The Hoodie's Refusal To Talk To Reporters...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Verdict, Jan 21, 2013.

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    nobody comes off as arrogant as Garrett and all he's done is suck at his job.
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    the worst thing about sports coverage are the idiot sideline reporters. Is this what Belichik didn't do? Talk to these idiots?
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    I remember at the end of the Rose Bowl I believe, the Stanford coach didn't talk to the ABC reporter. Obviously ABC had a little chat with Stanford as right after the next commercial, he was there chatting with lucious Heather Cox.
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    Well said.

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    If he shakes hands with the coaches/players and offers them good luck, well wishes, etc. on the field, how is that not showing them respect? He had a prolonged hand shake/hug with Harbaugh on the field. That sounds like more than enough.

    If you want to say he "disrespected" the media by not doing the interview, that's fine, but I really don't think anyone in Baltimore, especially anyone on the Ravens, cares if Belichick shows up for some stupid CBS interview or not.
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    I agree and disagree.

    Personally, I don't think he or any other coach owes the media anything. I especially don't think they owe the media an interview on the way into halftime. I think the coaches should be left alone throughout the entirety of the game and shouldn't have to answer questions while walking to the locker room after the second quarter.

    One of the reporters asked John Harbaugh the other day something along the lines of being disappointed or frustrated and John, who was kind of grumpy to start with, came back and said "I'm not disappointed, we're down 6 points and this is the playoffs". The reporter follows it up with, "What do you tell your team at half time".

    "Go win a ball game" was his answer. First off, what he would tell his team probably couldn't be on the air. Secondly, what do you think he'd tell his team?

    I'm not sure when it was that the media felt entitled to pre-, mid-, and postgame interrogations but I'm pretty sure they aren't promised anything more than the ability to cover the game itself.

    Bill doesn't owe them anything and quite frankly if he doesn't want to talk to them after losing the biggest game of their season, he shouldn't have to.

    That said, I heard a media guy blast the hell out of him. Can't remember who but he said that if the guys Bill has faced in the past and won against in the AFCCG and the SB were gracious enough to stay and answer a couple questions while his team danced and paraded around in victory, Bill should do the same.

    To this, I also agree.

    The media isn't entitled to it but at the same time if all the other coaches around the league take their lumps like a man and then subject themselves to idiots prodding them on the field with a mic because it's the gracious thing to do then Bill should do it as well. If he refuses, that's up to him but when the hounds come closing in on him to remind him what a jerk he is and what a sore loser he is when stood up against his peers, he has no one to thank but himself.

    Not that it really matters for this guy because he doesn't care about image at all and if any media person called him on it he'd probably just tell them to take a flying leap.
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  9. SkinsandTerps

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    You should change that from some to MOST.

    I lived in NE for 3 years and went to about 20 games there. They are nearly as bad as the reputation that Philly has.

    I almost got into it with a guy during a pre-season Redskins game there. Absurd.

    Throwing stuff, vulgar, rude, disrespectful, you name it... they do it.
    Going to a Celtics game is much better, going to a Red Sox game was as well. Just a few bad apples at those other teams games.
  10. Cajuncowboy

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    Honestly, I love the historical significance of the area and enjoy visiting the area because in many areas it is beautiful but I have found that the preponderance of the people there are elitist and arrogant.
  11. vta

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    The idolatry of these games is gross. People getting stabbed and beaten at games, this sort of nonsense.

    The Europification of the U.S. will soon be complete. Before we know it fans will storm the field and start assaulting refs too.
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    this kind of stuff worries me, i really enjoy going to live games but if this kind of behavior continues or even worse.. gets out of hand could there be legal ramifications? i.e. no more fans going to games at stadiums?
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    The coaches in the NFL basically shake each others hand. They never shake each opposing players hand nor do I expect them to.

    By giving a concession speech, you are congratulating the entire Ravens organization for their victory.

    And the fact is that they really only have to do that once a a Championship game loss or if they make the Super Bowl and lose.

    I don't believe people should be happy with losing. But, that's what make a person who loses, classy. Their ability to put their anger and disappointment aside and congratulate the other player/organization that put in the same type of work that they did, had to overcome the same type obstacles, heartbreak, etc...and congratulate them on their victory.

    The fact is that for all of the people that love to wax poetically about Belichick's 'education of a coach', the fact is the guy doesn't respect the game nor the other people in the game. He only respects what the game can do for him.

    He's a failure as a human being.

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    Growing up in Syracuse, while it's not New England you understand that certain people from the New England area have a very snobbish attitude. When I lived in Atlanta, I worked side by side to a guy from Vermont and we would talk about how a good chunk of people from Vermont...where you basically either ski or boil sap, were incredibly snobbish.

    I think with Boston, you have so many incredible colleges in the area from Harvard, MIT, Holy Cross, Boston U., Dartmouth, Brown, Northeastern, etc., that they often tend to think they are automatically smarter than everybody else. That and you have a good chunk of top high-end private boarding schools throughout the area. And most of those students are sons/daughters of surgeons, CEO's, high profile attorneys, etc.

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    All I know is that the responses made in this post really are people that have a lack of knowledge about the Patriots stadium, and New England.

    One of my big complaints about going to Patriot games during the "current" age was the lock down on security and behavior at the stadium. In the "old" days we were allowed to go to a game and raise some hell. What I would call real football fans. That all changed when Kraft bought the team. Now be good boys and girls, behave yourselves, or be thrown out. So these comments are coming from people that really do not understand the "true" nature of the stadium.

    All I know for sure is that the media loves a story and finds one -- wherever they can. A few idiots make a comment, and that then all of sudden becomes the nature of the stadium and team. Well, whatever. Whatever sells a story. The media feeds off that stuff. And you want to know why Belichick doesn't want to talk to them?? Well, duh.

    Someone loses, and they are asked, well how do you feel??? Well, just great I will tell you. I have my problems with Kraft and even Belichick at times, but not to talking to some side-line media person looking for some stupid answer to some stupid question. How do you feel, well, just great I will tell you.

    We, as a people, encourage and support this nonsense when it is what we want to hear. But when it impacts you, well, not so great. Quite frankly, I find it ridiculous. How do you feel after you got blown out and got smacked around. Well, darn, I just feel great. How is that??

    One thing I will not criticize Belichick for is ignoring these people. Nope, not one bit. I guess they have a job to do, to make money for the networks. Maybe somebody will say something that makes a big story. And jeez, wasn't that a great find.

    We lost. And lost badly. An embarrassment. We didn't show up, and we lost to a team on another day might have lost. So goes the way of football.

    How do you feel after you just got blown out??? Well, just dandy thank you. What are you supposed to say?? How do you feel is the question always asked. Well, just dandy, does that make me a gentleman?? Just dandy. Belichick ignoring these folks suits me just fine.
  16. FootballFan1

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    And this is more baloney. I lived all over the country and find the people in New England as the most down to earth people I have ever met anywhere. Core of the earth kind of people. Perhaps hard for people to understand at first. Cautious, and yes very different from most folks in this country.

    If you lived in Boston, yeah, they are of a different nature than the rest of New England. And I would agree with you. But for the rest of New England, are you kidding me?? You have the wrong folks. Get stuck on the road, who pulls over. Name the number. Need help, they are there for you. I do not live in New England - Florida - but visited for a month recently. Great people, during difficult times for many, but always willing to help if you need it. And friends for life, not superficial, not at all. Friends, but perhaps not as "friendly" as one would like. If you want to be liked, you need to open up, and share. Not just a smile, doesn't work.

    I am tired of hearing all these negative statements about some of the greatest folks in the world. You need help, you got it. You want a culture where folks really try to help, you got it. So I return to Florida. Warm weather, but no identity. No culture.

    Do not need a gun. Do not need hatred of others. Give a damn about others. Do not criticize you for having different thoughts than mine. Have no time for it.

    Oh, by the way we lost. Big time. In case you needed to bring that up. But it is after all just a football game. More important things to think about when so many people are having such problems. But please with this stuff about the nature of people in New England. Just way off base. There are jerks everywhere.

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