The Draft of Ambivalence?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Joe Rod, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I have wrestled with how I feel about this draft and I simply can't get a handle on which way I am currently leaning.

    Claiborne is the one that excites me the most. The Corners we put on the field this season might be the best we've fielded in a very long time. We might actually start thinking that CBs getting interceptions are the norm.

    I think Crawford can end up as an upgrade over what we have right now. Solid player with the right attitude. Good grab in the third.

    Wilbur can go either way. I have watched some Wake Forest games and he certainly has some potential. I don't think he will be as good as Spencer if that is the end game, but perhaps he will show enough that OLB is not a dire need next year.

    I really like Coale. Perhaps I eat my words, but I think the kid will be a player in the slot.

    I don't know enough about the other three to make an assessment either way and that is probably what bothers me the most. I've seen their highlight clips, but all that shows me is that they have made enough plays to have a highlight film. I am not going to judge them either way and wait until they show their skills in Training Camp. That is the best way to take it imo, but the waiting is somewhat excruciating.

    Now, the bad. Perhaps that fear of the unknown is what has me somewhat bummed out about not addressing the O-line in the draft. Three unknown players vs some players that could have been drafted to help out the o-line. I know we got the two JAGs at guard. Perhaps JAG is actually an improvement over what we had there last season. Center worries me. If they cart out Phil Costa again in 2012, then I suppose grabbing Orton will end up as my favorite move of the offseason. They needed to address that. I guess we can only hope that Killa or someone else can step up and take that spot or we get to watch Romo running for his life again in 2012.

    I am tired of renting Safeties each season. Call it a character flaw if you will, but putting guys that could not warrant a long term contract in as your last line of defense each season is not the way to go. I hope Matt Johnson comes in and takes that job, but hope is all I have there.

    Does the good outweigh the bad? Not sure, so I will sit around and wait until they get on the field.

    Fun draft, hope these kids show that their picks were warranted come Training Camp!
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    I'm with ya, bro. I am disgusted by the fact we ignored the OL. Claiborne's a real gem but I can't help but think the 1st and 2nd round picks used to acquire him and not OL help will come back to bite us in the butt.

    I saw a team that got dominated at the line of scrimmage last year. What has happened over this offseason to change that?

    Hey, I'd love to have Morris Claiborne back in my secondary, but if we can't block anybody, what does it really matter?
  3. Joe Rod

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    I am hoping that Bernadeau and Livings are better in Dallas than they were at their old stops, but who can buy into that at this point? Out of the two, Bernadeau is the potential quality player, but Livings was not that great in Cincy. He had dominant flashes mixed in with absolute schoolings. Antonio Smith put a hurting on him in the playoffs last season. Costa gave me no reason to put my faith in him going forward.

    The draft ended up falling where it did. I look through the off-season moves and walk away thinking the defense will be much better than it was last year (aside from Safety). I really think they made some great improvements on that side of the football.

    Is that enough to balance out the potential offensive line deficiencies? I currently have visions of Romo on the ground a lot in 2012. That is concerning to me because he could carry this team to the promised land if he can stay upright. In my mind they are two quality players from contending for the Superbowl, but those needs are both in the same area and that means a gaping hole in the line.

    We might have to again use that quick release offense to keep Romo from getting killed, because if he goes down then this team will be picking in the top fifteen for a third straight season.

    Okay, done ranting. Patience is a virtue.

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