The lady handling Zeke's case is a lifelong Giants fan

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Zordon, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Zordon

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    This is the lady handling Zeke's case. Lisa Friel - NFL's senior vice president for investigations and lifelong Giants fan.

    Considering how diplomatic Jerry gets when discussing league issues, it surprised me when I read he had a confrontation with this lady regarding the Zeke issue back in October at an owner's meeting. It should be obvious to everyone what is going on here. #corruption


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  2. CowboysRule

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    Definitely not a conflict of interests...
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  3. Snauty

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    She kind of cute.;)
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  4. HeavyBarrel

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    Yet another issue I have with the league office in New York.....NYC isn't centrally located and produces no NFL talent, move the NFL offices to Atlanta and make Mara take a plane when he wants to knock on Goodell's door....
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  5. Silver Surfer

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    I agree the NFL should move its league office to a centralized location.

    In addition, they should make sure they locate the office in a city without an NFL franchise in order to remove any threat of a conflict of interest.

    My recommendation for the new location would be Cleveland.

  6. Sportsdude360

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    Well, I suppose it's better than having Zeke's fate placed in the hands of an Eagles fan!:thumbdown:
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  7. viman96

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    I'm surprised Jerry has not mentioned the conflict of interest.
  8. Diehardblues

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    I have more confidence than anyone but a Cowboy fan coming up with a more impartial decision.
  9. Diehardblues

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    This claim or assumption from some Internet fans that a professional instigator would place their career in jeopardy for a biased decision based on her fandom is typical conspiracy rhetoric.
  10. flosho

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    I'm going to be pissed if it turns out that Zeke is suspended. For any reason. He simply does not deserve to be suspended based on his actions.
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  11. Diehardblues

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    But this is not just about his actions.

    It's about the continuing issue the NFL is attempting to clean up. Zeke is an up and coming star in the league providing a bigger example for the league to send .

    It's also about sending a message to Jerry.
  12. theranchsucks

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    Looks more like Jenner....Bruce that is
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  13. aria

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    Does it really matter at this point? Isn't the case going to be decided by a panel of 4 now?

    Also, it's definitely not ideal but I'm quite sure you can't find one person in an NFL position that doesn't have a favorite team. I don't care if they have a shrine or not. I don't have a Cowboys shrine and I would consider myself a borderline superfan. I'd have season tickets if Jerry didn't make them so expensive.
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  14. whynot

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    This ^

    Does not jive with this ^

    Which is it? An investigator being professional and handing down an impartial verdict or the league sending a message by being unnecessarily heavy handed on an up and coming star?
  15. mugsybows

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    you know what, suspend him but seriously if anyone gets accused of anything in the NFL from now on this same thing needs to happen and same minimum suspension needs to be dealt. if not it clearly is NFL playing favorites.
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