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    So when I was but a wee lad back in 1981. I noticed something. This thread was triggered by the fact that the Browns no longer paint their facemasks.

    I noticed that in 1981, despite the fact that the AFC Central was but a 4 team division. They had every single NFL helmet style and configuration covered.

    Allow me to clarify.

    Houston Oilers.........5 stripes on top. Logo on both sides. Unpainted shell. Player #'s only on the back. Unpainted facemasks.

    Pittsburgh Steelers.........1 stripe down the middle. Logo on only one side. Painted black shell. Player #'s on front and back (single digits on the front of the stripe.) Painted facemasks.

    Cleveland Browns......3 stripes on helmet. NO logo on either side. Players name on back of helmet, like the Cowboys.

    Cincy Bengals...........That Tigerstripe mess that they still have.

    In 1981, the AFC Central, although they were the only division in the NFL with only 4 teams.......had all the helmet options covered.
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    O.... k....

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    you just made about as much sense as PT does...:)
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    Hmm, conspiracy brewing. :D
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    Right . . .
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    Pass the bottle this way.
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    Soooo... that means that Romo will start at some point during the season!

    I see the logic. Good call.
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    You must have a lot of extra time on your hands to figure that out.

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    Yeah, I may have had a couple beers in me when I posted. Oh well, win some lose some.:eek::
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