The Evolution of Jerry Jones The Cowboys GM In The Red Garrett Era

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Good read on the state of things in Big D. Pretty good read if you want to read it all.

    Article concludes with this:

    An examination of the history of operations since the 2010 offseason reveals several distinct patterns and trends:

    1. There has been a concerted effort to jettison aging players, overpriced players, players that do not fit Garrett’s RKoG model, and players that do not buy into the overall philosophy that Garrett has for his team.

    2. The Cowboys drafting has improved.

    3. Without sacrificing the level of talent, the roster has become significantly younger (from one of the oldest teams in 2010 to one of the youngest teams in 2013).

    4. The frequency of terrible trades/signings has been drastically reduced, though some would argue that they have not been eliminated.

    5. The tendency to overpay players out of loyalty or as payment for past performance has been curtailed.

    6. Jerry Jones appears to listen to Garrett and company more when making decisions, and he is also ceding more and more control to Garrett.If the criticisms of Jerry Jones in 2010 were valid, then his recent track-record shows plenty of change and improvement.

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    The real test will be if this new core wins some games and it comes time to re sign and or replace em.
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    (Author) "C. Joseph Wright began his professional life as a litigation attorney. He left the profession when it started to resemble 'The Wire'. He is now traveling the world working as a lecturer at international universities."

    So this guy actually did quit his day job, but not to become a football analyst.
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    LOL at Spaulding running all of the trade scenarios in the background.
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    7. Easter bunny
    8. Tooth fairy
    9. Loch Ness Monster
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    There's been "some" improvement but let's not get carried away. That's a little like the cops giving you praise for not recently being caught speeding up and down the highway when the fact is you drove your car into the ditch and totaled it 4 years ago,,, can you say salary cap hell?
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    Like everyone else his age, he is no doubt on his phone or playing some stupid game, while the greatest game is actually happening all around him. Kid will never know just how lucky he is.
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    Its sort of like giving an alcoholic praise for cutting back from 8 drinks a night to only 4. Jerry is still a bad GM, even if you believe these moves make him less bad, he is still a bad GM and isn't ever going to be anything but a bad GM.
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    Can't access the link, but it's hard to argue with the points. Easy to complain, but hard to argue.
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    Very true.
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    4 YEARS DOESN'T EQUAL 18 YEARS OF FUTILITY! DOWN WITH JONES! <insert jihadist yelling and redneck gunfire here>

    On a serious note, it is tempting to believe the trends stated in the article will continue and prosper. Only time will prove their validity. Jones could change outside perception into something more favorable if he were to step down as general manager. That is highly unlikely to happen though. Jones is only five years away from enjoying his 30th anniversery as GM, so why would he convince himself to ever give up the position?
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    I somewhat agree with everything said for the exception of:


    I'm not saying it's absolutely wrong...I'd say this remains to be seen For all we know Hatcher, Spencer (if no longer Cowboy), Ware, Ratliff, etc. could have Pro Bowl seasons this next year. Is it likely? Not really...but possible. Not that I'm bothered by the youth movement. On the contrary, I have been begging for this for years. And as far as not overpaying for aging players, there really wasn't anyone who fit the mold of a great player in the 29 to 30 range that Jerry would normally overpay for this year. So let's tap the breaks a little on that optimism. Besides I'm not sure Jerry's tendency to do so was even about loyalty as much as it was about being easier to sell people players they already know and love.
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    "Jason Garrett’s growing power and influence over Jerry Jones"

    I just find this hard to believe. Jerry goes out and calls Garrett a "trainee" to the media, he says that Garrett kept butting in last season on the offense and that was not fair to Callahan, and he says that Garrett will be spending his time with the defense this year and Linehan will have carte blanch over the play calling and offensive philosophy this year.

    That doesn't sound like Garrett getting more power, that sounds like Jerry telling his trainee that the offense will be much better if he just disappears from that side of the ball (something he did not do with Callahan and that is what Jerry says was unfair).

    Not sure how this equates to Garrett's growing power and influence over Jerry.
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    Not to mention

    - taking playcalling away from him
    - hiring a new defensive coordinator for him
    - ignoring him in the draft room last year
    - firing his brother

    And citing Melton as a reason is pretty weak, too. So Marinelli got a former player... So did Parcells with Ferguson and Anderson and Bledsoe and several others, Wade with Olshansky, Ryan with Coleman. Nothing new there at all.

    So yes, it's very easy to refute these arguments. People are just seeing what they want to see.

    It's funny though, the author also claimed every area of the roster except maybe D-line has been improved under Garrett. So if the players are better, and the division is worse... Why are we losing more?
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    I agree with this big time. If Jeff Heath becomes an all-pro (lol) what does the team do?
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    You have to understand the delusional fantasyland where the OP lives. You know, the one where Jerry built the '90s Cowboys and where JG is an "Offensive Genius" because that is what Michael Irvin called him before he had ever done a lick of coaching.

    The delusions in this place keep me chuckling and coming back.

    Monte Sliger
  17. Beast_from_East

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    Excellent points.
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    I'd find it hard to believe, too, if I took any of that stuff in the context you're presenting it in. Fortunately, it didn't happen in that context. The 'training' comment was in relation to Garrett's entire time in Dallas, not necessarily his job this year as head coach. I don't recognize the 'butting in' remark, but do remember him positioning removing play calling from Callahan, which I hardly see as a negative for Jason Garrett. Wanting Garrett to have more influence defensively *does* sound like him having influence on that side of the ball, to me.

    No doubt, Jerry's still Jerry and he's still going to meddle in the composition of the staff, and it's still a bad thing. But the organization has been more stable and more methodical under Garrett than it was under Phillips. From it's approach to the draft to it's approach to the roster. We've had a lot of churn on the coaching staff, for sure, and false-started with the defensive coaches. I'd put those mostly on Jason, though, with the possible exception of replacing Rob Ryan last year.
  19. Idgit

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    No reason to be mean-spirited just because the OP doesn't agree with your particular take on Jerry's role in the dynasty years or Garrett's job here in Dallas on the offensive side of the ball. Not everybody who thinks there's reason to be positive about the Cowboys is necessarily living in a fantasy land, your opinion to the contrary notwithstanding.
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    I don't remember the butting in comment either. I'm guessing an attempt at paraphrasing, but a poor one.
    I could be wrong. I guess.

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