The Emmitt Smith Separated Shoulder Game is on NFLN

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasCowpoke, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. mldardy

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    First who cares what Skip Bayless says. 2nd Emmitt didn't fake, embellish that injury. That was about as real as it gets. He obviously could still play but he was definitely not as effective and who the hell can tell how someone is going act with an injury like that. We all have different pain tolerance. Having a separated shoulder whether it's slight or not if it's going to be painful no matter and add to that this was in a football game in late December in New York. The pain was real.
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  2. Bungarian

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    Like slightly breaking your arm or being slightly pregnant.
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  3. Big D

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    If you put any other rb in history in the same position they do not come out and do what Emmitt did.
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    The training staff on the sidelines looked like they were in panic mode while they were trying to keep him going. I don't think it was an acting job at all. It was one of a few times that I actually thought a player deserved every penny he made for playing. Smith showed more heart in one game than most ayers show their entire career. His performance made me proud to be a Cowboy fan which is something that hasn't happened much since those teams played in the 90s.
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    Emmit's and our finest hour.
    I love it when a man takes a beating and refuses to buckle.
    His like the winner to me.
    It's a romantic notion some of us men have but it gets me
    when I witness it. Hero.
  6. Smith22

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    Probably one of my favorite football memories, even over the Superbowl victories.
  7. Alexander

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    I cannot say it was a better memory than any of the Super Bowls, but I will say it was the proudest I have ever been for a single player performance before or since.
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    How about we separate Skips' shoulder 'slightly' then pound on it for about an hour and see how 'slight' he thinks it is then. Putz.:mad::rolleyes:
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    I remember when he went down on that shoulder I went "uh oh, we're in trouble", then after a few touches / carries was like, "he's fine, we got this".
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    No way, even the players said how he was in pain and cried in pain.

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