The Good, The Bad, The Bring On The Sum*****in Redskins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by parcellsguys, Dec 11, 2005.

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    The Good

    1. Drew Bledsoe. Give the guy some time and he's a top tier NFL quarterback. He didn't start out that well, but as usual he did not get discouraged and he found his game. He will lead this team to the playoffs. When I saw him jumping around with Keyshawn on the sideline as that kick sailed wide right it reminded me of what football is about. Have fun and enjoy the moments when your fortunate enough to win.

    2. Scott Fujita. He gets more confortable each week in this defense. He's a smart football player who is not the most athleticly gifted player in the NFL, but he will bust his a** for the team.

    3. Terry Glenn. He kinda drifted out of the offense for a few weeks, but when the Cowboys needed to keep hope alive he came through in a big way. He is a dynamic player when the offense can utilize him down field.

    4. Marion Barber. I don't want to say he's better than Julius just yet because I still think Julius is nursing the sore ankle, but he's becoming one heck of a player. He is like a great utility infielder who does everything well enough to make a difference in a game if he is called upon to do so.

    5. Tynes. Thanks for the shank.

    6. 8 wins. This has the Cowboys very much in the hunt for another week and that's all we can ask for right now. This team isn't the most talented, but it's not the least either. Any given Sunday...This is why NFL playoff games are the most exciting sports events in the world today.

    7. Witten being reliable. He is exactly what a TE should be in this offense. The guy who can help move the chains who catches 95% of the passes that are thrown in his vicinity.

    8. Eli Manning again looked like crap in a road game. I know the Giants won the game, but Eli is going to blow one of these road games with a fourth quarter pick. Hopefully it happens in the Skins game in week 16.

    The Bad

    1. Scott Shanle. Let's just say he is no Dat Nguyen.

    2. Keith Davis. Let's just say he is no Darren Woodson.

    3. The offensive line. I am not blind. I know the offense produced 31 points today, but the offensive line still was not playing well on most plays. Now they had their moments when they opened some holes and gave Bledsoe some time in the pocket, but they also had a few penalties and let up four sacks. I still don't know if Petitti will finish the season as the starting Right Tackle. Tucker's nickname should be Jeckyll and Hyde because one play he's an NFL player and the next he's an NFL cheerleader. Rivera and Johnson, the penalty brothers were at it again also. I hate to bash them after a win and hopefully they improve next week.

    4. That last catch by Dante Hall. I don't care who's fault it was, somebody needs to make a play on that ball. I was expecting CBS to pan over to see Coach Parcells down on one knee grabbing his chest. Knock it down!

    5. 8 wins. Still have to fight tooth and nail next week to stay alive. How good would we all feel right now if the Cowboys didn't blow the Skins and Seahawks game because of missed FG's. 10 wins would have us breathing just a tad bit easier right now.

    6. Roy Williams tackling in this game. He just wasn't his normal self today as far as tackling.

    7. Tyson Thompson. He has no future in the NFL as a kick returner.

    8. Patrick Crayton. Maybe this isn't for the bad list, but what's up with him. He's back two games now and no one knows it.

    The Bring On The SumB*tchin Redskins

    This is a must win. This is the biggest rival we have in the NFL. We are a better team than the Redskins. The Cowboys go to D.C. and continue the dominance that has been going on for the last few years. We gave them that first game and now we want and need it back. Parcells owns Gibbs and that's going to be the difference in this one.
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    Washington's offense is even more inept than ours, Brunells threw 3 picks against a BAD Cardinals defense
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    Couldn't have said it better myself
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    I'll be at Fed Ex for that baby, should be fun to watch us exact our revenge on those thugs
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    That is all good and well but...

    Which Coaching Staff will show up. The one that played scared and refuse to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, instead opting for the MAX-PROTECT, 2-man, predictable offense?


    The one that showed up during the 1st Philly and the Kansas City game. The one that told Tucker and Petitti they were flying solo and had the balls to stop trying to make Witten a blocking specialist?

    Remember last game Mr. Gregg Williams for some odd reason didnt blitz Drew Bledsoe like everyone thought he was. After seeing film, I think this guy is going to bring the house and the kitchen sink.

    Tucker and Petitti must fly solo so Drew can carve that defense up.

    Where Tucker and Petitti go, the Cowboys go
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    Excellent post as usual......Thank you

    I would bet we see alot of Crayton next week......He loves playing against the Skins
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    Great post parcells. I particularly agree with you on Julius possibly still nursing that ankle (and keeping mum about it) and Tyson Thompson's struggles. Doesn't it seem like he runs straight-line every time, and pretty much right into a pile, LOL? Perhaps an offseason can improve his instincts in the return game.
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    Good post and I think this could be the game that shows us the way forward.

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