiler!

    EXACTLY!! i loved armageddon as well, and i wish to encourage you to see this movie at the biggest screened, digital sound, over the top theater you have access to!! me and my buds drove an hour to see it. drove right past several other theaters to go to the state of the art one and it was WELL worth it! this is a movie that will be much better on the big screen as opposed to the TV!! so was Van Helsing FWIW

    sad to say, but IMO alot of the people who are criticizing this movie are reaching for complaints because its dialogue (right or wrong) contradicts their political views on global warming rather than because they really weren't entertained. not all! but some!! in truth, all of the GOP pundits that i know personally who have seen it are among that group, while all others (non-political and liberal alike) enjoyed it thoroughly.
  20. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    Thanks for the explanation on the cold section.

    Oh and I have actually seen headlines like...the movie the government does not want you to see and all of that silly garbage....some people need to get a life and realize...IT IS JUST A MOVIE.

    But alas I will wait for it to come out on DVD.......I have not went to the theater since the original Jurrasic Park came out years ago.....the wife has some crazy weird phobia at theaters so we do not go...and I usually do not care to go out by myself in that area.

    Either way...chances are I will be one of those guys that goes and buys the DVD when it comes out...It really does look interesting even if it is far fetched.
    Hey I want to be entertained...I already live in the REAL world :eek:

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