The Key to Stopping Brees

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysYanksLakers, Dec 21, 2012.

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    We understand that it was sarcastic.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    The Cowboy defense is going to have to change coverages often. Playing a soft zone continually will allow the Saints to move up & down the field.
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    Break his leg,problem solved.

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    Lol, the dude is at least 6' and one of the select white players who can effortlessly dunk the football on the goal post. hes not some kid back there
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    I have visited the opposing team's forums almost every game over the past 3-4 years and I read the same thing at least once every week. First of all, he is six feet. I am 5'11" and he is taller than me when I've met him. Secondly, way easier said than done. He is able to slide in the pocket to find the passing lanes and, if you look closely, he throws off his toes and releases the ball high so his release point is closer to that of a QB standing at 6'4" or so.
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    He's a great QB and he'll get his.

    As always, but perhaps more so against them and their at best average defense (I say average because it's playing better lately), the best defense is your offense.

    This game is on Romo and the rest of the offense. If there were any game this season we needed to come out sharp, fast and exceed 10 1st half points, it's this one.

    Nothing special. Just outstanding execution and good mix of run and pass, driving the ball down the field for scores. 20 points at the half and 30 by the end of the 3rd Q and we're golden.

    On defense you have to understand what Brees and that offense does well and not so well. He's shorter and and pure pocket passer. Their OL is below average, but the skill players are top notch. Kind of a carbon copy of us. Except Brees isn't much of a threat to scramble.

    We need to stay patient and mix up the coverages quit a it. Zone and man. Little to no blitzing. Brees' skill set and that OL offers an rare opportunity to succeed with a heavy dose of three men rushing.

    I know fans hate that, but here me out. Brees is not physically intimidating and that OL is weak. I can see us getting decent pressure and forcing him to throw in 3-4 secs with just three men, while still keeping him from running around since he seldom does it, and because in actual fact has little speed.

    Eight men in coverage will afford us a ton of options to play some exotic looks and take certain elements he loves completely out of the game.

    We can take away the deep passes and screens. Force him to sit back there for 3 or more secs every play and execute longer developing intermediate routes. Force them to execute 8-12 yard passes play after play.

    Until we get or force that mistake or they bog down in the red zone and kick a FG.

    Now understand I'm not suggesting a three man rush all game. We need to change it up continuosly. Bring three, then four, then five. I just want a heavier dose of the three man rush than we usually play. Maybe 60% of the snaps.
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    Cowboys should adopt same strategy as in the 2009 match up.Keep the ball away from Brees as much as possible by establishing a running game.Saints give up a lot of yardage on the ground and through the air.Pressure Brees.hes prone to throw INTs this year :starspin
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    I have not heard of the Saints offensive line described as "weak" or even "average". They did have a hole at RT when they were forced to play a practice squad player, but now that Zach Strief is back they have one of the best lines in the league. The line is back at full strength and Brees sees very little pressure, if any at all, with a three man rush.
  10. AsylumGuido

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    The Saints gave up yardage on the ground earlier in the year, but recently they have looked very stout against the run.
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    He's every bit of 6'0 tall.
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    That solves it I guess.
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    Did you read in "Star" magazine where Beasley has been dunking a BB since the 8th grade? Even can windmill the dunk. Asked if he would dunk over the goal crossbar when he scored a TD, he replied "he would probably be to tired to try".
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    Close the windows.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    Get in his face and knock him down early and often.\

    Because if they treat Brees like they did Rapesmysister by giving him enough time to watch Gone With The Wind, Brees will cut up the street people we have in the defensive backfield.

    Knock him down. Get him looking over his shoulder like Romo was earlier in the season.

    That is what it will take.
  16. EGG

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    And that would be why the Saints pay a premium for their interior OL,,, ya know, Romo isnt that tall either, something like 6-1, 6-2... Just sayin
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    You aren't going to have success blitzing the guy.

    The pressure will need to be applied by 3 or 4 pass rushers... Not that Ryan has done a lot of blitzing since the injury bug hit.
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    5"10??:laugh2: This isnt basketball where they give the players an extra two inches..or is that just a myth?
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    Romo is just under 6'3" which is pretty good. But people need to stop putting such an emphasis on height, as long as you have good mechanics you can overcome underwhelming stature as QBs like Brees & my boy Russell Wilson continue to prove.
  20. EGG

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    Sean Payton feels differently... maybe not entirely as a function of the QB height but as the ultimate importance of a clean pocket for vision and tipped passes.

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