The Garrett System

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blitzen32, Feb 1, 2013.

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    It was actually under Singletary, that Alex Smith started to finally show some promise. They started to adapt the offense to Smith's strengths and ran more spread offense, which Smith was more comfortable. Even though they had a losing record, Smith finally started to show promise.

    Even though Singletary failed as a HC, he at least showed they were on the right path with Smith. Smith found some success in the right system, unfortunately for him, they found someone that ran the new system better.
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    He's getting limited action, but he has played in every game this season, and has been quite effective.

    Garrett has supported this horrendous oline, so it's hypocritical to criticize one side while giving the other a free pass just because people want him to be good in the future.
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    140 snaps for the year to include 7 snaps in the divisional playoff and 3 snaps in the conference championship.

    Like I said let's not kid ourselves here, you argument about Davis' contributions falls short in more ways than one.
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    I disagree that the No. 2 type of coach is saying he can't coach. That's absurd. Even with a "system" a successful coach has to be able to train his players to perform in that system.

    Oklahoma didn't scrap the wishbone when they recruited Aikman but they were still very successful with their wishbone year after year. Tom Landy didn't change from his flex defense to a 3-4 when Randy White was drafted. Plano Senior and later Plano East for decades ran a veer based offense with a 4-3 defense similar to the flex with great success. Dick Labeau, Jim Johnson, Monte Kiffin ... all run or did run their defensive system to great effect for a long time.
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    Sorry, no, I made it up on the fly.

    What the?
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    You make some great points, and obviously have great football knowledge.

    Like I said though, I'm speaking in terms of the current state of the league, and what it takes to be successful in the free agency/salary cap era. When a team can't just spend to acquire the best players to fit within a coach's system, it's better to have a staff capable of working with the available talent.

    This is how teams like SF, Baltimore, Denver and Seattle went from well below .500 to the playoffs in a rapid fashion once they got new type #1 coaches.

    6-10 --> NFC title game with virtually the same roster really is a product of switching from type #2 to type #1 coaching.

    For this reason, I also think guys like McCoy and Arians will be pretty good in their new locations.

    Garrett's clock management and playcalling are obviously flawed, but to me, this is his biggest weakness.
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    Thanks... you have just proved you have no clue! Do you even watch football?
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    The guy had no consistency around him whatsoever in his entire career.

    Harbaugh's done a great job, but he gets way too much credit for that team's talent. They're loaded with Top 15 picks and that offensive line is outstanding.


    Coming in as the "Heavy" TE = "contributing well" now.

    I see what this is all about.
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    I agree with the op. Just as an example, the offense is clearly better when operating out of the no huddle/hurry up but Garrett never used it unless he was down by a lot or time was running out, he just continued to use his slow, wait until there is 1 second on the play clock to snap the ball offense.

    His failure to adjust on the fly was horrible.
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    Very well said.

    Garrett's offense would work if we had the 90s Oline and a pocket passer like Aikman.

    We have neither of that right now.
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    Your thought process is somewhat accurate, but you are wrong about scrapping the wishbone for Aikman. That is EXACTLY what Switzer did for Troy Aikman. They went back to running the wishbone when Troy Aikman broke his leg (femur if I remember correctly) and when Troy went down he plugged in Jumelle Holliway (sp?)and went "back to the bone". Jumelle was so successful that Switzer helped Aikman transfer to UCLA.
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    Great memory. I completely forgot the details behind that whole ordeal.

    I'm new here, but I like that there are some solid posters.
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    Harbaugh is not the only thing that helped Alex Smith:

    Harbaugh 2011

    Joe Staley 1-28, 2007
    Anthony Davis 1-11, 2010
    Mike Iupati 1-17, 2010
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    Loved Iupati, they've drafted incredibly well.
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    And in 2010 - notice all three were on the roster under Mike Singletary - they had a record of 6-10. In 2011 with Harbaugh, they went 13-3.
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    Some people will go out of their way to remain impartial towards our poor coaching. The excuses continue to pile up, but the main thing is that we've missed the playoffs for 3 straight seasons, and if anything, Garrett has gotten worse during that span.

    What people call impartiality may simply mean indifference, and what people call partiality may simply mean mental activity.
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    Harbaugh was given a loaded roster? Before 2011 no one was saying that roster was loaded. How many pro bowlers did they have before Harbaugh? Harbaugh gets the best out of his players. Good coach.
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    Like it or not he helped assemble that talent, so part of the blame is on him.
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    I agree 100%. You sexy beast.
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    There is a difference between changing your system to the players talent and adjusting ur play calling to fit their talents. Tom Landry didn't win 20 consecutive winning seasons by magically drafting the perfect guys to run it. You adjust your play calling to put your players in the best position to win. I think Garrett has been way to stubborn and rigid with his system

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