The Giants are not a better team than we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Romonater, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Well the Giants weren't better than we were in 2007 but they still won the SB. Time will tell. I think we're about even.
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    i don't think he was ever "over rated" player by anyone outside of Jerry and the Dallas fandom, would say he would be more aptly entitled a significant disappointment who wasn't a complete bust but fell far short of his lofty expectations and draft status.
    I was pretty excited about Demarco and I loved the Randall pick. Demarco, health intact and longevity, could potentially be as good and exciting as Marshall Faulk was in St Louis, I use that comparison because I see him as a similar style player in the sense that he's amazing in space, elusive, and great catching it out of the backfield. Demarco is probably quicker and faster than ** was and a better athlete. His ability to stay healthy will largely dictate his how great a player he can become.
    Randall, IMO, is a backup Demarco with a tic slower step. Maybe with two, we'll get at least one ha.
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    I think that's why there on the bottom of the heap right now. If they fix the defense and get good play from Vick et al then they may make some noise. But I don't think they can win the division but I'm not ruling anybody out in this division. No one is a strong favorite although a case could be made for Wash more than NY although I have NY first.
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    O-Line is old, wheels could fall off at any point in this season. Eli is turnover prone, their secondary is still very poor, and very soft. We can take both meetings this year, for the best thing to say as a case against the Giants, are the improvements we've made/are making.
  5. FuzzyLumpkins

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    They have to get pressure on Romo or that secondary will get chewed up. Their dline is small even if very good pass rushers and their LB I would put about league average. It's a huge if but if our oline can just hold its own against that dline then we should score at will.

    On the flipside, their oline has been deteriorating especially Diehl. Pugh is the only help they brought in and if they want to put him outside at tackle then so be it. Cruz and Nicks are superb but CB is als a strength of ours. S could well be our achilles heel --once again-- in this one if those two can get behind our corners.
  6. Sarge

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    Pretty good rundown right there, but one area where I see the Giants quietly improving is in their running game. David Wilson, IMO, is an underrated RB. Having said that, I agree, the OL is on the downside. Wilson will make them look better than they are...........Parenthetically, I watched Pugh, pretty much his whole career, meh....
  7. DenCWBY

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    This and the fact that the Giants have a tendency to show up and play up to the competition when the games really count (towards the end of the season). One of the reasons is they do have or have had a better coaching staff than us for quite a while.
  8. Ntegrase96

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    Their LBs will probably be below average. They let go of Blackburn and Boley (although those guys weren't all world or anything) and are basically letting their backups Herzlich and Paysinger. Herzlich will be their MIKE and the dude runs a 4.9 in the 40. I mean, they haven't ruled out Dan Connor starting over this guy. And Paysinger will have weakside duty, although the guy runs a 4.7. Jacquian Williams should be able to over take him, but who knows how he'll do coming off his PCL injury.

    Keith Rivers is pretty good, but isn't great and is often injured. Overall, they may surprise us and play well, but I just don't see it for them right now.
  9. jimnabby

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    Let's see, they lost 2 of their last 3 last year and missed the playoffs. In 2010, they lost 2 of their last 3 and missed the playoffs. In 2009, they lost 3 of their last 4 and missed the playoffs. In 2008, they lost 3 of their last 4 in the regular season, still finished as the #1 seed, and lost their first playoff game at home.

    Yeah, they finished well in '07 and '11, but I really don't see this "tendency" you're talking about.
  10. Red Dragon

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    But this is like saying, "The Giants could have beaten the Cowboys in Week One [a game Dallas won 24-17] if the Giants hadn't fumbled, hadn't failed to score a touchdown on 1st-and-goal, hadn't surrendered a Romo-to-Austin touchdown on 1st and 30, hadn't allowed DeMarco Murray to break off a long run, had managed to stop the Cowboys from converting 3rd-and-10 late in the game, and hadn't allowed Ogletree to score two touchdowns."

    Of course the Giants could have won if it weren't for all those, but that's the reason you play the game - because things like this happen.
  11. Eskimo

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    I think the Giants are toast if JPP doesn't rise up to All-Pro status again this year. I'm not that confident it's going to happen given that he failed to improve with multiple epidural injections and also failed after several months of intensive PT to alleviate his back problems. He has gone through with what is very much a band-aid solution which may temporarily relieve his sciatica but which may also potentially weaken his already damaged disc.

    It is one think for the general public to get some relief from this procedure but a 6-5 280 pound DE who has to charge at 330 pounds mountains of men and try to hold them off while 220 pound men try to run through them.

    I wish JPP health in life but I'd be so happy if he plays well enough to get some big deal from the Giants and then has to retire for medical reasons but can live a good life away from football pain-free (I don't wish suffering on anyone). They so deserve something bad after what Mara did to screw us and the Skins over.
  12. DFWJC

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    That because it does not exist
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    Actually, they didn't lol...they went 2-2 down the stretch in 2007.

    The Giants have a tendency to start losing during the second half of the season after posting winning records over the first half of the season.

    What they DO seem to have mastered, though, is turning the entire team up a few more notches once they're in the playoffs.
  14. Sonny#9

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    That's fact -- Instead of taking cap space, this year, Mara is starting his Giants off with two wins.
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  15. DenverBroncosFan83

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    Yeah but they usually are never that good and yet end up somehow beating everyone in the playoffs. UGH. How does a team like Giants and Ravens get so lucky?
  16. DenCWBY

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    Good points, they are not consistent but considering the title of this thread, as of late (last 5 years) they have been better than the Cowboys and their D and their QB are gamers in the playoffs as opposed to our team. Attribute that to coaching, depth, luck...whatever. They have dominated the conference (not by much) and you can never count them out late in the year. We consistently fail or become consistently average at the end of the year and that IMO is how you measure a teams success.
  17. iceman117

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    We have similar talent at the skill positions if you match them up. What's going to make the difference is offensive and defensive lines as well as the depth of the players. Plus whoever makes less mistakes usually has a pretty good chance to win these games..
  18. nyc-cowboy

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    You mean Metlife West.... ; )
  19. xwalker

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    I still can't figure out why Pugh was ranked as a 1st rounder. He was completely dominated at OT in the Senior Bowl by Bears 6th round pick Cornelius Washington.
  20. jobberone

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    I think the Giants needed an OL and Pugh was thought to be able to play G or RT by them. I see their pick of Pugh as analogous to us picking Frederick. Probably not our or their first choice but acceptable for the bottom of the first esp considering the run on OL.

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