The Giants are not a better team than we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Romonater, Jul 10, 2013.


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    This years Giants team vs this years Cowboys team. The past, who cares.
  2. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You are correct sir. It's amazing how far that loss in WA dropped us.

    I still don't think that they have done much. Pugh is decidedly unimpressive especially at 14 or wherever they were. They replaced Canty with Jenkins which seems like a wash. Moore is nice depth I guess but Tuck and Pierre Paul being off the field so he can get a respectable amount of stats to make a difference doesn't mean much to me. They brought in Conner and we know how weak he is especially in pass coverage. Their secondary is still a train wreck. Bradshaw is gone. Both WR are disgruntled and that means lack of offseason focus.

    At the end of the day, I just hope they insert Pugh for Diehl or better yet someone else on the line.
  3. Idgit

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    Deion Sanders is an idiot.
  4. Vinnie2u

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    They have a Better GM. They have a better Coach.. They have a better QB. They get better as the season goes along. Can't really say anything bad about them.
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  5. jobberone

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    I think we fight it out with the Skins and Giants for the Div title. I expect the East to beat each other up this year. I don't think the Skins have as good a year but I never count them out. We'll need to finish 4-2 or better in the division IMO.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I think the Giants have the best coach in the league in Coughlin (although Jim Harbaugh may be the best, it is still early). I think we are going to have our hands full with the G-Men and I fully expect them to put up a good fight for the division. We also have to remember that Nicks was basically playing there at 50% and I suspect that David Wilson will be much better.

  7. jobberone

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    Agreed. I'm not even writing the Eagles out. The division is wide open IMO. The Giants are a favorite. Hopefully we send them a message game 1. I certainly hope so. Tired of them owning us in our own house. They need to take this game very personal.
  8. ufcrules1

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    Our turnovers took place in spots on the field that wouldn't lead to Redskins points? lol. what? It didn't lead to points because our defense stopped them. That is with a pathetic backup type defense on the field too. At the end of the game we were only down 3 points with 3 minutes and 3 timeouts on the clock. I would say given the circumstances they played well enough for us to win.
  9. Doomsday101

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    Being the better team means you do play smart, you don't turn the ball over, use clock management better. That is what makes a team better than another. I don't deny the fact this team has some good talent I also do not deny teams like NY also have some very good talent who the better team is comes down to who is doing the basic things better and not committing unforced errors.
  10. CowboyGil

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    Man, I am ready to get this thing revved up!!!!
  11. Shunpike

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    Too early to tell. I personally believe we will lose against Cowboys but again too early to tell.
  12. Nation

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    Washington started with the ball on their own 29 and their own 14 on the first two interceptions. Those picks were followed by 9 play and 11 play drives from the Redskins that led to 0 points, which was primiarly due to poor starting field position and missed 37 yard field goal. The Cowboys then took a 7-0 lead.

    The Redskins responded with an 8 play 68 yard touchdown drive. The teams exchanged punts four times, and then the Redskins had a 9 play 82 yard touchdown drive. The Cowboys responded with a field goal. The Redskins responded to that with a 6 play 74 yard touchdown drive. According to Advanced NFL Stats Win Probability the Cowboys had a 9% win probability following this sequence. And for the end of the game down 3 points with 3 minutes and 3 timeouts, that was good for an 18% Win Probability at that point.

    Don't get me wrong, Romo's pick was inexcusable, but the run defense was roadkill at best in the game.
  13. AmberBeer

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    Not sure what game you were watching but the defense played poorly.
  14. Future

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    In terms of talent, the Gints havent been better than Dallas in any of the last 5 or so seasons. The difference is that they play smart football and dont beat themselves as often.
  15. Shunpike

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    Coughlin factor. Eli is not the difference maker imho. It is Coughlin
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  16. xwalker

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    You should do a position by position comparison.
  17. Sarge

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    I think the Redskins, Cowboys and Giants are all very close talent-wise. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, but when you get down to it overall, they are pretty darn close. Philly brings up the rear.
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  19. Yakuza Rich

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    The Eagles to me are more unknown. Perhaps Chip Kelly is the next great coach in the league or perhaps he's a flop.

  20. AsthmaField

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    I don't disagree with that at all.

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