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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. tm1119

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    I know everyone has probably done this in their head several times already so lets see the draft with our picks with the players you would have went with. You can choose to keep the trade back (the exact trade we took) or stay put at 18. Your choice. And try not to assume too much by saying player X would have been there later and such. Draft tracker for anyone who needs it.

    18- Stay put and draft Shariff Floyd. Should have been a no brainer in my opinion.

    47- Larry Warford- If we took Frederick at 31 I would say its pretty safe to say we won't be running a full on ZBS. Warford is one of the better guys at the LOS in this draft.

    80- Brian Schwenke- A lot of scouts were just has high on Schwenke as Frederick. Value is great here.

    114- Phillip Thomas- Was my 2nd favorite S in the class. 4th is great value.

    151- Joseph Randle- Love this pick. Wouldn't change it.

    185- Cobi Hamilton- Big bodied guy with athleticism and upside.
  2. ghst187

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    I tend to agree with staying put and taking Floyd. I love all your other picks.
    If we re-mock WITH the first down trade....I'm actually pretty okay with our first two picks based on who was available then although I'd would've seriously considered trading into the very early second for Menelik Watson and added another late round pick. I would've taken WR Stedman Bailey over Terrence Williams, then I would've taken FS Phillip Thomas, I like the RB Randle pick alot, then I like G Bailey or OT Faulk in the 6th.
  3. ckalch

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    My draft would be just about identical to yours.
  4. JPostSam

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    1st round: i don't mind frederick after the trade down

    2nd round: would have liked eddie lacy to partner with demarco murray

    3rd round: brandon williams and phillip thomas

    4th: not sure... khaseem greene?

    5th: david quessenberry

    6th: not sure...
  5. dart

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    1 Sylvester Williams much better fit than Floyd
    2 Eddie Lacy
    3 Brian Schwenke
    4 Terry Hawthorne
    5 Michael Williams
    6 Joe Kruger
  6. Risen Star

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    This is the class I would have had when the Cowboys picked. I want to post it in here so it isn't lost when I change my sig.

    1(31) Menelik Watson T Florida St.
    2(47) Eddie Lacy RB Alabama
    3(74) Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M
    3(80) Johnathan Jenkins DT Georgia
    4(114) Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers
    5(151) Joe Kruger DE Utah
    6(185) Reid Fragel T Ohio St.
  7. tm1119

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    What makes you say that Sylvester Williams would be a better fit than Floyd? I like Sly, and thought he was a legit option at 18, but I don't see how he's better than Floyd. Especially when you factor in that Floyd is 4 years younger.
  8. FiveRings

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    The only complaint I have is with Escobar. While I'm not totally backing a TE pick, it would have made sense to go with Eifert in the first, and still be able to pick Frederick in the second.

    The whole trade fiasco didn't really go our way too, because yes, I'm thrilled to have gotten T-Will, but with our own third rounder, we pick JJ many small school safety projects can one team have??? They don't miss a beat, AOA to Johnson now to Wilcox.
  9. ThreeandOut

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    The Cowboys felt that Frederick was the last OL capable of being an immediate contributor. So most of the OL's selected in this thread would probably not be on the active game day roster this year.
  10. hookemhorns72

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    I like everything you have except for Floyd! I never liked the guy. Thought he still went too high. Not sure if I would stay in round one unless we draft Eifert in the first. Phillip Thomas was a guy I really liked. I was wanting Stephan Taylor but I like Randle. Jonathan Franklin was another RB I was high on but questioned his ball handling abilities. Too risky for fumbling. Taylor I liked for his pass protection.
  11. tm1119

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    Bernadeau, Livings and Free/Parnell. Berny and our RT duo couldn't start on most teams in this league, and Livings is average as they come. They aren't exactly hard to replace. There were plenty of guys in this draft that could have been upgrades. Don't believe everything Jerry tells you.
  12. CowboysYanksLakers

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    No thanks, it's been reported he's got a big toe issue.
  13. dart

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    With all the talk of Sharrif Floyd and Star Lotulelei being the top two defensive tackles in the draft, Williams has flown under the radar despite being an elite talent. After choosing to stay in school for his senior season, Williams was a dominating player throughout the 2012 season because he played with good leverage and technique much more consistently.

    For a 310+ pound DT, Williams’s explosiveness off the ball to both get on top of OL before they can get set and to shoot the gap to blow up play behind the LOS is remarkable. While most DT’s excel rushing the passer either as a bull rusher or with pass rush moves, Williams does both. When he maintains good pad level, his explosiveness off the ball and aggressive hand use enables him to jolt and drive the pass blocker backwards “as if he were on skates,” can disengage and pressures/sacks QB. However, he also shows the ability to defeat pass blocker with a variety of pass rush moves; especially a very quick “slap and right arm-over move.” Although few interior DL are impact pass rushers, even fewer are productive as pass rushers and run defenders

    Williams’ explosive first step helps him to get his hands on OL before they can get set, which makes him able to control the blocker consistently. In addition, he is able to jolt run blocker upright, anchors, sheds and makes tackle on inside runs. Unlike most big DT’s, Williams makes it look easy getting gap penetration to blow up running plays behind the LOS. Not only productive on runs between the OT’s, Williams is quick getting inside the “reach block,” keeps blocker shielded and has the speed down the LOS to make the tackle

    When a player like Warren Sapp says he reminds him of himself when he was young someone will pay attention.

  14. DFWJC

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    I was for Floyd at 18.
    Also, didn't realize he was still 20 ( until May)
  15. tm1119

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    He reminds me a lot of Tyron as a prospect. Very young with all the measurables and athletic ability you could ask for, yet still a little rough around the edges. He's got all the tools to be an extremely successful NFL DT, just might take a year or 2 for him to reach his full potential. Definitely needs to develop a better arsenal of pass rush moves, but theres a like to like about his game already. Really think he's going to be one of those missed picks that haunts us for a long time.
  16. cowboysooner

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    I think the Cowboys thought Pugh or Eric Reid would get to them then they would have their choice of Escobar or Frederick at 47. Instead Cyprian was the safety that made it.

    I'm glad we did not take Menelik Watson or Kyle Long. I think both can be better players than Frederick but each is a far greater risk.

    Evidently they may have taken Cordarelle Patterson if he made it to them. It would be interesting to consider the trade that New England received:

    Cowboys would then have picked 47, 52, 74, 80, 83, 102, 114, 151, 184 and 229.
  17. muck4doo

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    Cowboys appreciate all the wizards they can get for the next draft.
  18. DFWJC

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    That was a great trade for NE for a draft so full of 2nd -4th round prospects.

    Of course, Dallas picked a a little later than NE, so they would have gotten our 114 in the deal as well as 31...most likely. Still, those picks minus 114 still could net a great draft.
  19. TheCount

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    I don't think I've seen a more overrated prospect than Shariff Floyd. I would have taken Kawaan Short over Floyd, and neither of them in the first.

    HOWEVER, if the scouts thought he was a 1st round guy, then you take him. Never trade away from talent.
  20. CATCH17

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    Kawaan Short is 24 years old.

    Shariff Floyd is 20 and played @ a high level in the SEC.

    I think Floyd has the upside for sure.

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