The decline of the fantasy RB

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    An excellent article that questions the value of the RB first approach in fantasy football.

    Position Primer: Running Back
    [​IMG] By Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports Aug 19, 8:39 pm EDT

    For years the signs of decline at running back were obvious. Increases in platoons, catastrophic injuries and air-happy offensive trends all played a significant role in the position’s deterioration. As a result, owners often accrued massive post-draft debt, sometimes defaulting on their championship dreams.

    Within the ‘expert’ community, the downturn created a schism. Running theorists continued to stick to their guns by imploring the masses to follow the traditional RB-RB-RB method. Conversely, mixologists preached diversification, a must when constructing a competitive team. After all, the failure rate at RB – defined as rushers drafted in the top 12 that didn’t finish inside the top 15 – was significantly higher than other positions. Over the past five years, 46.7 percent of RB1s have bombed compared to 26.3 percent of WR1s and 38.3 percent for QBs (Note: Only five percent for top 4 QBs drafted).

    It appears the Sir Mix-a-Lots were mostly right.

    Read the rest here.

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