the flaco td pass that tied the game

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hoov, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Wow, Flaco had some nice passes and T smith kept beating them deep, but how do you not know to cover the deep route on that down and distance and that much time left in the game.

    Talk about a hail mary pass. It looked like the wr was playing centerfield, waiting for a pass that was falling out of the sky like a fly ball and the safety completely misplayed it than fell down so the wr could walk into the endzone.

    For an NFL caliber safety in a playoff game that was just crazy. I could see it if he bit on play action and was out of position and could not catch up but that was not the case. He was in position to get to the wr with the ball hanging in the air, he just didnt.
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    The team as a collective effort, excluding special teams, were less than mediocre. One decent drive by the offense. Bailey was exposed. Cold weather game, rock hard pig skin. Duffed 3 pointer.... Pick one of many fails, IMO. Manning choked. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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    the safety made a terrible play on the ball and there's no excuse but watch it again, Flacco was looking to the middle of the field and at the last second threw to his right. The safety did get himself out of position. This was a lot better play by Flacco than he's getting credit for.
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    it kind of reminded me of the original hail mary
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    Saw an article on ESPN that compared it the original Cowboys Hail Mary Play.

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