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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Reality, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Agreed! Not sure if you guys hear it enough but we (I'm sure I can speak for most of us here) appreciate all the work that goes into keeping the Zone the best Cowboys forum on the 'net!
  2. StanleySpadowski

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    To further protect yourself, I might suggest deleting any links or references to sites that show live games that users may post.

    I've heard rumblings that those types of sites are going to be hit hard as well as talk of going after sites that promote them.
  3. BrassCowboy

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    i was gonna say that with the abilities of most browsers today having tabs and all that, I have no problem clicking a link and thought that should be just standard practice.

    I still think using links is ok, but I really like this idea above.
  4. cowboyjoe

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    totally agree, with what austin says, sounds good

    most of my sites are used via one posted below, so if you get into some type of cooperation with them, let me know reality, so can post full article later or whatever; but i hardly use that anymore
    dallasmorningnew blog but only for posting headlines from todd archer, etc channel 676 fox sports southwest

    those are main ones i use to get cowboys info and draft stuff

    so let me know what you come up with, thanks joe
  5. newnationcb

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    Except you work at a place where everything gets blocked but cowboyszone magically remains uncensored
  6. dargonking999

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    I say we just let WG do all the article posting and we just continue to praise :)
  7. Vintage

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    So DMN now is allowing us to post there stuff?

    What gives?
  8. adbutcher

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  9. kapolani

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    So this is the result of one of our users running to a site and 'turning' us in, eh?

    Hope the ******* got banned.
  10. CowboyMike

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    There is actually a way to do exactly what you're asking without anyone having to worry about posting it that way.

    You can turn turn the Daily Zone into an RSS feed from the various news sites. vBulletin has that feature that will link the feed to a specific forum. It will literally post a snippet of the article for you with a link to the rest of the article. They would appear as threads as each item is posted on the news sites. It might be beneficial because it would post as the articles come up, rather than someone having to search for them. (WG might appreciate it.)

    Most news sites actually provide an RSS feed now, so it wouldn't be that hard to set up. I'm not sure which version of vBul you're running, but I'm pretty sure most of them have now. I can show you how to set it up or even do it for you if you decide to go this route.
  11. Primetime42

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    The legal stuff behind it all sucks, but I don't mind this move.

    In fact, I think I might actually prefer it in my own perverse way.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  12. WoodysGirl

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    That's not the case, at all.

    We're aware and was one of the things we researched while the Daily Zone was down. There were time constraints involved, so in order to get the Daily Zone back up, we're going this route.

    We are open to ideas, like the one R2A proposed.
  13. SA_Gunslinger

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    I had no idea any of that was going on, so this was a truly educational mouse click. Very well written, and easy to understand. Kudos! Definitely sucks, but it beats getting sued.

  14. Phoenix

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    I do want to add that /. (that would be has followed this model for YEARS, only allowing summaries of articles, for which links are provided to the articles.

    Unfortunately, a lot of those sites experience what is known as the "/. effect", meaning too heavy traffic, crash of web servers, etc....

    But, wow, they actually had the "new" model hands down YEARS ago.
  15. CowboyMike

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    Well, the rss thing was the idea I put forward like what you're asking for. I didn't know you had already considered it. I've used it before in vBul at another site and it seems like a practical solution.
  16. Hostile

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    We have been experimenting with exactly this and still may use it. Thanks for the input. It is greatly appreciated.
  17. Hoofbite

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    I'm in favor of lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks.

    Lets storm those news sites and take some people for ransom.
  18. Funxva

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    Hey man,

    You guys need to do what you need to do. I don't think this will change the enjoyable experience of coming here to read and enjoy other Cowboys fans views and takes on America's Team.
  19. DanteEXT

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    Interesting, had not heard of this law firm doing this.

    Googled Righhaven and read about some other lawsuits. I didn't know you could actually be sued for posting an article on your blog from a newspaper that contains 'borrowed' content from your own blog that you published?

    And some crazy conspiracy theories about the place.
  20. Primetime42

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    I'm down.

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