The Democrats failure in leadership.

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by JBond, Oct 1, 2008.

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    So what do the liberals and democrats think of Nancy Pelosi's failure? I believed the rescue of the corrupt banker buddies of the Democrats was going to sail through. I laughed out loud after her attempts to get her party to come together failed horribly. Then I really laughed after she went on TV and said it was the Republicans fault, when all she had to do was get her own party to follow her. Everyone knows the the Democrats have majority control of congress. All they had to do was follow their leaders orders. Her own party turned on her and made her look like a complete fool.

    Now that is leadership!:laugh2:
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    I agree. She got after the Republicans for not getting enough votes to pass it and they do not want this to pass without a majority of republicans because in the end they know this is a bad bill and they don't want to take the blame for it should it pass. It is much easier to stand there and say both majorities voted for this garbage so don't hold us accountable. Main thing though that has hacked me off is the fact the speaker has not made this an open debate with other alternatives brought to the table. They are taking a bad bill and shoving it down our throats.
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    That is the same reason Obama is nowhere to be found on this isssue. He has no spine. I wonder if he will try to vote present when it comes to a vote in the senate.
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    Is voting present any better or worse than not voting at all since april?

    Just curious.
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    present just may win. :laugh2:
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    Poll: GOP blamed for failed bailout
    By: Andy Barr
    September 30, 2008 01:17 PM EST

    Respondents to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll blame Republicans over Democrats by more than a two-to-one margin for Monday’s failed vote on the $700 billion bailout package.

    The poll, conducted Monday evening after the vote, reported 44 percent of respondents said the GOP is “mainly responsible” for the failed deal. Twenty-one percent blamed Democrats while 17 percent said the two parties share equal blame. The survey interviewed 424 registered voters and has a five percent margin of error.

    Forty-seven percent of those polled oppose the bailout while 45 percent said they support it. Only a slim majority, 51 percent, expressed confidence that the proposed bailout would prevent the current financial crisis from getting worse.

    But while Americans are split over the bailout, a vast majority, 88 percent, said the failed vote “could lead to a more severe economic decline.”

    House leaders on both sides have blamed the other party for Monday’s vote, but seem ready to reconvene Thursday to hash out their difference on a new package.

    Both Barack Obama and John McCain support the bailout and say they have been in continued discussions with the White House and party leaders as they work on a new deal.

    White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Tuesday that Bush, “intends to stay here to work on this financial rescue package with members of Congress for as long as it takes to get this done, because it is — it is critical.”

    The ABC News/Washington Post poll is the first major survey since Monday’s failed vote.
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    Anybody that votes yes is voting present as that's what this is... a big fat "present" to these crooked institutions and the congressmen they support...

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