The Giant Game 1993

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by WilmingtonHeel, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Just got through checking it out.... Again I'm having football withdrawal and needed to get some. Quick Observations

    Aikman man was he accurate
    OLine man were they good
    Our secondary was the best in the league. KSmith, LBrown, Darren and Big game James were balhogs
    ( For Woody's girl) Woodson was a stud he had like 19 tackles he had a nasty tackle in a pile you look closley he snatched Hampton who's a big back one handed he went down quickly. Kevin Smith was so good.
    I miss big E
    Emmitt was the ambassador of toughness I still get chill bumps seeing him carry us to victory
    I miss Jimmy Johnson on the sidelines
  2. WilmingtonHeel

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    Oh yeah that's the best 16-13 game I've ever seen
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    I remember Kevin Williams fumbling a punt.
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    Stop stating the obvious!!! :D A lot of those guys from those years will be in the HOF. Are any of that O-line in yet??? If not, thats *** up.
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    I was at that game. What a thing of beauty when Murray nailed that kick at the end. All of those Giants fans (including my dad) were instantly deflated. That game and the 35-0 Monday night opener (in '95?) were my favorite games that I attended. Aaaaaah memories....:lombardi:
  6. BIGDen

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    Good memory. That was definitely the turning point that got the Giants into the game. I believe it was 13-0 at the time and the Cowboys were in control. They just stopped the Giants again and Williams muffs the punt. Giants recover and score a few plays later. The muffed punt is one of the worst things that can happen to a team. The defense almost always becomes instantly deflated. Momentum in that game completely changed. The Cowboys were on their heels until Emmitt took over late and Murray iced it. :lombardi:
  7. WilmingtonHeel

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    Yeah that fumbled punt turned the whole game around. Another player stood out for me was Darrin Smith he had to be the fastest LB at that time in the league
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    What a shock - you remember something negative, LOL.
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    Not picking on you with this, because to a lot of people who don't actually follow the Cowboys as their favorite team there has always been an enormous misconception that the offensive line of that era consisted of 5 sure-fire Hall of Famers, but that whole theory that "everyone and their grandmother could've run behind them for at least 1,000 yards" has always been pretty ludicrous. Not to mention the ever popular "if Barry Sanders would have run behind that line, he'd have racked up 2,000 yards a season." The sad thing is a good part of the time stuff like this is uttered or written by professional journalists, not the casual fan.

    The fact of the matter is that 3/5 of that line were holdovers from the Landry era that OL coach Jim Erkenbeck couldn't get much done with, and that were considered mediocore NFL linemen: Tunei (who was a converted d-tackle), Newton, and Gogan. While they deserve credit for stepping their games up, I've always thought Tony Wise, Emmitt Smith, and even Daryl Johnston also deserve a lot of the credit for the way they ended up being perceived.

    It's either that, or those 3 guys experienced the most miraculous infusion of talent that anyone's ever seen midway through their careers. Something tells me that wasn't exactly it.

    To me, the only "surefire" HOFer of the bunch was the pre-car accident Erik Williams. Even Stepnoski, while extremely above average, is borderline.
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    I wish I had a copy of that game.
  11. rcaldw

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    Don't forget that the conclusions you come to apply just as much to Aikman as they do to Smith.

    I've always thought that Aikman sure got hit a lot for a guy who played behind the greatest offensive line ever. :) I think his quick release explained a ton of completions that would have absolutely been sacks if Bledsoe had been playing.
  12. MONT17

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    yeah they fail to bring up names like DEREK KENNARD, EVERETT MCGIVER and CLAY SHIVER... when talking about the greatest line ever!!!
  13. jcblanco22

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    I was partial to Mike Kiselak, Steve Scifres, and Shane Hannah myself.
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    To be technical, Dallas only played the Giants once in 1993. That was in October of 1993 in Dallas the day Landry got inducted into the Ring of Honor.

    Aikman was never hotter....unfortunately, he pulled a hamstring in the third quarter.

    When Dallas went to New York was actually January 2, 1994. However, it was still the 1993 season so your point is well taken.

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