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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I think when you are talking about Eifert vs. Esco, you have to include essentially it's Eifert vs. Esco/Williams. I'm taking the latter every time.

    Good point about small school safeties, never really thought about it. I think I like Wilcox a lot more than either of the other two though, seems to be a better overall athlete.
  2. Slashar00

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    1. John Cyprien FS
    2. Larry Warford OG (or Frederick if he's there)
    3. Terrance Williams WR
    3. Terron Armstead OT
    4. Jesse Williams DT
    5. Joseph Randle RB
    6. DeVonte Holloman OLB
  3. BAT

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    Only real problem I had with the draft is that I wanted another nasty OL and at least one DL (DE or DT).

    Imagine Frederick and Brian Winters paving a highway up the middle for Murray to run through. It would have been a thing of beauty.
  4. fishspill

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    Doing one while they draft really drove home the point that I don't know where these guys are going or if they're secretly crazy.
  5. xwalker

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    One of the Cowboys media guys said over the weekend unequivocally that Kiffin said that Johnathan Jenkins was not a fit in his defense.
  6. fishspill

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    But unfortunately a great fit in whoever's defense we're running in two years.:D
  7. Eric_Boyer

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    when all those guys came out of their respective rookie class, some joker was going on about how they would plug right in and start because the people drafted years ago are horrible.

    lather, rinse, repeat.
  8. visionary

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    Take the trade

    31: Jonathan Cyprien, FS (starter)
    47: Kevin Winter, OG (starter)
    74: Brian Schwenke, OC (starter)
    80: D Moore or Jordan Hill, DT/DE (DL rotation)
    114: B Webb, CB (4 th cb)
    151: J randle, RB (back up RB)
    185: J Kruger, DE (DL rotation)
    Trade next years 6th for high 7th: Reid Fragel, OT competes with Parnell and allows us to release Free after June 1

    I would have been on the phone with Faulk (OT LSU) and Brandon Magee to sign here at UDFAs since they would be competing for a starting spot

    This solves problems at safety and OL
    Provides great depth at DL with future starters
    Solves back up RB and 4th CB issues
  9. xwalker

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    I think people are underrating JJ Wilcox.

    Watch the drills starting around 20:00. He is terrific in these drills and better than many CBs that I've seen over the years.

    I get the impression from the Cowboy's media guys on the radio that Wilcox was their #2 ranked Safety.
  10. funkytown

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    I would have made that trade:

    31: John Cyprien / S
    47: Eddie Lacy / RB
    74: Damontre Moore / DE
    80: Jordan Hill / DT
    114: Earl Watford / OG
    151: David Quesenberry / OG-OT
    185: Cobi Hamilton / WR

    Cyprien starts at Safety.
    Lacy at 47 should have been the pick. Perfect compliment to Murray

    Then I beef up the offensive and defensive lines with Moore, Hill, Watford, and Quesenberry. That would add depth and and versatility to the trenches.

    Hamilton was a productive pass catcher in the SEC. Is a steal in the 6th round because of the depth at the postion. May have traded up in the 6th and grabbed Ryan Swope.
  11. TheCount

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    I'm going to be really curious to see what DL we do bring in eventually, since Kiffin's demands for the position as so strict.
  12. tm1119

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    It's all BS if you ask me. Seems like every single o lineman and d lineman didn't fit our scheme including to "reports". Seems like public relations doing their job of selling this draft to the public.
  13. dogberry

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    We'll know in three months if Price is the/a reason we passed on Floyd. I hate waiting.

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