The Heath Benedict Memorial Mock Draft...6.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I had not intended to do any more Mock Drafts this off season. 5 was enough. Ever since reading about the tragic death of Heath Benedict today I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed looking up stuff on him. I was thinking I had selected him in each Mock. I hadn't. I was actually kind of surprised by that. I decided to do another one in his honor. I have no idea if this will be my last or not.

    I always include previous versions of my Mocks for reference sake. I include Heath's status in each as a further tribute.

    Mock 1.0 Did not select him.
    Mock 2.0 Did not select him.
    Mock 3.0 Round 4.
    Mock 4.0 Round 2.
    Mock 5.0 Round 3.

    I'm bored, so this Mock includes trades as if I were the manic GM trying to find the "wow." Sorry about that for those who don't like the trades. Instead of rounds, I am using pick numbers for the first time. These will of course be changed once the owners add Compensatory picks for the 3rd through 7th rounds.

    Round 1...

    Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami, 6'2", 212. My reasoning here is twofold. He was very high on our Draft Board and I think we could be hedging against not being able to keep Hamlin long term, or Roy not coming back to full form.

    I still think Dallas will trade for Roy Williams, but I now think it will be our 1st in 2009 and it could be before the trade deadline as Detroit realizes they can't keep him.

    Our pick #28 I am again projecting as a trade to Atlanta who will want to get their QB after taking D-mac with the 3rd pick. Sorry to all his fans. From Atlanta we receive pick #34 and pick #48.

    I will also go ahead and announce that I will succumb to Pacman being acquired with a Conditional pick in 2009. So we keep our other picks in 2008 and churn the roster for solid depth across the board. Plus we take some risks.

    Round 2...

    Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona, 6'0", 190. Even if we acquire Pacman Jones I hope we draft a CB with this pick. Both our current starters are over 30 and one has a huge pay day on the horizon that we might have to allow him to walk. It is purely a business move. I still think this kid is the best CB in this draft. He's down on lists that I see though, so I moved him down too.

    48. Calais Campbell, DE, Miami, 6'8", 290. Say goodbye to Stephen Bowen in the DE rotation. Campbell's stock has been dropping. He is a solid pick at this point. This also is insurance against not re-signing Spears.

    61. Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers, 5'9", 199. Barber's backup will contribute very well to this team. I love this kid and think he is a steal.

    Round 3...

    64. Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State, 6'3", 217.
    Bill Parcells is desperate for a TE after not getting one in the first 2 rounds. So we trade them Fasano for this pick. We keep Tony Curtis as Witten's backup and get a great possession WR in return.

    92. John Sullivan, C, Notre Dame, 6'4", 301. He begins as a backup to Gurode, but if Gurode ever takes over for Kosier at LG, he can be a starter. He also plays OG so he provides depth. Maybe he takes over for Kosier if Gurode remains the Center. I like drafting O-line, especially middle rounds like this.

    4th round...

    122. Beau Bell, ILB, UNLV, 6'1", 244.
    I drop my Spencer Larsen fascination. Unless of course he is a UDFA. Then I would still like to have him. Bell can play and would be a great addition here.

    5th round...

    154. Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia, 6'2", 247.
    I can't drop all my agendas. I still want our goal line offense to be jaw dropping, and this guy provides that. He's our starter at FB, Deon becomes our Special Teams ace to replace Keith Davis.

    6th round...

    158. Dominique Barber, SS, Minnesota, 6'0", 212.
    That's right a 2nd Safety in 1 draft. Why? Because we'll move Courtney Brown back to CB and roll the dice on getting another Barberian.

    7th round...

    217. Paul Smith, QB, Tulsa, 6'1", 208.
    I had to have a QB, but wanted value. I think Smith is that. He can be a solid backup to Tony. That is what we will need.

    Well, your comments are always welcome. I expect some heat for this one. Like I said, I was bored and a little melancholy.
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    Very nice, Hos.

    What do you think of T Laws from ND as a 3-4 DE? I really like what I've read on him. Non-stop motor, etc. I think he could play end in the 3-4, and maybe have the work ethic of Ratliff.

    It would be great if R Rice fell to us at pick 61, but one other option may be to draft R Rice with one of Atlanta's picks, and draft R Bryant at 61. (In case we thought that Rice wouldn't be there end of the 2nd round.) We then move Ratliff to DE.

    I guess I'm not confident about C Campbell . . . .
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    Good grief Hos, I might be in love.
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    Great draft. Probably the only one I've enjoyed that involved us trading down. I've actually been looking at Campbell a lot too, since his stock has dropped a little, seems like he'll be a high to mid 2nd round pick at this point and I didn't realize he weiged as much as he did. And with his lack of speed, he may not be a good fit at end in a 4-3 but his lack of overall strength might not make him a good DT in a 4-3 OR 3-4 either. Maybe end in a 3-4 would be his position of strength, assuming he can hold up against the run.

    My only sticking point is no James Hardy if we trade down. I like Jordy, but I don't know that his ceiling is anywhere near Hardy's.
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    True, but the trade off is a WR corps of TO, Roy Williams, Jordy Nelson, and Patrick Crayton. You'd still have Stanback, Hurd, and Austin fighting for a spot. Could be a great set of hands.
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    I haven't looked at Law much. I have Bryant, but I think we're set at NT for at least this year. Ultimately I made a list of guys who I think are on the bubble for their jobs and then as I searched the data banks I looked for potential replacements and positions. That's how I came to Campbell.

    The DL guy I really like is Kentwan Balmere from UNC. I think he'll go in the 1st though and I wasn't going DL in 1.
  7. Joe Rod

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    If we trade Fasano, shouldn't we be looking at a mid to late round TE?
  8. TheCount

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    True, I overlooked your trading next years 1st for Roy. Yeah, if that were the case, I'd be more than happy.
  9. Hostile

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    We only need 2 and Tony Curtis played very well last year when needed. Schmitt can also do a little as a TE. As he did at WVU.

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    I like this draft alot , it it's pretty similar to what I have in mind . At least with the positions filled and a trade with Atlanta .
  11. Joe Rod

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    I was unaware of Schmitt's history of a part time "Tight-End", please assume your post in the Dallas War Room. ;)
  12. Hostile

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    You'd recognize me easily if I ever got in that room. I'd be the one having orgasms when a player I liked was on the board and we were on the clock.

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    I like the picks, but I'd be surprised if Atlanta gave us both 2nd rounders to trade up only 6 picks and I don't think anyone would give a high 3rd for Fasano. I really like all of our first 5 picks, but I think it's a stretch to assumer Campbell and Ray Rice will fall that far.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    :laugh2: :laugh2: Like we all did when Witten was still there in the third that one year.
  15. Hostile

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    You aren't kidding. I remember a friend asking, "what was that moaning sound?"

    I said, "Texas."

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