Audio: The Fan Shows Tony Dungy Talks Melton, Cowboys Tampa 2

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    Snippets from article:

    “In Tampa, we didn’t have immediate success either. We had to grow into it, but by our second year, we got some guys involved in the system[​IMG] and got some players like Ronde Barber who were tailor made for what we did. I think, especially from the scouting and drafting standpoint, they’ll be able to do that a lot better this year.”

    “The first thing we talked about, if you remember, is a group that can create pressure on their own without blitzing. Henry melton is a guy who can create pressure. My only concern would be the injury. He knows the system; he knows Rod Marinelli. He is a guy who can play close to the football[​IMG], who can be distuptive. That’s the number one thing that defense needs.”
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    I wish and hope that the fan base, the coaching staff, the scouting department, etc get this. Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Get the right type of player and stay the course. This could take a year or so after being a 3-4 team for so long.

    Secondly, you need four guys that can get to the passer quickly and consistently and a secondary (back 7) that can hold the fort. This defense is very simple, but it needs players that understand the role they are assigned and they must be able to do it. I could understand the role, but my old butt would be torched like a tiki over and over. That is why I say get the players in here and coach them up. Make sure the players are NOT knuckleheads that think "ME" first. If you think about the team you will become a star by design. When you are a star, the money comes, the fame comes, the commercials and etc...Just do your job and the rest will follow...and if in that line comes a Lombardi trophy..well who am I to complain?

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